Woods Cemetery

Barren Co., KY

Located on Whitney Woods Road near Cave City

This is an African-American Cemetery

Photographed May 2007

I attemped to photograph the entire cemetery. I may have missed some stones? Names without links to photos are from earlier transcriptions.

Note the large number of military service stones

Abbott, Mary E
Martin, Lester
Tribble, George R
Abbott, Taylor
Martin, Lucy T
Tribble, James
Amos, Albert
Martin, Mattie Lee Iya
Tribble, Leonard L
Amos, Ernest
Martin, Matt
Tribble, Lester Lee
Anderson, A H
Martin, Mattie Andrea
Tribble, Lizzie Whitlow
Anderson, Charity
Martin, Nathaniel Rev
Tribble, Mary
Anderson, Clara L
Martin, Terry Lee
Tribble, Mary Farris
Austin, Leo
Neal, J D
Tribble, Melinda
Barlow, Virginia M
Oldham, Clora
Tribble, Mona Gail
Barlow, Willie
Oldham, Grace
Tribble, Perry D
Beck, Frank
Oldham, Noah M
Tribble, Sampson
Beck, Gertrude
Oldham, William
Tribble, William H
Bethel, Charles
Overstreet Cleo
Trigg, Margaret
Bethel, Edward
Overstreet, Charles
Wattersen, Harry
Bethel, George T
Overstreet, George
Watterson, Lawrence T
Bethel, Henry
Overstreet, George
Wheeler, Elzie
Bethel, Mable
Overstreet, Hattie
Wheeler, Elzie E
Bethel, Othra Whitney
Overstreet, Henry
Wheeler, Katie M
Bethel, Roger Lee
Overstreet, Henry "Moe Joe"
Whitlow, Ben
Bethel, Rosella
Overstreet, Lonnie
Whitney, Bernice
Boyd, Billy F
Overstreet, Odis L
Whitney, James F
Boyd, George H
Overstreet, Timmie
Whitney, Lafe
Boyd, George Thomas
Parrish, Annie Laura
Whitney, Mary
Boyd, Grace H
Parrish, Phoebe
Whitney, Rufus
Boyd, Gracie M
Parrish, Walter J
Whitney, Sam
Boyd, Wesley A
Parrish, Robert
Boyd, Willie Moe
Paul, Jalina
Williams, Cassie
Boyd, Yvonne "Bunny"
Paul, Mae Frances
Williams, Lawrence
Bransford, Ella B
Poynter, A
Williams, Mattie
Broner, Walton
Poynter, Charles
Williams, Paul
Cason, Edna
Poynter, Eula May
Williams, Porter L
Chase, Mary Lee
Poynter, Martha
Wilson, James A
Clark, Clyde
Poynter, Royal M
Wilson, Fannie
Clark, Roverta
Poynter, Russell
Wilson, Leverda
Coleman, Hazel R
Pryor, Nannie V
Wilson, W M
Cosby, Eugene
Quigley, Elsie
Wood, Dock
Cosby, Leon
Quinn, Mary A
Wood, Walter
Curd, Jennie M
Rogers, Barbara A
Woods, Clark
Davidson, Margaret A
Rogers, Mildred
Woods, Sallie
Dotson, Pearl E
Rosenfield, George
Young, Aaron
Dotson, Samuet L
Sanderson, Agnes
Young, Bessie G
Doyle, Jo-Nathan?
Sanderson, Claude
Young, Jessie
Duke, Annie L
Sanderson, Curtis
Unidentified 1
Duke, Jacob
Sanderson, Ed
Unidentified 2
Duke, Leona
Sanderson, Isabelle
Unidentified 3
Duke, Phillip
Sanderson, Richard
Unidentified 4
Ennis, Ada M
Sanderson, Sarah
Unidentified 5
Ennis, Annie
Shobe, Ben
Unidentified 6
Ennis, Henry
Shobe, Nellie A
Unidentified 7
Ennis, V K
Smith, Christine
Unidentified 8
Eubank, Lou A
Smith, Ella
Unidentified 9
Farris, Clara K
Smith, Herbert Clark
Unidentified 10
Farris, Clem
Sublett, Bertie Lou
Unidentified 12
Farris, Clem
Sublett, Robert U
Unidentified 13
Farris, Glenwood
Terry, Martha
Unidentified 14
Farris, Ike
Terry, Thomas
Unidentified 15
Farris, Lizzy
Thornton, Jim
Unidentified 16
Farris, Mollie
Thornton, Kattie Lee
Unidentified 17
Ford, Gwendolyn Rhea
Tobin, Aline
Unidentified 18
Garnett, Earl, Jr
Tobin, Anna L
Unidentified 19
Green, Teresa Inez
Tobin, Anthony
Unidentified 20
Herndon, Charlie C
Tobin, Cecil
Unidentified 21
Harris, Mary
Tobin, Charles
Unidentified 22
Hatchett, Joe R Jr
Tobin, Flora
Unidentified 23
Huffman James
Tobin, Jack
Unidentified 24
Huffman, Lillian M
Tobin, John
Unidentifed 25
Jessup, Bertha Mae
Tobin, Laura
Unidentifed 26
Jordan, Omega
Tobin, Letcher
Unidentifed 27
Tobin, Lyda Mae
Unidentifed 28
Kinslow, Linda Gail
Tobin, Mary
Unidentifed 29
Kinslow, Mary Ernestine
Tobin, Michael
Unidentifed 30
Kinslow, Robert Dale
Tobin, Nettie
Unidentifed 31 (Ellen)
Kirkparrick Ellen
Tobin, Robert Rev
Unidentifed 32
Lee, James Taylor
Tobin, Robert L
Unidentifed 33
Lee, Lizzie Terry
Tobin, William
Unidentifed 34
Martin, Cynthia M
Tobin, William Ed Sr
Unidentifed 35
Martin, Ethel W
Tobin, William L
Unidentifed 36
Martin, Evelyn Whitney Campbell
Tobin, William Thomas
Unidentifed 37
Martin, Fannie
Tribble, Brain L
Unidentifed 38
Martin, Flora Mae
Tribble, Debra B
Unidentifed 39
Martin, Helen A
Tribble, Dwight H
Unidentifed 40
Martin, Ida L
Tribble, Edward Lee
Martin, James Henry
Tribble, Ella

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