Pleasant Home
Missionary Baptist
Church Cemetery

Barren Co., Kentucky

From 31e, take 87 east to Tracy, turn right on 921 and
go about 2.7 miles. Cemtery is located behind the Church
and is well maintained.

This is a nearly complete listing as of July, 2005

Agers, Fred D. Fieldstone,
Atwood, Elvie Fitzpatrick, inf/o
Atwood, Roger Francis, Euna
Beam, Annie F. Francis, Levi
Beam, Dorotha Steenbergen Francis, Lois
Beam, Henry W. Francis, Virgil L.
Beam, J. R. W. Franklin, Edgar W.
Beam, Jacob Franklin, Henry T.
Beam, James R. Franklin, Jane
Beam, James Ralph Franklin, Martie B.
Beam, Katharine Franklin, Mary C. Rigdon, James R.
Beam, Maggie B. Franklin, Mary J. Rigdon, Kitty Ann
Beam, Mary Franklin, Mary S. Rigdon, Letha J.
Beam, Mary E. Franklin, Nolian Rigdon, Lonnie
Beam, William H. Franklin, P. L. Rigdon, Luther R.
Beam, Willie Franklin, Patricia Ann Rigdon, Noah
Berry, Anne Lee Franklin, R. G. Rigdon, Pearley
Berry, Beatrice T. Franklin, Sally (Bridges) Rigdon, Rachel
Berry, Bert Franklin, William H. Rigdon, Tom
Berry, Carl Gillock, Annie E. Rigdon, Tompie
Berry, Chrisine Elizabeth Gillock, Robert C. Rigdon, Wendell
Berry, Ellis Goodman, Hallie M. Ritter, Betty Sue
Berry, Enoch Gosnell, Hugh Dell Ritter, Samuel D.
Berry, Ethel Gosnell, Judy K. Sabens, Floyd "Babe"
Berry, Ewell Gosnell, Lillie Scott, J. W., Jr.
Berry, Frankie Gosnell, Margaret W. Scott, John W.
Berry, Gary Gosnell, McDonald Scott, Lallie B.
Berry, Girtie Gosnell, Tommy Short, Carlene
Berry, Homer Gosnell, Virgil Short, Dumas E.
Berry, Inf/ Willis & Myrtie Gosnell, William F. Short, Jeffery Neil
Berry, James Henry Greever, Maxie Lee Short, Lois O.
Berry, Jessie Lee Harrison, Earl D. Short, Lorine
Berry, Jonell Harrison, Floyd Short, Rosa
Berry, Julia Ann Harrison, Herbert Steenbergen, Acie D.
Berry, Kenneth C. Harrison, Homer D. Steenbergen, Billy
Berry, Kent Harrison, Lera Steenbergen, Dennis R.
Berry, M. Myrtie Carver Harrison, Mary H. Steenbergen, Dewey P.
Berry, Mallie Harrison, Maymie Steenbergen, Gladys Lucille
Berry, Matilda C. Harrison, Myrtle Steenbergen, Ish
Berry, Melvina Jennie Harrison, Patsy Steenbergen, Jennie
Berry, Milton Harrison, Ruel J. Steenbergen, Josephine
Berry, Milton Hicks, Comer Steenbergen, Lonnie
Berry, Omer Holder, Auston C. Steenbergen, Lucille
Berry, Remer Holder, Berry Steenbergen, Malissie
Berry, Reserved Holder, Hartwell F. Steenbergen, Margaret F.
Berry, W. E. Holder, Herschel Steenbergen, Noah
Berry, Wayne O. Holder, Lillie Mae Steenbergen, Nora Witt
Berry, Willis Holder, Mary P. Steenbergen, Raymond
Berry, Winnie jewell Holder, Mary T. Steenbergen, Ruby Hazel
Bridges, Gale S. Holder, Maxie B. Steenbergen, Ruby J.
Bridges, H. J. Holder, Nanie Witt Steenbergen, Thomas W.
Bridges, Maud Bybee Hunt, Aramintia Steenbergen, Wendell D.
Bridges, Nina Hunt, Lola Bell Thomas, Carlos
Bridges, S. L. Hunt, Nancy Elizabeth Thomerson, Euell
Burgess, Belle Johnson, Donnie Thomerson, Vera
Burgess, George B. Johnson, Frank Tinsley, Arthur A.
Burgess, Hershel Edward Johnson, Mary Tinsley, Aurthur Arnold
Burgess, Inf/ George & Myrtie Johnson, Pamela S. Tinsley, Velma D.
Burgess, Lettie Johnson, S. T. Tirey, Gorden
Burgess, Lizzie Jones, Alonzo Todd, Agnes
Burgess, Myrtie Catherine Jones, James Lewis Todd, Bertha
