Moss Cemetery

Moss, Clay County, TN


This is a partial listing - there are several hundred graves here

Arms, Dorothy M. Natalie H. Green, Pennington, William G.
Arms, Willie M. Green, Richard N. Green, RhotenArgus Lynn
Boone, ???Ian Lockett Green, Walter J. Rhoten, Clema Kelsie
Boone, Ados Green, Willie W. Rhoten, Eugenia Mae
Boone, Montana L. Head, Christine Savage, Carrie
Boone, Oscar S. Head, Clayton Savage, Clay
Chitwood, Allie C. Hestand, Audra E. Savage, Dora E.
Chitwood, Alta Tade Hestand, Bert Sr. Savage, John B.
Chitwood, C. Richard    
Chitwood, Cenia Ree    
Chitwood, Donna R.    
Chitwood, Dumas Hestand, Bessie Savage, Preston
Chitwood, Jean Hestand, David Savage, Ree
Chitwood, J. N. Hestand, David K. Savage, Nancy
Chitwood, Kate W. Hestand, Dorothy Savage, Nova
Chitwood, Neville Hestand, Ethel Savage, Sprugeon
Chitwood, Porter Hestand, Guyetta Scott, Bennie Lovell
Chitwood, Rosettie Hestand, Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Scott, Docia
Chitwood, Weaver Hestand, Marcom R. Scott, Jewell
Chitwood, Weaver Jr. Hestand, Nola Spivey, Geary Spivey, Selvin
Gass, Beulah Hestand, Steve Spivey, Herman
Davis, Minnie G. Hestand, Webb Spivey, Inf. Son of Herman
Davis, Dr. W. L. Moore, Marylin Kay Spivey, Inf Dau. of Herman
Gass, Harvey Moore, Nora Spivey, Selvin
Gass, Herman Moore, U. J. Spivey, Selvin Jr.
Gass, James Thelbert Odle, Addie Spivey, Vella
Gass, Rebecca Odle, Addie Katherine Turner, Becky May
Geralds, Claravine Odle, Andrew W. Waddell, Allene Green
Green, Bertha Odle, Dorothy Waddell, Hasker Adam
Christie Dawn Odle, Lester Waddell, Herman Hugh

Green, Dean

May, Mikel L. Williams, Dan Roark
Green, Dessie May, Nova L. Williams, Eva N.
Green, Donald E. Odle, Olyne York, Cortez
Green, Estelle Odle, Truman, E. York, Dorothy M.
Green, George W. Pennington, Belva M. York, Eldon C.
Green, Loyd Pennington, C. H. York, Ethel L.
Green, Melia Pennington, James N. York, Jessie C.
  Pennington, Josie B. York, Ova
  Pennington, Marelda P.  
  Pennington, Welcome G.  



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