Mt. Pleasant Baptist
Church Cemetery

Barren Co., KY

Located on the Roseville Road (highway 249) about 7 miles south
of Glasgow. The cemetery is well maintaind and is in good condition.

This is a majority of the graves here. Barren Co. Cem. Book states: John Conlee's wife Mary Conlee is buried in the old graveyard south of the church. Her stone, very difficult to read, states; Mary Conlee departed this life Nov. , 1811. There is at least one other grave on the north side of Mary's grave. It is outlined with stone. The size of the outline would indicate that the grave is probably that of a child.
?, ?    
?, Bertha    
?, Bill    
?, Linda    
?, M.    
?, Roger    
Adams, Bettie    
Adams, Bettie Jane    
Adams, Joe    
Akers, Della M.    
Akers, Samuel D.    
Benedict, Martha Jean    
Bertram, Curd    
Bertram, George E.    
Bertram, Myrtle    
Bertram, Ozias D.    
Bertram, Rebecca A. Fisher    
Bowman, Cecil Morris    
Bowman, Nelda Mae Allen    
Brown, Ada    
Brown, Arthur    
Brown, Mattie    
Brown, Rora    
Brown, Sarah E.    
Brown, W. H.    
Bruton, Inf. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Clarence    
Carver, Nannie    
Chambers, Flora Mae    
Chambers, Jack Frank    
Chambers, Jessie F.    
Chambers, Jessie P.    
Chambers, Nellie Opal    
Chisholm, Etta    
Chisholm, William    
Crabb, Daniel U.    
Crabb, Patsy G.    
Davis, Benjamin C.    
Davis, Caswell A.    
Davis, Myrtie L.    
Devine, Kenneth Russell    
Deweese, James Russell Not certain James is in this cem? DC states buried at Randolph?  
Divine, M. E.    
Dollings, Frances Browning    
Dollings, Francis Price Stone just has Francis Price?  
Dollings, Jane Douglas Stone just has Jane Douglas?  
Edmunds, Robena    
Elmore, Wanda Lee    
Emmett, Henry M.    
Emmett, Retter    
Fisher, Amanda    
Fisher, Austin    
Fisher, J. R.    
Fisher, Jemima    
Fisher, William    
Garrett, Bennona E.    
Garrett, Eliza Mae    
Gentry, Elvira    
Gentry, Mary E.    
Gentry, Wilborn    
Gillock, Elizabeth Original Stone  
Greer, Blanche    
Greer, Walter Wright    
Greer, Will    
Grizzle, Harley    
Grizzle, Ruth E.    
Grizzle, Thomas    
Grooms, Bessie D.    
Hale, Avery    
Hale, Billy J.    
Hale, Earl B.    
Hale, Jeffery Dewayne    
Hale, Joyce    
Hale, Lois    
Hale, Mary S. 1873 - 1957  
Hale, Tommie    
Houchens, Almera    
Houchens, Charlie J.    
Houchens, Cora J.    
Houchens, Della L.    
Houchens, Fayette, s/o J. M. & A.    
Houchens, Guelda Jean    
Houchens, Hal C.    
Houchens, Hettie    
Houchens, J. B. 06/27/1917 - 09/20/1917  
Houchens, J. M.    
Houchens, James Elwood    
Houchens, James Tom    
Houchens, Jim T.    
Houchens, Josh M.    
Houchens, Laura B.    
Houchens, Mass A.    
Houchens, Mildred    
Houchens, Roger Bacon    
Houchens, Sarah Emma    
Houchens, Scytha R.    
Isenberg, Kathern May    
Isenberg, William H.    
Jackson, A. Louise    
Jackson, Grace M.    
Jackson, Jake E.    
Jackson, Johnnie P.    
Jackson, Mary A.    
Jackson, Mary S.    
Jackson, Noah C.    
Jackson, Reid B.    
Johnson, Pearl Mansfield    
Johnson, Tolbert Franklin    
Kinchloe, Dell    
Kinchloe, W. T.    
Kinslow, B. May    
Kinslow, Bobbie C.    
Kinslow, Geneva Pauline    
Kinslow, Jeppie Ann    
Kinslow, Julia    
Kinslow, Levie L.    
Kinslow, Louie G.    
Kinslow, Mary A. 1886 - _____  
Kinslow, Samuel    