Burgess, Ottie Jones, Lewis Todd, Earl
Burgess, Sarah Jones, Lillie Todd, Harley Michael
Burgess, Sheam H. Jones, Mary F. Todd, R. M.
Burgess, Thelma Francis Jones, Mary Frances Twomey, Zelma Burgess
Burgess, W. A. Jones, Wendell B. Unidentified,
Bush, Baby Kinslow, Maggie Witt Unidentified,
Bybee, Ada Lane, Essie E. Unidentified,
Bybee, Francis Lane, J. Barnie VanHook, Willa Dean
Bybee, Joe Lane, Jim Vaughn, Amos M.
Bybee, Loss Lane, Lara Jane Vaughn, C. D.
Bybee, Mary Jane Lane, Laura F. Vaughn, Joseph A.
Bybee, Peter Levi, Earl Wilson Vaughn, Martha Lee
Bybee, Susie Levi, Wilma Edna Vaughn, Mary
Bybee, Will Green Mahaffey, Mary Vaughn, Timothy Lee
Byrd, William G. "Bill" Mahaffey, Ora Gladys Ward, Claudie D.
Carrier, Billie Matthews, Geneva Ward, Kelly Dewayne
Carrier, Catherine McIntire, Hershel E. Ward, Kenneth L.
Carrier, Jewell McIntire, Maurice Witt Ward, Louis E.
Carter, Minnie Myrtle Mitchell, Asa Ward, Nancy J.
Carter, Nellie Mitchell, Nettie Ward, Noah Edith
Carter, Robert G. Mitchell, Willis Ward, Ruby K.
Carter, Willie Mitchell, Wyatt Ward, Wilma Mae
Carter, Willie Witt Mizell, Della Mae Wheeler, Bertha M.
Carver, Addie Mizell, Inf/ Robert T. & Della Mae Wheeler, Ellen
Carver, Clarine Mizell, Judy Carol Wheeler, Herbert
Carver, Delia W. Mizell, Robert David Wheeler, Kenneth J.
Carver, Earl Mizell, Robert T. Wheeler, William Joe
Carver, Elizabeth Neal, Johnny H. Wheet, Emma
Carver, Eula Neal, Lera A. Wheet, James L.
Carver, John E. P., S. Wheet, Reberry
Carver, Murrel Pardue, A. L. Williams, Billy R.
Carver, Ocla Q. Pardue, Amos E. Williams, Christopher
Carver, Price Pardue, Annie W. Williams, Elizabeth A.
Carver, Samuel U. Pardue, Edward L. Williams, Joe, Jr.
Carver, Sterling P. Pardue, Nancy C. Williams, Louise T.
Carver, Will Pardue, Paul E. Williams, Robert L.
Cochran, Charles Wesley Pierce, Cleo C. Williams, Sharlotte
Coffey, Krystal Nicole Pierce, Oma M. Witt, Coy E.
Coop, Barbara E. Proffitt, Nettie Witt, Gradie
Coop, Cecil Thomas Pruitt, Dr. Sidney Smith Witt, Henry C.
Cunningham, Anna Stinson Pruitt, Louis Haskell Witt, L. H.
Cunningham, Aubrey Delon Reneau, Elizabeth Witt, Lucille
Cunningham, J. E. Reneau, Fletcher C. Witt, Matilda
Cunningham, Neville Reneau, John Jacob Witt, Oscar Gracen
Cunningham, Offie D. Reneau, May Elizabeth Witt, Willie Freeman
Eaton, John Rhinehart, Ora Gladys Wood, Laura Evelyn
Eaton, Patty Jean Richey, Frances R. Wood, Rene Jeanette
Eaton, Virginia Lee Richey, Freeley C. Woodcock, Nota Bell
Fieldstone, Richey, Minnie V. Wyatt, Eugene
Fieldstone, Richey, Orville Wyatt, Eula Mae
Fieldstone, Rigdon, Bessie Wyatt, Turner
Fieldstone, Rigdon, Ida Young, Rollie H.
Fieldstone, Rigdon, James Young, Sarah A.


An earlier transcription listed these that I was unable to locate
Bybee, Effie

Bybee, Till

1806 1916
Carrier, Lettie
1899 1902
Franklin, Addie
8/25/1875 11/30/1933
Franklin, Elizabeth
1892 1907
oss/ Price & Addie
Franklin, Lizzie C.
7/17/1872 10/8/1907
w/o S. P.
Franklin, Price
1865 1937
Franklin, S. P.
12/11/1865 8/04/1937
Franklin, Sterling R.
8-6-1907 11/06/1907
s/o S. P. & L. C.
Jones, James L.
age 17 years
Thomerson, Bobbie E.
11/16/1934 06/22/1984
Vaughn, Elmer
1978 1979
A. F. Crow metal marker



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