Article from Courier Journal newspaper, Louisville, KY

Thursday 12 February 1885


Husband, Wife and Child Buried In One Coffin.

(Special to the Courier-Journal.)

Upton, KY, Feb. 11 - Mr. William Dudgeon, of near Hammondsville, Hart County, committed suicide last night by cutting his throat. His seven-months old child died yesterday morning, and when it was reported to him that his wife was dying also, he was overcome with grief. He went out behind his house, and in a few minutes a noise was heard as if someone struggling by those in the house. They went out and found Mr. Dudgeon lying on the ground with his throat cut. He was a young man and had been married only two years.

The remains of Mr. Dudgeon, wife and child were placed in one coffin, and interred in the Hammondsville burying-ground to-day.

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