Located west of Bonnieville near the intersection of Camp Ground Road and Highway 728.

2531 Priceville Rd,
Bonnieville, Hart Co.,  KY   42713

This cemetery is well maintained and in execellent condition.
 Many of these photos were provided by

Edith Bastin
& Shirley Cossey &
Ramona Miller Stroupe


This is a partial  listing for this cemetery, there are many more stones here
?, Nancy H. --------------------------------- ------------------------------
Atterbury, Ambia Atterbury, Ruby H.
Atterbury, Lennie C.
Bacon, Benjamin Franklin
Bacon, Joseph W.
Bacon, Mayme Gertrude Hodges
Bacon, Price
Belcher, Hager H.
Belcher, Thelma M.
Bellou, Estel Mae Riggs
Bennett, Inf. Dau of Ralph & Thelma
Bennett, Thelma Bostic
Bostic, Lela H.
Bostic, Maxie
Brachey, Ben L.
Brachey, Dorothy Finley
Bush, Archie G.
Bush, Larry Ray
Bush, Ruth Riggs
Butler, Pauline Riggs
Butler, Shirley A.
Caswell, Anna Priddy    
Caswell, Andrew J. Caswell, Charles Caswell, Clyde T.
Caswell, Cora Marie
Caswell, Henry T. Caswell, Mary F.
Caswell, Mary T. Caswell, Miles T. Caswell, Nina R.
Caswell, Raymond
Caswell, Samuel Lee
Fannie Lee Wright Cave
24 Dec 1885 - 27 Jan 1982
second wife of William Franklin Cave and mother of William Reno Cave.
Laura (Dorsey) Cave
13 May 1863-15 Aug 1905
first wife of William Franklin Cave

Sarah Elizabeth Cave
15 Sep 1851-15 Oct 1948
daughter of Abner Cave, Jr. (b. 1821) and Lavina Scott and sister to William Franklin Cave. She is buried near him.

