Hart County, KY

Directions: From the traffic light by the Court House in
Munfordville, turn on hwy 357 and go about  1.4 miles.

Photos and related transcription provided by Edith Bastin
Additional information provided by Edward Reynolds

Blanton, Cleophas

Blanton, Gertie Reynolds

Bowling, Ann M.

Bowling, John L

Bowling, James H.

Bowling, Sarah Elizabeth

  Buckner, Amos P.

  Buckner, David F. 

Buckner, Kate H

Buckner, Hartsell Wood

Buckner, Louise Brown

Buckner, Roy E.

Bunnell, Becky Ann

Bunnell, Betty Jo

Bunnell, Doll Bowling

Bunnell, Henry Rousseau

Bunnell, Ruby Johnson

Bunnell, Infant Son of
Henry & Ruby

Bunnell, James Allen

Bunnell, Tony Johnson

Cox, Hazel Fulks

Fellows, Glorena Elizabeth McCorkle

Fulks, Bertha

Fulks, Dorothy J.

Fulks, Glenial

Fulks, J. Everett

Fulks, Kendrick

Fulks, Paul W.

Fuqua, Maud
Fuqua, Slaughter

Gaddie, Baby Ann

Gibson, Brown Waddell

Gibson, George H.

Gibson, Irine

Goodman, Amos

Goodman, Celia Jane Reynolds
(top of stone not sh
own in photo)

Goodman, Charlie F.
Goodman, Elizabeth Deborah Seymour
Goodman, Elnora J.

Gibson, John

b. Mar. 4, 1903
d. Sept. 4, 1905
S\o Jesse B. Reynolds Goodman & Permelia Lindsey Dixon The Jesse B. above (Father) being the son of Amos Moore Goodman & Celia Jane Reynolds

Goodman, Jesse R.

Goodman, Mary Devore

Goodman, Permelia L.

Goodman, Roy C.

Goodman, Telitha


Jaggers, Kate 



Johnson, Belle S.

Johnson, Charles E.

Johnson, Curt

Johnson, Dora Lee

Johnson, Elbert F

Johnson, Hubert

Johnson, Ida B

Johnson, Infant Daughter

Johnson, Effie T.

Johnson, James

Johnson, Joe Curtis

Johnson, Katie

Johnson, L. G.

Johnson, Laura R.

Johnson, Lewis G.

ohnson, Louella

Johnson, Matison

Johnson, Nannie Frances

Johnson, Sarah

Johnson, Simon Pete

Johnson, W

Johnson, Willis

Johnson, Willis

Kinkade, Leroy

Kinkade, Victoria Johnson



Logsdon, Agnes Goodman

Logsdon, John Wesley

Logsdon, John Wesley, Jr

Manin, P. O.

McCorkle, Alice Buckner

McCorkle, Kenneth Rush

McCorkle, Raymond Wood

McCorkle, Rush 

Metcalf, Etta Goodman

Reynolds, Alicia Carol

Reynolds, Amy



Reynolds, Bertha M

Reynolds, Buford

Reynolds, Clarence

Reynolds, Dorothy E.

Reynolds, Eddie A.

Reynolds, Eddie "Pete"

Reynolds, Elenor

Reynolds, Elburta

Reynolds, F. Huston

Reynolds, Fred D.

Reynolds, Freddie H.

Reynolds,Irene Bell

Reynolds, James W

Reynolds, JoAnn

Reynolds, John L.

Reynolds, Joseph 

Reynolds, Kattie R

Reynolds, Lena

Reynolds, Leslie

Reynolds, Lillie R.

Reynolds, M. Margaret

Reynolds, Maggie E

Reynolds, Myrtle M.

Reynolds, Ora Wright

Reynolds, Tommie

Reynolds, W. J

Reynolds, Wihelmine M.

Reynolds, Willie W.

Reynolds, Willis Floyd

Reynolds, Willis J

Richardson, Elizabeth Johnson

Richardson, George T.

Richardson, Jesse Franklin

Richardson, Mary J.

Richardson, Maxey L

Sullivan, Clarence W.

Sullivan, Elizabeth G.



Tennyson, Leslie

Tennyson, Pearlie M.

Waddle, Alex

Waddle, Elizabeth E.

Waddle, Maranda

Willian, Curtis D.

  Willian, Curtis Duncan

Willian, Mary Goodman







Unknown Tin Markers

This information from an earlier transcription owned by Edward Reynolds
Amos M. Goodman b. 11 Nov 1824 d. 11 Feb 1901 s/o Amos Goodman and Mourning Jones
Celia J. Goodman b. 11 Apr 1828 d. 7 Jan 1881 d/o Willis Reynolds and Maria M.
Charlie A. Goodman b. 1864 d. 1925 with this note:" Death Certificate b. 1 Jan 1856, d. 4 dec 1925 Bible rec. b. 1864"
s/o Amos M. Goodman and Cealie Jane Reynolds
Mary R.(Rhett) Goodman b. 1873 d. 1960 wife of Charlie d/o Jesse Richardson and Mary E. Gaddie
Thurman Amos Goodman b. 1907 d. 1925 s/o Charlie Amos Goodman and Mary Rhett Richardson
Boliver Goodman b. 1897 d. 1897 s/o Charlie Amos Goodman and Mary Rhett Richardson
Amos Goodman b. 28 Feb 1782 d. 14 Sept 1845
Mourning Goodman(Jones) b. 12 Oct 1787 d. 4 Nov 1849
Laura A. Goodman b. 23 Oct 1861 d. 28 Sept 1862 d/o Amos M. Goodman and Cealie Jane Reynolds
Claborn W. Goodman b. 20 May 1856 d. 25 Sept 1866 s/o Amos M. Goodman and Cealie Jane Reynolds
Mrs. Elizabeth Deborah Goodman b. 31 Dec 1840 d. 12 May 1922 second wife of Amos M. Goodman
Maranda S. Johnson b. 4 dec 1822 d. 28 Nov 1898 d/o Amos Goodman and Mourning Jones
Mary Elizabeth Goodman b. 1907 d. 1992(12 Apr 1992) d/o Wm. Franklin Ford and Fannie Jane Devore
Joe W. Goodman b. 7 Oct 1910 d. 13 Mar 1981 s/o Charlie Amos Goodman and Mary Rhett Richardson
Dorothy C. Goodman d. 27 Nov 1921 Wife of Joe md 1 Aug 1942 d/o Trigg T. Chany and Betty Coleman Patterson,
mother of Bonnye, Roger, and Charlotte on stone.
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