Everett Cemetery

Barren County, KY

Located just south of the Cumberland Parkway on the west side of 31e. Cemetery is visible from the highway and sits on a small bluff. Cemetery is now maintained but shows signs that it once was not.

Longitude: N 36°58.473'
Latitude: W085°56.303'

A portion of this information and photos provided by Daine & Martha Harrison

Davidson, Ben A.
Davidson, William S.
Everett, Mary Jane
Davidson, Infant of B. A. & M. E.
Everett, Ben G.
Everett, Rachael Consort of Jesse
Davidson, Isyphena
Everett, Ben G. Jr.
Everett, Samuel
Davidson, Jesse B.
Everett, Bettie M.
Gideon, Francis
Davidson, Mary E.
Everett, Elizabeth N.
Haley, Lizzie Everett
Davidson, Mary Jane
Everett, Ella
Haley, N. S.
Davidson, Nancy J.
Everett, Emily Jane
Haley, Samuel Kirtie
Davidson, Rachel L.
Everett, Jesse

The Barren County Cemetery book lists these additional names:

Bybee, Rachel E. Davidson
Everett, Mary
Everett. Martha
Kinslow, Mary Ella


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