Highway 52, Red Boiling Springs, Macon Co. Tennessee


This cemetery is well maintained and in execllent condition

Listing with cream background from other sources - I have not confirmed this information

I attempted to photograph the entire cemetery, summer of 2007. It is likely that I missed a few stones.
If you have additional info on burials here or othere info related to this cemetery, I welcome the info.
My great grandparents, William R & Etna Ann Nelson Green are buried here. I welcome any info on this family.
If you can identifiy any of the unidentified stones please let me know


??cock, Randall Scott


Adams, Gary M
Albany, James D


Back, Erma Sue
Bean, Hollis G
Bowman, J C
Barton, Arrie A
Bean, James Lowell
Bowman, John C
Barton, Bradys S
Bean, James R
Bowman, Maudie D
Barton, Chauncey V
Bean, Nellie G
Brady, Mildred
Barton, Dobson
Beasley, John N
Brockett, Ben E
Barton, Dona
Beasley, Vinna
Brockett, Martha F
Barton, Eva L
Bell, Mary A
Brown, Fannie
Barton, Flossie H
Belle, Blanche E
Brown, J Melvin
Barton, Floyd B
Belle, Jessie M
Brown, Marie West
Barton, Kay
Bennett, Pauline West
Brown, Scott
Barton, Martin J
Biles, Chester C
Browning, A G
Barton, Mary S
Biles, Elizabeth R
Browning, Oma
Barton, Minnie
Biles, Etta M
Browning, Robert
Barton, Obadiah S
Billingsley, George
Bush, Otis
Barton, Rebecca A
Billingsley, J F
Bush, Pearl
Barton, Robert M
Billingsley, Sarah
Butler, Claud
Barton, Samantha K
Billingsley, W V
Butler, Eva
Barton, Susie Lillion
Boles, Clara Dean
Butler, Infant of Mr & Mrs Milton
Barton, William D
Boles, Lewis Alton
Butler, Milton
Bean, Carlie D
Boles, Lorene Reece
Butler, Opal
Bean, Ethel L
Bowman, Genie R
Butts, Love Joy


Canada, Billie
Cherry, Billy
Cook, Ealmer Neal
Canada, Virgie
Cherry, Draper
Cook, Ella
Carnahan, Bessie I
Cherry, Ella Pearl
Cook, Leamon B
Carnahan, Carolyn S
Cherry, Elzie
Cook, Linda F Belle
Carnahan, Jessie H
Cherry, Ilean
Cook, Lossie
Carnahan, Roy V
Cherry, Jim
Cook, Louie D Pvt
Carter, Annie J
Cherry, Laura
Cook, Louise D
Carter, Burton
Cherry, Lillie
Cook, Proctor W
Carter, Charles Eugene
Cherry, Rosco (Ross)
Cook, Ralph Nolan
Carter, Foy
PFC REPL. Depot Inf. Co. 
D.A.S. No. 34715030
Cherry, Smith
Cook, Roy N
Carter, Sammie E
Cherry, W Jasper
Cook, Willie
Carter, Virgie C
Chitwood, Chas C
Coons, Joseph Ashley
Carver, Billie D
Chitwood, Eunice
Copas, Bertie Nelson
Carver, Bradley Kenneth
Clark, Bennett F
Copas, Dan W
Carver, Channie E
Clark, Callie D
Copas, Don H
Carver, Clifford
Clark, Carmack
Copas, Ethelene
Carver, Earnest R
Clark, Destie
Copas, Eva E
Carver, Emma Carter
Clark, Greciam
Copas, Genevieve
Carver, Faydell
Clark, Hammond
Copas, Gertrude Anne
Carver, Imogene B
Clark, Hobart R
Copas, Hulet B
Carver, J Louie
Clark, Jack Harron
Copas, Kenneth Rex
Carver, Margaret J
Clark, Leamon H
Copas, Less W
Carver, Nancy Ann
Clark, Margel M
Copas, Ora A
Carver, Seth D
Clark, Marie West
Jul. 28, 1910 - Apr. 29, 1992
Copas, Reba Delois
Carver, Willie
Clark, Nelle
Copass, Ullis W
Jul. 19, 1899 - Aug. 26, 1969
Cassetty, Bertha M
Clark, Odessa
Copas, Winnie W
Cassetty, Carl H
Clark, Oma J
Corbin, Bert
Cassetty, Douglas C "D C"
Clark, Pearl C
Coulter, Jim
Cassety, Bassie
Clark, Ralph D
Coulter, Willie E
Cassety, Dollie
Clark, Sammie Lane
Craighead, Billy
Cassety, E J
Clark, Vestil
Craighead, Holcomb
Cassety, Floyd
Collision, Edward E
Craighead, Martha Birdwell
Cassety, Otis
Colter, Georgie F
Crowder, Etter
Cassety, William Fredrick
Colter, Pearl E
Crowder, Etter
Cassety, Zella O
Compton, Parasada
Crowder, Ruby Ethel
Cherry, ? Dean
Compton, Roxie B
Crowder, Ruby Ethel
Cherry, Amon
Cook, Archie
Crowder, Thomas
Cherry, Amos
Cook, Delno
Crowder, Thomas


