Located near Linwood, KY, on Highway 566

 Hart County, Kentucky

LOCATION:  At Linwood, on Highway 31E (North Jackson Highway), turn East onto Hwy 566 and travel approximately five miles.  After passing a small white house on the left, watch left for a gravel driveway leading to a yellow house with two barns beyond it.  The Beams Cemetery is behind the barns.  The mailbox at the turn off reads:  4394 Eve Road.  A Mr. Jobe lives in the house, but the property is owned by Dr. James Middleton.

COMMENTS:  The Beams burial site is on the farm where Thomas and Caroline (Welch) Beams made their home.  There are many babies buried outside the little building that Thomas built to cover Caroline’s grave because he didn’t want it to rain on her gravestone.  (Erecting a covering over a grave is said to be an Indian custom.)  There are many other babies known buried outside the little building, but the fieldstones which earlier marked their site have disappeared.  Only one is marked with a gravestone.

Shirley Beams Simmons of Renton, Washington, is descended from this Beams union, and it is she who gathered the information that follows.  In 1996, she and other members of her family reluctantly tore down the original building with its hand- forged nails and stone foundation because of its deteriorated condition, replacing it with one that will stand for many more years.

Provided by Dee Tapp

Homeplace of Thomas and Caroline Beams


Given Name






17 Mar 1823

14 Feb 1885

W/O Thomas Beams.  Inscription reads:  Caroline, wife of Thomas Beams, born Mar 1823, died 14 Feb 1885.  Married 16 Apr 1843, joined the Baptist Church in 1840 and remained until death.  “She is the sunshine of our home an angel to us given.  Just when we learned to love her most, God called her back to Heaven.”



11 May 1822

15 Dec 1898

H/O Caroline (Welch) Beams.  Inscription reads:  Thomas Beames (members of this family spell it both Beams and Beames), born 11 May 1822, died 15 Dec 1898, joined the Baptist Church 16 Jul 1854 of which believed a faithful member to his death.  “A light from our household is gone; a voice we loved is stilled; a place is vacant in our heart that never can be filled”





Before 1904

No stone.  D/O Tom Bale



1 Sep 1908

7 Sep 1908

D/O M. E. and Malia (Scott) Bale





No stone.  Children of Eliza McCubbin Graham


Thomas & Caroline Beams

Beams stones are inside this building

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