Barren County, KY

Located in the Eighty-Eight community

Longitude: N 36°54.833'
Latitude: W085°46.329'

Baldock, Henry
Baldock, Lucy Ellen
Bellamy, Eugene F.
Bellamy, George H.
Bellamy, Mary E.
Bellamy, Sarah C.
Bellamy, William H.
Bushong, Loera Jeanette
Curry, Sarah E.
Ford, James Hall
Ford, John T.
Ford, Martha A.
Ford, Nancy K.
H., T.
Hoofman, Thomas
Huffman, F. M.
Huffman, J. M.
Huffman, James R.
Huffman, Jonathan C.
Huffman, L. F.
Huffman, Mary B.
Huffman, Mary K.
Jennings, Christopher C.
Jennings, Morris C.
Jennings, Susan A.
Lowe, Gertrude
Nunnally, Clara W.
Nunnally, George W.
Pedigo, Lettie Richardson
Poore, Fannie Byrd
Poore, Tishie
Poore, W. D.
Richardson, Fannie E.
Richardson, Thomas L.
Richey, William Irby
Rigsby, Coy Bryan
Sikes, Ben
Sikes, C. S.
Sikes, Kitty Bird
Sikes, Lucy W.
Whitlow, Zora B.
There are a number of stones that I could not identify. The Barren Co. Cemetery Book lists these names in addition to the stones listes: Bellamy, M. C.; Bellamy, Samuel D.; Bellamy, WIlliam H.; Bellomy, _. D.; Ford, Austin D.; Ford, Kitty B.; Huffman, W. J.; Payne, Reuben; Richardson, Inf; _________, L. P.

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