Denison Family Cemetery

Mammoth Cave National Park

Hart County, Kentucky

Denison Family cemetery location: a small family cemetery located near the old White Oak community in Hart. County and in Mammoth Cave National Park situated about two hundred feet off white oak trail near trail marker WO15.  The Cemetery is situated on a hill in a heavily wooded area, overlooking the Green River. Across the road approximately five hundred feet from the cemetery is an old chimney and several foundation stones among the daffodils and Yucca plants so often found on the old sites. A lovely piece of masonry work and a chimney erected of native sandstone with a hand hewn arched mantle-piece -- all a beautiful testament to those who once called White Oak community home.   Photos and transcription provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin


Birth date

Death date


Denison, Leamon

March 14, 1934

March 23, 1934

Father: Hollie
Mother: Elcie

Denison, Ned

December 4, 1875

July 17, 1922

Meet me in heaven

Dennison, Lillian

March 26, 1907

July 17, 1938



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