Located near the Green River Bridge at
Woodsonville on the Eddie Walters farm.


information on this page provided
Judy Lawler, Jackie King and
Edith Bastin

This is a partial  listing for this cemetery
James L. Garvin

1831 – 1910
His Wife

Sarah C. Garvin

1837 - 1928
(Check these dates, hard to read)
In Memory of Sarah
(Sarah Sally Saunders)

Consort of Thomas Woodson
Born: 05/01/1776 (Lunenburg Co. Va.)
(Died July 21, 1844
(Woodsonville, Hart Co., Ky)
Additional Info:
Married Feb 28, 1796 at St.  James, Northam, Goochland, Va
A. L. (Anthony LaVillian) Woodson
Born  Aug 17,  1814
(Woodsonville, Hart, Co., Ky)
Died Mar 23, 1882  (Hart Co. Ky)
(Son of Thomas And Sarah Saunders Woodson)

E, B, (Eliza Bell Chaplin) Woodson
Born Feb 18, 1826
Died Nov 28 1881
Married 1844
(She was his second cousin)  (Granddaughter of Jacob Woodson and Dolly Peers)
(Daughter of Virginia Woodson and  Rev. Isaac Chaplin)
Albert L(ePrade) Woodson

Born Aug 15, 1845 
(Woodsonville, Hart Co , Ky)
Died  Jan 3, 1869
Son of A. L. and E. B. Chaplin Woodson
He was a young man
of delicate constitution.
Edwin Woodson ( Son of  Thomas
and Sarah Woodson)

Born: Nov 8, 1809 (Hart Co. Ky.)

Died: June ?, 1880 (Hart Co. Ky)

In memory of
Robert S(aunders) Woodson

Born:  Nov 26, 1796 (Dover,  Goochland Co., Va)
Died:  Sept 9, 1839 (Hart Co., Ky )
Aged 43 years 9 mos and 43 days
(Robert married Hulda Ann Lewis  Young 10/20/1819 in Barren Co., Ky)
Thomas Woodson

Born Dec  2, 1772
(Dover, Goochland  County, Va.)

Died Feb. Feb 14,  1857(Hart Co. Ky)
     In the 85th year of his life.

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