Daniel, Belle Moss
Davis, Martha Elizabeth Jane Turner
Apr. 20, 1870 - Jun. 9, 1918
Dawes, Robert Fain
Davis, Allie O
Davis, Mc Goldman
Daws, Joy E
Davis, Arthur Ivis
Davis, Melvin R
Daws, L C
Davis, Beulah C
Davis, Morean
Deckard, Bettie
Davis, Blanche N
Davis, Nancy
Deckard, Cora J
Davis, Carlos C
Davis, Onie May
Deckard, Sam D
Davis, Chesley A
Davis Oscar P.
Deckard, Virgil
Davis, Orville Lee
Dickerson, Jerry Wayne
Davis, Dillard D
Dickerson, Lavelle Cassetty
Davis, Edna M
Davis, Peyton H
Dickey, Dorothy Faye
Davis, Elvin C
Davis, R Alice Dotson
Dobbs, Ruth T
Davis, Foy Charles
Davis, Reletta L
Dobbs, Wiley W
Davis, Genora W.
Davis, Rex A
Donoho, Eugenie
Davis, Gracie
Davis, Roland H
Donoho, Lena V
Davis, Harley B.
Davis, Starling C
Dotson, Miles F
Davis, James Arnold
Davis, Verna Odell
Driver, Arthur D
Davis, James E
Davis, Wayne
Driver, Frances Joines
Davis, Kittie A
Davis, Willie D
Driver, J Perry
Davis, Leon
Davis, Willie Taft
Driver, Joan Annette
Davis, Lewis E Cpl
Davis, Wilma Coons
Driver, Lassie M Bowman-Driver
Davis, Lizzie J
Dawes, Josephine
Driver, Naomi G
Davis, M Magdaline
Dawes, Margaret Estela
Dyer, Clatie Smith
Davis, Margaret A
Dawes, Orel W
Dyer, Joel F.


Eakle, Herbert C
East, Frances
East, Idele
Eakle, Nola A
East, Idele
East, John C
Elson, Susan Mary VanCott
Feb. 26, 1929 - Aug. 30, 2008


Ferguson, Carrie P
Ford, C E
Forkum, Freda
Ferguson, Clem C
Ford, Carmie
Forkum, Pluma I
Ferguson, Je???
Ford, Evelyn Clodene
Forkum, Rosa
Ferguson, Joseph O
Ford, Lanes
Foster, Fred
Ferguson, Vallie R
Forkum, Albert
Foster, Nancy Clark
Ford, Alta F
Forkum, Don R
Fuqua, Jimmy Dale



