Merry Oaks United Methodist Church Cemetery

Barren County, Kentucky

From Glasgow go west on highway 68-80 about 9.5 miles to Merry Oaks. Turn right on the Merry Oaks/Payne road. The Church is just a short distance on the right and the cemetery is behind the Church. Cemetery is well maintained and in excellent condition.

N 37.02478 º - W 86.10790 º

I believe this to be a complete listing as of May, 2010

Allen, Allie M
Hester, Doris Jean
Manley, Doris Marie
Allen, Audrey E
Hester, Garland F
Manley, Kenneth
Allen, Charleen Payne
Hester, Lee
McCreary, John K
Allen, David M
Hester, Ora E
McCreary, Lorene H
Allen, Durward Lee
Hester, Rillie
McDonald, Berton
Allen, G B
Hodge, Agnes C
McDonald, Elsie
Allen, Garnet Lee
Hodge, Alice D
Morgan, Clois M
Allen, Glenna Pedigo
Hodge, Carrie M
Mosby, Flossie A
Allen, James Walter
Hodge, Clyde
Mosby, Lenville W
Allen, John W
Hodge, Elmer Sgt
Mosby, Willie M
Allen, Laura Ellender
Hodge, Eugene
Mosby, Willie Paul
Allen, Mary Ethel
Hodge, Florida H
Moss, Estelle
Allen, Mary Ruth
Hodge, Henry L
Patterson, Annie L
Allen, Mattie B
Hodge, Herschel L
Patterson, Herman W
Allen, May J
Hodge, Irene
Patterson, Mary M
Allen, Patricia L.
Hodge, Murrell
Patterson, Waller W
Allen, Paul A
Hodge, Nina L
Payne, Allen
Allen, Rodney Brown
Hodge, Perry Roland
Payne, Cloyd Obert
Allen, Viola
Hodge, W Hazel
Payne, Curtis Odell
Allen, W Norman
Hodge, William M
Payne, Doris Marie
Allen, William A
Hopkins, Estella P
Payne, Floyd Hobert
Allen, Wilma f
Hopkins, Nathan
Payne, James H
Allen, Yancey Kenton
Houchens, Allie Geron
Payne, James Larry
Allen, Zelma M
Houchens, Cage M
Payne, Mae M
Barrick, Ancil
Houchens, Ella P
Payne, Mary B
Barrick, Ancil Wallace
Hunt, Brenda J
Payne, Mary E
Barrick, Edna
Hunt, Josie Hodge
Payne, Mattie F
Barrick, Martha Estelle
Jackson, Ernest V
Payne, Norma Jean
Barrick, Nell
Jackson, Golda M
Payne, Royce Jewell
Barrick, Tom
Jackson, Mary E
Payne, Vernon J
Bishop, Dassie
Jackson, Montye T
Payne, William A
Bishop, Emily
Jackson, R A
Payne, William Albert Al
Bishop, Henry T
Jackson, Vernon T
Pedigo, A. Paul
Bishop, Henry Virgil
Jackson, William Garland
Pedigo, Lucille
Bishop, Walton Catherine
James, Bessie Lue
Pennington, Charles William
Borders, George W
James, Clyde Mendley
Pennington, Eula
Borders, Lula
James, David M
Pennington, W O
Bridges, Anna Grace
James, Dorothy L
Pennycuff, Gladys B
Bridges, Charles L
James, Edd
Pennycuff, Kelmer B
Bridges, Edith L
James, Ernest E
Pennycuff, Leo A
Bridges, Lemuel Alston
James, J H
Pennycuff, Lou Eva
Britt, Ellis M
James, Jennie Dair
Pursley, Donald Ray
Britt, Mary Eva
James, John R
Pursley, Jean
Butler, Fannie B
James, Katie M
Rasdall, Zola Mae
Butler, George W
James, Lena
Rayborn, Ada E
Butler, Henry Nathan died Dec 12, 1968 age 61
James, Minnie Lee
Rayborn, Charlie F
Caffee, Alma E
James, Orlie
Reed, Danny Wayne
Caffee, R Emmitt
James, Ray S 06/15/1895 - 01/21/1970
Reed, Shirley Anne
Camp, Buster B
Johnson, Andrew Berry
Rigsby, Dan B
Camp, Vera F. Lewis
Johnson, Brenda
Rutledge, Marshall Lee
Carbo, Ben B
Johnson, Charles
Shaw, Agnes
Carbo, Clara M
Johnson, Charles Richard
Shaw, Frances L
Christy, Clydine M
Johnson, Grace H
Shaw, Frank
Christy, Freeman
Johnson, Jimmie L
Shaw, Herman P
Cole, Nellye V
Johnson, Julia Anna
Shaw, Infant
Cole, Wallace A
Johnson, Marie Welch
Shaw, James M
Cooper, Barbara Jean
Justice, Chester
Shaw, Martha E
Davis, Carrie Slinker
Justice, Oma
Shaw, Nell
Dearing, Alice
Lawrence, Ruby
Shaw, Ray H
Dearing, Garner
Lawrence, Veachel
Shaw, Richard L
Dearing, Harvey
Lewis, Elizabeth E
Shaw, W Lee
Dearing, Olene Mosby
Lewis, Johnny E
Slinker, Barbara A
Dearing, W C Clifton
Lewis, Maggie
Slinker, Dessie P
Dearing, Wanda
Lewis, Warner
Slinker, Francis Q
Dearing, Wanda Yvonne
Lindsey, Florence C
Slinker, George Green
Denton, Matilda
Lindsey, Ray E
Slinker, Leona M
Denton, William J
Lockhart, Homer
Slinker, Leonard E
Dillingham, J P
Lockhart, Jennie
Slinker, Mollie Dennison
Dillingham, Josie L
Lockhart, John E
Slinker, Virginia H
Dossey, Lottie Jackson
Lockhart, Kathryn
Smith, Bonnie B
Duvall, Dallas G
Lockhart, Mary
Smith, Carvin H
Duvall, Emory G
Long, James B
Snyder, Sallie Hodge
Duvall, Mallie J
Lowe, Carolyn L
Spillman, James E Bro
Duvall, Marvin D
Lowe, Jerry M
Spradlin, Lisa Michelle
Duvall, Oneda
Lyon, Ben H
Spradling, Joseph T
East, Jewell R
Lyon, Ellen
Spradling, Lura M
East, Mabel C
Lyon, Theo V
Spradling, Omer Ray
East, Minnie L
Lyons, Evelyn L
Stinnett, Maggie Jean
East, Robert J
Lyons, Inf (1950)
Stinnett, Roy Allen
East, Rufus B
Lyons, Inf (1987)
Taylor, Margaret Ellen
GilIon, Larry
Lyons, James C
Taylor, Marion
Gillon, Elizabeth L
Magers, Carl D
Taylor, S D
Gillon, Morgan Preston
Magers, Harry
Taylor, Sarah L
Gold, Marilyn Lockhart
Magers, Howard Scott
Taylor, William J
Gold, Stephen Ralph
Magers, Verda F
Grimsley, Aline
Witty, Dorothy Allen
Grimsley, Tommy
Witty, James Edwards

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