Crump Cemetery

Brooks Knob Lookout Tower Road

Edmonson Co., KY

Photos and information provided by Rose Van Meter

Some of these stones although labeled with differnt names appear to be the same photo?


Crump, Cynthiania
Description: This one is getting pretty illegible too, I think the first name is Cynthiana, but it is hard to tell, even up close.. couldn't get the dates on it...but as I said, it was getting late when I took these, and my husband was afraid it was going to storm, so we left. I plan to make a trip up there with more daylight on my side, to see if I can get a better idea of the names on these.
Crump, Jesse
Description: This tombstone, was a little more legible than the others, still it was hard to tell the death dates. It states, In memory of Jesse Crump Born Feb 20 ???? died Aug 4 or 19?, ???? aged 70 yrs, 6 mnths, 1 day.
Sallie Ann Crump
Description: This one I made out slightly said...Sally Ann Crump
born Nov 26 1840? 1940 died 1863? 1963? aged 23 years.
Description: This is one of the small tombstones at the Crump family plot that my husband and I found way down in the woods behind his Grandfather's House. As you can see, it was getting kinda late, and unfortunately....a lot of these were completely illegible due to time and the elements. I thought that I would post them anyway, simply because, someone needs to remember them....even if it seems time has forgotten.
Description: This is also a stone in the plot that is illegible. Just posting, in case someone would like to see, or could make guesses
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