Gammon, Ronald Gabriel III
Grace, Haskel B.
Gregory, Cora B
Gann, Bennett
Grace, Ronald D
Gregory, Eunice
Gann, Ossie P
Greanead, Cammie L
Gregory, Freda L
Gann, Paul Grey
Dec. 16, 1929 - Sep. 24, 2009
Greanead, Edgar M
Gregory, Jannie Mae
Gentry, Elvin Lee "Peanut"
Greanead, Edna W
Gregory, Jesse T
Gentry, Jewell Cherry
Greanead, Alta
Gregory, John C
Gentry, Stevie
Greanead, Wert D
Gregory, Robert H
Gentry, Willard E
Green, Dewey
Gregory, Roy Clifton
Gibson, Bonnell R
Green, Ella Mae
Gregory, Sylvia Driver
Gibson, Judy Owen
Green, Etna Ann
Gregory, Tara Shaw
Gibson, Paul G
Green, Granville
Gregory, Vesper Lucion
Gibson, Roger W
Green, Howard B
Gregory, William M
Glover, ?
Green, James C
Gregory, Zelma L
Glover, Bronset C
Green, Minnie Lee
Guffey, Mary Alice
Glover, Nettie S
Green, Nevada
Guffey, Melvin
Glover, Sally Margaret Kemp
Feb. 9, 1873 - May 6, 1962
Green, Thelma "Jack"
Guffey, Pauline
Glover, William P

Green, William R

Guffey, William Edward
Grace, Bonnie M
Gregory, Adolphus D
Grace, Gary


Haggard, Peggy E
Hein, Richard
Hix, Lula F
Haggard, William B
Hesson, Alice
Hix, Prestel T
Hall, Irvin
Hesson, H. C Dr
Hix, Vallie M
Hall, Lucy
Hesson, Henry C
Holland, Faye D
Halsell, Nemo L
Hewitt, Aaron E
Holland, James B
Halsell, Pauline G
Hewitt, John Estes
Hudson, Essie L
Harmon, Minnie
Hewitt, Kenny Wayne
Hudson, Grace R
Harrison, Ann E
Hewitt, Leila Mae
Hudson, Jimmie G
Harrison, Harry D Jr
Hewitt, Wilma G
Hudson, Oakley H
Hatcher, C Viola
Hickman, Beulah Odell
Huffines, Comer C
Hatcher, James W
Hickman, Clarence Edward
Huffines, Hattie F
Hatcher, Robert D
Hix, Bedford
Huffines, Onie M
Hayes, Essie
Hix, Beulah M
Huffines, Willa Dean
Heady, Gail June
Hix, Ermon B
Hutchen, Samuel F
Heady, Tommy
Hix, Gertie Alline
Hutchens, Bertie Elvin
Hein, Kathy C
Hix, John Leslie


Jackson, Colman
Joines, A M Mrs
Joines, Patricia A
Jackson, Verda Davis
Joines, Abner
Joines, Pleasant Garner
Jenkins, Bonnie "Dinky"
Joines, Bessie M
Joines, Porter R
Jenkins, Emogean
Joines, Charlie C
Joines, Thomas S
Jenkins, Gula A
Joines, Clifton R
Joines, Willie M
Jenkins, Helen
Joines, Crit
Joinville, Zoe Ann Jenkins
Dec. 5, 1953 - Jun. 29, 2009
Jenkins, Hermit
Joines, Dicy E D
Jones, Carmon L
Jenkins, Melba F
Joines, Dixie Lee
Jones, Lilye M
Jenkins, Roy
Joines, Essie
Jones, Max E
Jenkins, W M
Joines, Fay R
Jones, Odis
Johnson, Avery
Joines, Francis O
Jones, Zelma
Johnson, Joey Bransford
Aug. 7, 1981 - May 28, 2009
Joines, Marie E
Jordan, Allie Patterson
Johnson, Sylvia
Joines, Maude L
Jordan, Lawrence
Johnson, Terry Lee
Joines, Micheal Fay
Jordan, Lucille
Johnson, Thelma Jean
Joines, Mildred
Jordan, Mack
Johnson, Thomas J
Jordan, Robert


Kennedy, Daisy Bee
Kirby, Grace O
Knight, Fannie
Kennedy, John Burford
Kirby, Herman H
Knight, Frank
Key, Green
Kirby, Lueemily
Knight, Gracie
Killey, Victoria
Kirby, Marie
Knight, Joe
Kingery, Eva Nora
Kirby, T M
Knight, John A
Kingery, William Bethel
Kirby, William B
Knight, John S
Jan. 25, 1871 - Dec. 17, 1942
Kingery, William Roscoe
Knight, ?
Knight, Nick L
Kirby, Callie
Knight, Beulah C.
Knight, Lucy F Owen
Jul. 15, 1875 - Jan. 16, 1948
Kirby, Gordon
Knight, Caroline Frances "Fannie" Hutchens
May 1, 1896 - Jul. 15, 1976
Knight, Sallie
Knight, Frank
Knight, Vinnie


