Savage Family Cemetery

Hart County, Kentucky

This family cemetery is located between Hart County High School and Canmer. There was one large stone in the middle of the cemetery with all four names and dates.
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Randy L. Taylor and Edith Bastin





Savage, Elizabeth

Mar 21, 1787

Oct 21, 1881

W/o William - 93 years old

Elizabeth J. Savage was a flower girl at the Inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States.  (Judge Cann's note)

Savage, Mary F.

June 19, 1824

May 29, 1909

W/o P. A. Savage -85 years old

Savage, Paul A.

May 4, 1824

Dec 20, 1888

H/o Mary F. -64 years old

Savage, William

Aug 24, 1786

May 13, 1860

H/o Elizabeth - 73 years old

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