Thomas D. Cave
20 Mar 1812 in  Orange Co., VA; died 3 Jun 1895 in Hart Co., KY. 
He was a son of Abner Cave (b. c. 1785) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Sims. 
William Franklin Cave
16 Jun 1861-12 Sep 1939
s/o Abner Cave, Jr. (b. 1821) and Lavina Scott.
He was married twice; first to Laura Belle Dorsey, then after her death to Fannie Lee Wright.
William Reno Cave & Ruby Payton Cave
He was the son of William Franklin Cave and and his second wife Fannie Lee Wright Cave.
Choate, Kenny
Choate, Vickie
Clark, Beverly L.
Clark, Derl Clifton
Clark, Kendall
Clark, Laura Ford
Clark, Lucy M.
Clark, Ollie M.
Clark, W. G.
Clark, Willard E.
Clauson, Myrtie L. Dodson
Clauson, Thomas Edwin
Compton, Beatrice Kessinger
Copelin, Florence
Copelin, John T.
Goodpasture, Effie C. Edwards 
Copelin, Meca Jane
Copelin, Will
Copelin, Martha J.
Craddock, Jesse J.
Craddock, Sarah J.
Copelin, Wilmyth
Dodson, Mary Etta
Dorsey, Margie F.
Douglas, Laura Lee
Douglas, Lawrence L.
Douglas, Mark Adams
Douglas, Rose Turner
Duckworth, D.
Edwards, Ollie Mae Bradshaw Edwards, Siothia Jane Carter Edwards, Timothy Martin
Ferris, Ella
Ferris, James
Ferris, James C.
Finley, Anderson Loren
Finley, Edward Curtis
Finley, Flora
Finley, Forest Allen
Finley, J. S.
Finley, Kate
Finley, Leroy
Finley, Maggie L.
Finley, Martha Waldeck
Finley, Maxie Gaines Jr.
Finley, Maxie Gaines Sr.
Finley, Ora Cave
Francis, Bessie Wright
Francis, Tommie
Gaddie, Pearl Mosby
Gonterman, Johnnie W.
Gonterman, Lennie V.
Gonterman, Maggie L.
Gonterman, Marie J.
Mack Hamilton Goodpaster
Mary Etta Goodpasture
Goodpastor, Permelia Sims Cave
Harper, John
Hawk, Albert Clifton
Hawk, Benjamin Lee
Elija Hawk
Aug 15, 1816-May 16, 1902
He was the husband of Nancy Cave.
Hawk, Mariah
J. W. Hawk
22 Apr 1843-31 jan 1913
son of Elija(h) Hawk and Nancy Cave. (Jim Cave shows his name as John Will Hawk.)
Louisa J. (Mardis) Hawk
9 Oct 1846 - 22 May 1889
wife of J. W. Hawk.
Nancy (Cave) Hawk
born Oct 27, 1810 in Orange Co., VA; died Dec 16, 1876 in Hart Co., KY.
She was the  wife of Elija(h) Hawk. She was a daughter of Abner Cave (b. c. 1785) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Sims.
Hawk, Virginia
Hibbitts, Louis H.
Hibbitts, Rowena W.
Hodges, Albert B.
Hodges, Ann M.
Hodges, Bessie L.
Hodges, Claude B.
Hodges, D. K.
Hodges, David J.
Hodges, Emma M.
Hodges, Ergie F.
Hodges, Hallard K.
Hodges, Helon T.
Hodges, Inf. Dau. Of J. W. & Pearl
Hodges, Judd T.
Hodges, Lee Judson
Hodges, Lucinda
Hodges, M. B.
Hodges, Reace/Reese
Hodges, Rickey Lee
Hodges, S. Luther
Hodges, Still Born
Hodges, Tommie Johnston
Hodges, W. Raymond
Jaggers, Alice
Jaggers, Ermine Wells Jaggers, Hardy L.
Jaggers, J. W.
Jaggers, Malcolm O. Johnsey, Sarah S. Johnston, Mary E.
Johnston, William
Jones, J. Paul
Jones, Lillie Pearl
Jones, Richard A.
Jones, Ruth J.
Kessinger, Alex Kessinger, Alex Kessinger, Ethel W.
Kessinger, Lillie J. Kessinger, John W. Kessinger, Lillie R.
Kessinger, Melvinia E.
Kessinger, Proctor L.
Kessinger, Wade H.
Lively, James M. Lively, Mattie L. ------------------------
Mabe, Cora Anna Moody
Mabe, Harvey T.
Mabe, Elsa Butler
Matthews, Mike
Matthews, Pearl J.
Moody, Bertha W.
Moody, Claude S.
Moody, Coy Martin
Moody, Eller
Moody, Fanny F. 
Moody, George R.
Moody, Gracie L.
Moody, Grover T.
Moody, Haskell R.
Moody, Imogene Hodges
Moody, Irene Rowe
Moody, John L.
Moody, John W. 
Moody, Joseph O.
Moody, Martha A.
Moody, Minnie Wright
Moody, Myrtle
Moody, Noah
Moody, Raymond
Moody, William T.
Moore, Kenneth E.
Moore, Nell Finley
Murray, E. G.
Murray, Forest
Murray, Virginia T.
Noack, Ernest Noack, Hazel Hodges  
Pierce, Hannah Priddy, Mary G. --------------
Quinn, Priscilla    
Reynolds, Albert M. Reynolds, Daisy Fern Choate Reynolds, Florence 
Reynolds, John Dale
Reynolds, Maggie Hodges
Reynolds, Merl
Reynolds, Oris
Riggs, Amos
Riggs, Carleton Lee
Riggs, Clara Mae
Riggs, Eva
Riggs, Glen
Riggs, J. W.
Riggs, James Lawrence
Riggs, Lula
Riggs, Malinda
Riggs, Mary E.
Riggs, Myrtle Lee
Riggs, Roxie Stennett
Riggs, Russell
Riggs, Samson
Riggs, Trilby Gaddie
Rowe, Ben
Rowe, Effie F.
Rowe, Oliver
Sanders, Ella Riggs Sanders, Elza Sanders, Ettie
Sanders, Gertrude Hodges Sanders, Laura Wright Sanders, Samuel L.
Sanders, Regina Smith, Charlie Lee Smith, Ida Pearl
Stamp, Nellie    
Thompson, Timothy Keith Thornbury, Mayne Thornbury, Thomas M.
Waldeck, Clemince Gibson
Waldeck, Della
Waldeck, Donnie R.
Waldeck, Grace N.
Waldeck, Paul T.
Waldeck, Robert
Waldeck, Son of W. T. & A. F. - 1931
Waldeck, Son of W. T. & A. F. - 1934
Walden, Joseph B.
Walden, Minerva C.
Watkins, Agnes
Watkins, Nellie
Watkins, Solon L.
Wells, Lillie
Wells, Thomas L.
Wells, W. Haskell
Wilson, Annie
Wilson, Carter Jett
Wilson, Charles Lee
Wilson, Doris M.
Wilson, Fremont
Wilson, Georgia Lewis
Wilson, Mary C.
Wilson, Nellie M.
Wilson, Ophelia T.
Wilson, Sylvester
Wilson, W. H.
Wilson, W. R.
Wilson, William David
Witten, Charles W.
Witten, Clara E.
Witten, Cordelia
Witten, Russell
Wooden, Lertie L.
Wooden, Melford N.
Wright, Carter
Wright, Henry C.
Wright, Johnie P.
Wright, Kate E.
Wright, Lela F
Wright, Willie T.
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