Lankford, John S
Lee, Victoria Dawn (Bates) Woodard
Lyons, Minnie J
Lankford, Laura
Lyons, John H


Maner, Edna
McNeal, Alvin
Morrow, Amanda
Maner, M S "Smokey"
Meador, Benton
Morrow, Arminda
Marshall, Randall Lee
Meador, Grace M
Morrow, James S
Martin, Elizabeth
Meador, Lassie
Morrow, Myrtle F
Martin, James
Meador, Mary Frances
Morrow, Pearl C
Maxey, Joseph P
Meador, Thomas J Dr
Morrow, Virgil D
Maxey, Louvisa H
Monday, A R
Morrow, Virgil D Jr
McCarter, Brenda Joyce
Monday, Zomar Hix
Morrow, William T
McCarter, Reba Rush
Moore, Boyd D
Moss, Anita
McCarter, Willard H
Moore, Mattie
Moss, Fred
McCarter, William "Andrew"
Moore, Ruth L
Moss, J S
McDonald, Crit Woodcock
Moore, S O
Moss, James Lucas
McDonald, Dulcie E
Moren, Bate
Moss, Maggie G
McDonald, Edward James
Moren, Marthie
Moss, Ova Dean Rush
McDonald, John F
Moren, W C
Moss, Sam B
McDonald, Mattie E
Morgan, Dorothy G
Moss, Sammie Derwood
McDonald, Nellie
Morgan, Elaine
Moss, Scott Aubra
McDonald, Stanley
Morgan, John H
Mowell, Harold
McGuire, Cleo P
Morgan, Phillip R
Mowell, Minnie
Oct. 10, 1943 - Aug. 17, 2009
McGuire, James T.
Morgan, Terry
Mowell, Nola


Newberry, Bruce Allen
Newberry, Sherman E
Nixon, Marie E
Newberry, Cody Allen
Nixon, Charles Clarence
Nixon, Sam
Newberry, Lisa Michelle
Nixon, Edward C
Nixon, Sarah Elizabeth
Newberry, Minnie Mazell
Nixon, James D
Nixon, William Collie


Overstreet, Ada Butler
Overstreet, Jesse B
Overstreet, Virgie R
Overstreet, Annie S
Overstreet, Jessie/Jesse M


Page, Alice C
Parsley, Infant of H H & V W
Pedigo, Virginia L
Page, William A
Parsley, Virgie W
Pitcock, Aaron "Red"
Parkes, Andrew L
Patterson, Carlie A Eld
Pitcock, Bennett
Parkes, Della S
Patterson, Dortch L
Pitcock, Bennett Jr
Parkes, Mary Aleta
Patterson, Dosha E
Pitcock, Birt
Parkhurst, Charles R
Patterson, Edgie Belle
Pitcock, Ellie
Parkhurst, Clarence Edward
Patterson, Eldon
Pitcock, Gary Edward
Parkhurst, Cordell
Patterson, Gladys L
Pitcock, Gerald E
Parkhurst, Edna C
Patterson, Inft Dau
Pitcock, Hazel Boles
Parkhurst, Ella
Patterson, J T
Pitcock, Pairzetta
Parkhurst, Evelyn M
Patterson, James F
Pitcock, Rose Allen
Parkhurst, Fred M
Patterson, John
Pitcock, Shelia Diane
Parkhurst, John L
Patterson, Lloyd Odell
Pitcock, Willie Lester
Parkhurst, Lois
Patterson, Louie Douglas
Plumlee, J Harve
Parkhurst, Louie W
Patterson, Marie O
Plumlee, Lulia B
Parkhurst, Nancy B
Patterson, Maud Lee
Powers, Tony Dewayne
Parkhurst, Otis
Patterson, Prentice C
Prowell, John H
Parkhurst, Pearl M
Patterson, Prissie Estell
Prowell, Sarah Jane
Parkhurst, Thaddieus
Patterson, V Frances
Pryor, Lonnie L
Parkhurst, Tommy Leland
Patterson, Violet L
Pryor, Ona B
Parkhurst, William D
Patterson, Wash C
Purcell, Doris E
Parsley, Harrison H
Pedigo, J N
Purcell, Ronald D
Parsley, Infant of H H & V W
Pedigo, Mary Ann
Purcell, Stephen Wayne


