Geralds-Fitzgeralds Cemetery
Northern Edge of Mammoth Cave National Park
Edmonson County, Kentucky

This Cemetery is located approximately five miles South of Cub Run on the northern edge of Mammoth Cave National Park on Little Jordan Road in Edmonson County, Kentucky.  During Elige ‘Lige’ Geralds’ life time he owned 120 acres behind this cemetery. Probably the best time to visit his old home place and the cemetery is in the spring when the March Lillies are in bloom. I'm sure they had a bunch of them as everybody did back in those days. 

This cemetery information was provided by Sheila Miles, Doris Dorsey, Sarah Hogan, Carol Olney and Edith Bastin.






Eggnew, Thomas J.

Mar 01, 1880

Jul 04, 1921

h/o Jennie Fitzgerald
stone reads: b. 01 Mar 1879
DC reads b. 01 Mar 1880

Eggnew, Thomas J.

May 29, 1915

Nov 27, 1918

s/o Jennie (Fitzgeralds) & Thomas Egnew

Fitzgeralds/Geralds, Ade

Mar 22, 1884

Mar 14, 1915

d/o Lidda (Galloway) & Jim Geralds/Fitzgeralds

Fitzgeralds, James A.



h/o Lidda Galloway

Fitzgeralds, Lydia

Mar 1, 1842

Jan 26, 1921

Nee: Galloway
w/o James A. Fitzgeralds

Fitzgeralds, Sarah

Sept 04, 1886

July 24, 1887

d/o Lydia & James A. Fitzgeralds

Geralds, Alvin

Oct 03, 1901

Aug 14, 1917


Geralds, Elige ‘Lige’ F.

Jun 28, 1870

Mar 08, 1948

s/o James Fitzgeralds
h/o Sarah Ellen Denison

Geralds, Sarah Ellen

Jan 23, 1865

Jan 18, 1945

Nee: Denison
w/o Elige ‘Lige’

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