Levi, Elbert W. Sr.    
Levi, Maud B.    
Lewis, Anna B.    
Lewis, Baby of Geo. & Anna B.    
Lewis, George R.    
Locke, Jewell Underwood    
Lowe, David Paul    
Lowe, Earl P.    
Lowe, Mary T.    
Lowrey, Donie Bell    
Lowrey, Edna Louise    
Lowrey, Hallie    
Lowrey, James    
Lowrey, James L.    
Lowrey, John Miller    
Lowrey, Joseph S.    
Lowrey, L. Herbert    
Lowrey, Laura B.    
Lowrey, Lawrence G.    
Lowrey, Martha U.    
Lowrey, Martina    
Lowrey, Mary    
Lowrey, Mary Vina    
Lowrey, Melvin    
Mansfield, d/o Trigg & Bybee    
Mansfield, Delphia    
Mansfield, Paul T.    
Mansfield, s/o Trigg & Bybee    
Mansfield, s/o Trigg & Bybee    
Mansfield, s/o Trigg & Bybee    
Mansfield, William H.    
Mansfield, William Joe    
Martin, Albert    
Martin, Allen    
Martin, C. E.    
Martin, Carlos    
Martin, David Porter    
Martin, Dick    
Martin, Dorothy    
Martin, Etta    
Martin, Evelyn L.    
Martin, Lizzie M.    
Martin, Mae M.    
Martin, Martha H.    
Martin, Morgan Listed in earlier transcription, name changed to Carlos?  
Martin, Wilson    
McCandless, Jessie Ellis    
McGuire, James Ira    
McGuire, Janette Renfro    
Moore, Steven (Infant)    
Moss, Murel    
Moss, Ruby Ann    
Owens, Bronna 09/17/1903 - 04/26/1917  
Owens, Ewley H.    
Owens, Mary    
Owens, Phillip    
Owens, Ruby J.    
Parsley, Denver H.    
Powell, Estella    
Powell, George A.    
Powell, Lillian Dell    
Powell, Lizzie Dean    
Rainwater, Mallie    
Ray, Charles    
Ray, Jane    
Renfro, Alice Bush    
Renfro, Bessie M. Woodson    
Renfro, E. Teegarden    
Renfro, Ewell    
Renfro, Goebel    
Renfro, James E.    
Renfro, Joe C.    
Renfro, Joseph N.    
Renfro, Kenneth Botts    
Renfro, Mertye    
Renfro, Mollie E. (Mary)    
Smith, Abner Thomas    
Smith, Americus V.    
Smith, Bell Rogers    
Smith, Carlton    
Smith, Clarence Wood 02/09/1870 - 12/10/1870  
Smith, James A.    
Smith, John C.    
Smith, Lucinda    
Smith, Margaret Harriet    
Smith, Mary Ella    
Smith, Susan A.    
Smith, William F.    
Spann, George W.    
Spann, Susan    
Spradlin, Cecil E.    
Spradlin, Chester E.    
Spradlin, Elmer    
Spradlin, Ethel    
Spradlin, James E.    
Spradlin, John E.    
Spradlin, Kerrilda C.    
Spradlin, Lillie Allen    
Spradlin, Mayme L.    
Spradlin, Moses    
Spradlin, S. M.    
Steenbergen, Christopher Columbus 10/19/1833 - 05/04/1836  
Thomason, Aleen    
Thomason, America    
Thomason, Charlie Listed on Findagrave, no dates, half brother of Eliza Mae Thomason Garrett  
Thomason, Della Mae    
Thomason, James G.    
Thomason, Lena G.    
Thomason, Mabel    
Thomason, Nealie    
Thomason, Odie H.    
Thomason, Robert F.    
Thomason, Sammie James    
Thomason, William Reid    
Thomerson, Henderson H.    
Thomerson, Juanita    
Thomerson, Lee    
Thomerson, Mary P.    
Tolle, Margaret C.    
Tracy, Evans    
Tracy, Oma    
Underwood, Bluford    
Underwood, Bose    
Underwood, Mabel    
Underwood, Malcolm Edward    
Underwood, Mary Etta    
Weaver, Arthena Steenbergen    
Weaver, Bonnie Ann    
Weaver, Denie L.    
Weaver, Evia H.    
Weaver, Hollis Burton    
Weaver, James Melvin    
Weaver, James W.    
Weaver, Myrtie B.    
Weaver, Thomas F.    
Weaver, Virginia F.    
Weaver, William B.    
Winn, Ralph Alexander    



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