Qualls, Golden
Qualls, Mai
Qualls, Sheila Denise


Reagan, Charles A
Rich, George E
Russell, Herman
Reagan, Emma Lou
Rich, Willo Dean
Russell, Joe Edward
Reece, Bessie M
Rich, Woodrow W
Russell, Joyce Marie
Reece, Donald L
Richardson, Hattie May
Russell, Katherine B
Reece, Ida Joyce Wilkerson
Oct. 29, 1934 - Sep. 4, 2008
Richardson, Lorene
Russell, Laura Polka
Reece, J H
Rittenberry, Boyd
Russell, Leslie
Reece, James E
Rittenberry, Doris M
Russell, Mary E
Reece, Joyce (Wilkerson)
Rittenberry, Herman
Russell, Ocia
Reece, Lynn Allen
Ross, Mary Davis
Russell, Ora S
Reece, Martha
Russell, Bessie Mai
Russell, Shellye Joines
Reece, Nettie Esto
Russell, Charlie H
Russell, William Bennett
Reecer, Olene Reece
Russell, Clifford
Russell, William Hobart
Reecer, Thomas
Russell, Ebon
Ryckeley, Timothy Heard
Rhoads, Della D
Russell, Elizabeth
Ryckeley, Vermal George
Rhoads, Ether E
Russell, Eva D


Sadler, Channie Gray
Smith, Flora Mai
Smith, Odell A
Sadler, Gwen Phillips
Smith, Francis L
Smith, Ora L
Sadler, Ida Mae (Bill)
Smith, Fred D
Smith, Pleasant
Sadler, Paul Kenneth
Smith, Fred H PFC
Smith, Ralph Gilbert
Sexton, Billy Ray
Smith, Gertie E
Smith, Raymond H
Sexton, Edna R
Smith, Glynn Leon
Smith, Rita Jo (Watson)
Sexton, Florence
Smith, Gustie Lee
Smith, Roger
Sexton, Lucian
Smith, Henry M
Smith, Rose P
Sexton, Lucian Jr
Smith, Homer T
Smith, Rosemary
Sexton, Ron??
Smith, Infant of Dewey & Ovella - 1919
Smith, Rupert N
Sexton, Veachel H
Smith, Infant of Dewey & Ovella- 1918
Smith, Sylvia A
Slate, Conrad
Smith, Infant of Mr & Mrs T D
Smith, T D
Slate, Lois
Smith, Jackie Randy
Smith, Tennie
Slate, Pluma
Smith, Jackie W
Smith, Velvie
Sloan, Virginia Odean
Smith, James Lewis
Smith, Virginia Bell York
Mar. 18, 1864 - Apr. 3, 1931

Smith, ?
Apr 5, 1887 - Apr 3, 1927

Smith, Catherine Lee Jane Davis
Feb. 8, 1834 - Sep. 6, 1906
Smith, James S
Smith, Walter C
Smith , Jack
Smith, Jasper T PFC
Smith, Wayne W
Smith , Ray D "Judy"
Smith, Jesse Denton
Smith, William Jasper
Smith , Sallie
Smith, Jo Ann
Smith, Y?
Smith, Annie C
Smith, Joan C
Sutton, Arta B
Smith, Avo
Smith, Julius R
Sutton, Arta B
Smith, B L
Smith, June
Sutton, Denton James
Smith, Baby Boy of Jack & Sallie
Smith, Larkin
Sutton, Denton James
Smith, Bert
Smith, Laura J
Sutton, Dolly Sneed
Smith, Cam
Smith, Lena Lou
Sutton, Elizabeth
Smith, Charles Edwin
Smith, Lorene Phillips
Sutton, Fisher
Smith, Charles Eston
Smith, Luetta
Sutton, Glendon B
Smith, Chas N
Smith, Lula May
Sutton, James M
Smith, Clifford
Smith, Mamie E
Sutton, Joel D
Smith, Denford R
Smith, Mart E
Sutton, Joel D
Smith, Denton Ray
Smith, Mary E
Sutton, Osha
Smith, Dewey Jr
Smith, Mary Lou
Swan, Comer Ray
Smith, Donald R
Smith, Maxie Steven
Swan, Ottis L
Smith, Dorothy B (Gregory)
Smith, Melissa Y
Swan, Thelma S
Smith, Eldon Dempsy
Smith, Mrs T D
Smith, Ella Mae
Smith, Naioma C
Smith, Ellen Russell
Smith, Nancey A
Smith, Elnora
Smith, Nathan Thomas
Aug. 18, 1829 - Nov. 26, 1923


