Joshua Brents
Burial Ground

Hart County, Kentucky

Location: This cemetery is located on a rise about half way between Monroe and Defries about 200 yards off hwy 677 in Hart County, Kentucky. This cemetery is on a farm owned by Teddy & Vickie Dillard.

The cemetery had been in bad condition; but thanks to Teddie & Vickie the cemetery is now well maintained.
All information and photos on this page
provided by
Edith Bastin & Sandra Kay O'Banion


Birth Date

Death Date


Brents, Joshua

Mar 1, 1880

Aug 4, 1863


Brents, Rebecca A



w/o Joshua Brents

Cann, Damon

Feb 23, 1892

Apr 28, 1905

s/o C. A. & Jennie

Cann, Carrie L.

May 12, 1899

Jan 7, 1901

d/o G A & S F Cann. “The rose may fade, the lily die, but the flowers immortal bloom on high”

Cann, Emmer R.

Mar 31, 1865

Sep 20, 1888

w/o M. T.

Cann, Eula

Aug 30, 1889

Feb 27, 1901

d/o of C L & J W Cann. “A little time on earth she spent till God for him his Angels sent”

Cann, Florence E.

Aug 2, 1869

Mar 20, 1872

d/o J A & S F Cann. “Suffer little children to come unto me forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven”

Cann, Infant

Aug 16, 1897

Aug 16, 1897

d/o C. A. & S. F.

Cann, Infant

Aug 2, 1884

Aug 2, 1884

s/o M T & E R Cann. “Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home when He thought best”.

Cann, James A.

Jan 13, 1829

Oct 7, 1884

= “Farewell until we meet in Heaven”

Cann, Maurine

Apr 25, 1887

Sep 17, 1888

d/o M. T. & E. R.

Cann, Roy H.

May 17, 1902

Oct 28, 1912

s/o G A & S F Cann. “At rest”

Cann, Sarah E.

Sep 30, 1830

Jan 23, 1907

w/o James A Cann. “Prepare to meet me in Heaven

Cann, Sarah G
Jan 11, 1872
Aug 26, 1875
d/o G A & S F Cann. “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Durrett, James E.

Apr 11, 1898

Mar 2, 1901

s/o W H & Rachel Durett.

Greer, Eliza J.

May 31, 1859

Dec 31, 1880

w/o G. T.

Judd, Nathael

Jul 30, 1854

Nov 9, 1886

“Gone but not forgotten”

Judd, Nattie Purl




Judd, Noel

Mar 1, 1881

Jul 26, 1889

“God gave-He took-He will restore.  He doeth all things well.”

McInteer, Infant



SSA Malissa A McInteer

McInteer, Malissa A. Cann

Jul 24, 1860

Jan 3, 1880

w/o William McInteer. SSA Infant McInteer. “We loved her” - Hart County KY Cemetery Records Vol. 4 of Judge Roy A. Cann’s Records compiled by Sandra Gorin in September 1993, page 18 states: “She was buried with her infant in her arms.”

Meadows, Eigibia (Evaline)

Nov 8, 1912

Second w/o W. B.

Meadows, Margaret Ann

Nov 4, 1828

Jan 17, 1885

w/o W. B.

Meadows, W. B.
Oct 9, 1827
Oct 26, 1900

O’Banion, Isaac F



SSA & h/o Rebecca Conyers O’Banion

O’Banion, Rebecca C



SSA & w/o Isaac F O’Banion

Simpson, E. R.
Aug 27, 1900
“It was hard indeed to part with thee but Christs strong arm supported me.”

Simpson, Elijah

Apr 4, 1894

Simpson, Eddie

Sep 1, 1874

May 8, 1876

s/o E. & C.

Simpson, Henry

Jun 1870

Jul 10, 1918

= “Dearest brother, thou hast left us here, thy loss we deeply feel. But tis God that hath bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal.”

Simpson, Ida C.

Dec 31, 1866

Apr 7, 1946

= “Gone but not forgotten”

Simpson, Lee

May 1900
= “gone but not forgotten”

Simpson, Mary W.

Aug 8, 1889

Mar 17, 1933

w/o E. R. - “Faithful to her trust even unto death”

Simpson, Nannie

Aug 1901
"gone but not forgotten"

Simpson, Terry




Simpson, W. A.

Oct 22, 1886

Nov 9, 1887

s/o A. T. & D. E.

Thompson, Jennie E. Cann

Sep 15, 1864

Nov 25, 1886

w/o W A Thompson. “She was too good, too gently and fair to dwell in this cold world of care.”

Source for information, names and dates below comes from Hart County KY Cemetery Records Vol. 4 of Judge Roy A. Cann’s Records compiled by Sandra Gorin in September 1993, page 17 & 18 with permission:
This cemetery was laid out by two men, ADAIR and MONROE, as the County seat for a new county to be formed – this plot is on record in the Barren County KY Clerk’s Office. There was one acre of land reserved as a public burial ground in the deed to this farm which was owned at that time by John Tucker. Below are names/dates that appear in the Vol. 4, that I did not find a tombstone for. It could be I unintentionally missed the stone, the stone was weathered and I was unable to read the inscription, or they may have never had a stone.


Birth Date

Death Date


Cann, Lillian

Jan 1, 1896

Sep 22, 1896

d/o M. T. & E. R.

Gentry, Disa

Aug 25, 1854

Oct 22, 1888

w/o J. M.

Gentry, Lewis

Jan 25, 1878

Jan 25, 1888

s/o J. M. & D. A.

Gooch, Saran Frances

Sep 30, 1830

Jan 23, 1907


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