Government Cemetery

Cumberland Co., Kentucky

This is a partial listing

Provided by Lisa Birge White

Adams, Willie Estelle
Groce, Emit
Groce William H
Coop, Arvin E
Groce, Grady Allen
Hoots, Allen E
Coop, Sarah Francis
Groce, Inf. s/o Emit & Francis
Hoots, Leonard F
Daniel, Barbara Ann
Groce, J B
Hoots, Millie Ethel
Groce, Birdie L
Groce, Lizzie Ann
Hoots, Minnie G
Groce, Cleo
Groce, Marshall E
Hoots, Wessie Howard
Groce, Dimple
Groce, Naoma J
Melton, Lela Jane
Groce, Dock
Groce Ruby L
Melton, Lucy Ann
Groce, Eller M
Groce, Vestine


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