Mansfield Cemetery

Mammoth Cave National Park

Edmonson County bordering Hart County

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

The Mansfield Cemetery is located near the White Oak Trail in Mammoth Cave National Park and is situated near the Hart/Edmonson county line.  This cemetery is a relatively large cemetery with scores of plain unidentified fieldstone markers in orderly rows, as well as containing a few commercial markers as well. The cemetery is bound on all four sides with a deteriorating wire fence. There are several ancient oaks standing on the opposite side of the entry marked with a large old wooden round gate post and metal gate.  There are large foundation stones of several buildings in the near vicinity among drifts of the faithfully returning daffodils planted long ago by our early settlers who once called White Oak home.  Photos and transcription are provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin





Crain, Ennis

Mar. ??,  1915

Aug.  07, 1916

s/o ?.W. & ??.

Denison, Bryant Walker

Aug. 05, 1879

Dec. 03, 1916

Death Certificate Button s/o Georgia Ann Short & James W. Denison

Denison, Edings

Oct. 17, 1835

Mar. 12, 1907


Lewis, John Mansfield




Mansfield, Annie M. Sturgeon

Jan. 14, 1877

Mar. 8, 1907

w/o J.W. Mansfield
Md. May 23, 1895

Mansfield, Infant Son

Sept. 7, 1868

June 10, 1870

s/o J.W. & M.E.

Mansfield, Martha E. Denison

Jun 15, 1841

Aug. 02, 1906

w/o J.W. Mansfield
Md. Mar.12, 1868

Mansfield, Sherman L.

Jun. 2, 1888

Sept. 18, 1888

s/o J.W. & M.E.

Mansfield, Riley Ellis

Sept. 06, 1898

Mar. 20, 1927

Death Certificate Button s/o Jasper N. Mansfield & Annie (Sturgeon) Mansfield

Short, Margaret

Jul. 26, 1856

Dec. 1898


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