Thomas, Carol Jean
Thompson, Brenda S
Tuck, Carl
Thomas, Herman
Thompson, Hannah Louise
Tuck, Hobert G
Thomas, Irene
Thompson, Jerry D
Tuck, Minnie E
Thomas, Mattie
Thompson, Larry Odell
Tuck, Roselean
Thomas, Tommie
Tuck, Arthur
Tucker, Darell
Mar. 1, 1945 - Jul. 4, 2008
Thomas, Tommie
Tuck, Aulcie F
Tucker, Wanda Pitcock
Oct. 13, 1947 - Aug. 23, 2009


Vance, Edwina Anne Parkhurst
Vaughn, Daisy
Vaughn, Leslie W
Vance, Evie
Vaughn, Ersa L
Vaughn, Lula A
Vance, Luther J
Vaughn, Eston
Vaughn, Mary A
Vance, Ronnie L
Vaughn, Harold L
Vaughn, Matilda E
Vance, Willie
Vaughn, James R
Vaughn, Tom M
Vaughn, Armina
Vaughn, Jimmy L
Vice, George W
Vaughn, Casey
Vaughn, John H
Vice, Lovel


Waite, Louise H
West, Roger L
Whitley, Vick J
1906 - 1930
Waite, Willaim E
West, Steve Denton
Whitson, Lethia C Dotson
Walden, Dean (Wright)
West, Taylor C
Wilder, Sharon L
Walden, J. Kay
West, Vernie S
Wilkins, Chester F
Washtoak, P D
West, Wendell
Wilkins, Zelvie
Wells, Stephen J
West, Wendell Key
Williams, Dora Green (Odle)
West, Bertha
White, Angelon
Wilson, William Larry
West, Betty Carol
White, Bill
Wood, Daffo (Hix)
West, Bonnie
White, D Gertrude
Wood, Dora
West, Elmer M
White, Fannie Draper
Wood, Herman
West, Estes
White, Harold
Wood, Jesse G
West, Eudrice
White, J B Eld
Woods, Georgia
West, Frank
White, James Billy
Woods, Scott
West, Frank
White, Jason Jr
Wooten, Charles Lewis
West, Iva P
White, John R
Wooten, Flossie
West, James L
White, Kittie A
Wooten, Jessie
West, Jesse Denton
White, Lillion
Wooten, Nora Pauline
West, Jewell
White, Ollie B
Wright, Cleve
West, Larry Wayne
White, Ruby M Young
Wright, James H
West, Lillie
White, Venie Daws
Wright, Peggy J
West, Lloyd Deard
White, Vinnie Daws
Wright, Sadie
West, Loyd (Duck)
White, William L
West, Lucile
White, Woodrow W
West, Mallie Barton
Whitley, Bessie
West, Margaret Lorene
Whitley, Orell


York, Bennie
York, Fay R
York, Lula Ann
York, Bertha Biles
May 19, 1940 - Apr. 15, 2008
York, Genoa Mae Cherry
May 10, 1934 - Sep. 16, 2008
York, Maria
York, Billie Jenkins
York, Harold L
York, Tipton Palo
York, Carl D
York, J Mitchell
Young, Nannie McClellan
York, Dorchie
York, Lillian West


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Unidentified 8
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