Carey, Birdie
Carey, Cledith
Clark, Martha Olene
Carey, Doris A.
Clark, Ollie
Coons, Brenda Sue
Carey, Hugh
Clark, Opal O.
Copas, Buford G.
Clark, Ruby J.
Clay, Bernice
Clay, David E.
Clay, David Ernest Jr.
Carver, Dogue
Clay, Lillian P.
Cox, Leland E.
Carver, Georgia Belle
Claywell, Gladys V.
Cox, Morris M. 1912-1963 (1)
Claywell, Sam R.
Carver, Vincent D.
Clements, Dan H.
Cox, Robin N.
Cary, Clyde
Clements, Ruby N.
Cox, Ruth D. 1919 - ______
Cary, Edna T.
Cox, S. Lynn Walden
Cary, Liza Jane
Cary, Marion R.
Cline, Barbara A.
Cox, V. Elizabeth
Cary, Morris T.
Cox, Wendell M.
Cary, Paul A.
Cline, Mike Steven
Cary, Reece K.
Cline, Rickey Lee
Cash, D. Evelyn
Cline, Vester
Cash, Horace Lee
Coffey, Clarence
Chapman, Clemmie Luther
Coffey, Julia E.
Coffey, Lawrence D.
Collins, Lillie M.
Chapman, John William
Collins, Noah S.
Chapman, M. Elizabeth
Combs, Anthony Todd
Cravens, Fred
Chapman, Sarah Emma
Combs, George Marvin
Cravens, Madell
Chase, Alma
Combs, Harlan F.
Creech, Dave
Chase, Alvin
Combs, John B.
Creech, Patricia
Chase, Clarence
Combs, Kermit R.
Crews, Clara M.
Chase, Effie M.
Combs, Linda Sue
Crews, Judy L.
Chase, Grace Ann
Combs, Marie R.
Cross, Cecil I.
Chase, Harry
Combs, Mary Sue
Cross, Clayton
Chase, Jessie P.
Compton, Clara Mae
Cross, Doris Jean
Chase, Katherine Goad
Compton, Della
Cross, Elsie N.
Chase, Lois M.
Cross, Georgia
Chase, W. T.
Compton, Ernest
Cross, Harley E.
Chase, Will
Compton, Gary Lee
Cross, Jimmy Lee
Chenoweth, Eric T.
Compton, Hershell B.
Cross, Margie L.
Chenoweth, Patricia A.
Compton, Inez S.
Chenoweth, Selby
Compton, Memry
Cross, Vera Bray
Childress, Candece Monique
Compton, Myrtie A.
Crowe, Arlos E.
Crowe, Claudean
Compton, R. J.
Conatser, Neal Wade
Crumpton, Capitola B.
Conway, Lucille Huffman
Crumpton, Perry Joel
Clark, Charles W.
Cook, Jessie A.
Clark, Hayden T.
Cook, Linda lee
Clark, John S.
Cook, Oma D.
Clark, John W.
Cook, William Grange

1) Parents were Wm Morris Cox b. 3-6-1881 died 10-30-1933 buried in Walnut Hill cemetery. Married to Maymie Susan Martin b. 1-1-1883 on 11-6-1910. Maymie died 5-10-1952 and is buried in Walnut Hll cemetery Near Park City.

Morris Martin Cox married Lois Ruth Depp (b. 2-17-1919) on 5-9-1942. Morris died 7-20-1963 in Richland, Wash but was buried in Glasgow. Morris and Ruth had two children Sherralyn and Alan. notes provided by Cindy Cox Hall


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