Harper Cemetery

East Julius Mills Road

Hart County, Kentucky

Location: This cemetery is located north of Horse Cave on left side of hwy 31-W just past Cedar Cliff Church Road on Julius Mills Road. The cemetery is overgrown and difficult to find. There about 13 field stones and three head stones that were sunk too far into the ground to read the names.

Transcription and information provided by Pam Grissom
Possible Census information

View from 31-w - home is to the left






Edwards, Gertrude Lee "Gertie"

22 Aug 1905

03 Dec 1906

Family Bible Records record Burial as Harper Burial Grounds bet. Rowletts/Horse Cave
Gertrude Lee ‘Gertie’ Edwards
b. 22 Aug 1905
d. 03 Dec 1906
Bur: Harper Cem, Horse Cave, KY
Source: Family Bible Gertrude Lee Edwards’ Parents, Charles Luther Edwards & Nellie Mae Taylor

Edwards, Paul H.

Nov 23 1911

Nov 23 1911

Paul H. Edwards' Death Certificate #28431
Birth: N Hart Co, KY -- Age: 8 years
Father: Charley L. Edwards -- Mother: Nellie Taylor
Cause of death: Sore Throat  --  Dr: M. V. Edwards, M.D., Nov. 23, 1911, Horse Cave. Burial: Harper Burial Grounds bet. Rowletts/Horse Cave
Note: DC states same birth/death date but age 8 years old?????

Harper, Arnold Thomas Mar 6, 1860 Dec 10, 1936 Son of Thomas & Helen Harper -- (This is Clara Harper's father. I have also found his name listed as Amel. I am sure his wife Nancy Malone Harper is also burried there. - Pam Grissom)

HARPER, Bethie



DC: Elizabeth Harper b. Aug 21, 1871 Hart Co KY, d. Sept 5, 1919; Hart Co KY Father: Dan Richardson; Mother: Lively

HARPER, James J.



DC: James Jacob Harper b. Mar 6, 1868 KY; d. Apr 7, 1941 Hart Co KY; Father: Tom Harper; Mother: Helen Harper


May 29 1865

Apr 29, 1924

John R. Harper b.1865 he died Aug 29, 1924  is my husbands great grandfather. He was first buried in this cemetery and then when his wife Laura Estelle Harper died in 1964 they had his body moved to Horse Cave. - Pam Grissom

Harper, John T.
Abt 1854(1)
Nov 16, 1912
Harper, Nannie Malone
Dec 1868
Feb 4, 1911
d/o John & Bettie Waters Malone - w/o Arnold (Amel) Thomas Malone

Larry Brown Note: There appears to be an error on the name of Nannie Malone Harper on her death certificate.  Her maiden name was actually Melloan not Malone.  The cemetery listing states that she was the daughter of John & Bettie Waters Malone which is what was stated on the death certificate.  She was actually the daughter of John Smith Melloan, Sr. and Amelia America R. Waters Melloan.  John Smith Melloan, Sr. married first Lydia Anne Houghton abt 1830-1832 in Mason County, Kentucky and second to Amelia America R. Waters Melloan in Bowling Green, Kentucky on 10 Oct 1867.  From this marriage were 3 children: Rosalee Melloan Brown m Joseph L. Brown; Nannie Melloan Harper m. Bud Harper (prob. as on the website Amel Arnold T. Harper); and, John Smith Melloan m. Mary Ellen Grimes.  Amelia America R. Waters was the daughter of Owen D. and Nancy Freeman Waters.

Harper, Pernia Jewell
Nov 4, 1875
Jul 24, 1912

HARPER, Sarah H.



Kenney, Clemmie
(from the records of Pam Grissom)
Kenny, Dewey Gordon
Kenny, Gladys
Nov 4, 1908
Mathews, John Alex (or Elliex)
Apr 1, 1921
John Alex (or Elliex) Matthews had three wives:
1 st wife: Bonny Anna Edwards
2 nd wife: Elizabeth 'Ellizie Beth' Glover
3 rd wife: Gloria Bee (maiden name unknown)
He was s/o Isaac Mickel Mathews & Frances Elizabeth (or Ellen) Logsdon

RICHEY, Thomas H.

Jul 4, 1884

Mar 31, 1892

s/o L. D. & Laura A.

Waddell, Alley Mae 25 Dec 1906 25 Dec 1906 died at birth while living in Rowletts, Hart Co KY - d/o Elizabeth Edward ‘Betty’ (Devine) & Johnnie Franklin Waddell (from the records of Edith Bastin)
Waddell, Johnie Franklin 29 Feb 1908 11 Apr 1908 died while living in Rowletts, Hart Co, KY - d/o Elizabeth Edward ‘Betty’ (Devine) & Johnnie Franklin Waddell (from the records of Edith Bastin)

Mary S. Wills

Feb 5, 1863 Jun 20, 1896 (provided by Virgie Matthews)
Taft "Tick" Kenney's infant son Dewey Gordan b. 1931 d. 1931 may also be buried here . (from the records of Pam Grissom)

Clara Harper's parents Amel Arnold T. Harper and Nancy Malone Harper are likely buried here. (from the records of Pam Grissom)

(1) 1900 Hart Co. census records
There are a number of stones that have not been identified
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