Terry Family Cemetery

Munfordville, Hart County, Kentucky

LOCATION: At Munfordville, go North on Hwy 31W for one-half mile to Hwy 1415 ( Concord Church Road). Turn left and proceed for approximately 2.7 miles to Concord Church on the left. The roadway to the right of the church leads up a hill to the cemetery. This area was once known as Dividing Ridge.

COMMENTS: Researched, transcribed and photographed by Dee Tapp and Edith Bastin. Well maintained by the Terry Family Cemetery Association.

Provided by Edith Bastin & Dee Tapp


Birth Date

Death Date


Bowman, Mary Rosetta

Nov 14, 1919

Jul 3, 1920

D/O Johnnie & Daisy (Druen) Bowman; Gr- D/O Lucinda (Terry) Druen

Plummer, Ruby Terry Hess

May 15, 1919

Dec 13, 2006

W/O (1 st) Frank Hess and (2 nd) William J. Plummer; D/O Samuel Conrad & Louella (Hodges) Terry; M/O David Hess.

Plummer, William J.

Aug 8, 1919

Dec 11, 1995

2 nd H/O Ruby Mildrene (Terry) Hess

Terry, Baby

Oct 9, 1925

Oct 9, 1925

S/O Samuel Conrad & Louella (Hodges) Terry

Terry, Donald Randolph Sep 4, 1923

Nov 21, 2015


Terry, Duvall Conrad

Jan 7, 1909

Apr 28, 1928

S/O Walter Duvall & Elizabeth (White) Terry.

Terry, Elizabeth Alice (White)

Nov 11, 1889

Sep 30, 1972

W/O Walter Duvall Terry, Sr.; M/O Walter Duvall Jr., Otto, Leroy, George Shelton, Coquese, Duvall Conrad & Louanna

Terry, Franklin Pierce

30 Apr 1873

7 Dec 1954

H/O Latisha Belle (Lampkin) Terry; S/O Samuel Shelton & Lourana (Noe) Terry

Terry, Latisha Belle “Tishie” (LAMPKIN)

7 Sep 1876

24 Jun 1948

W/O Franklin Pierce Terry; M/O Joseph Shelton Terry; D/O Prosser (b. 1834) & Nancy E. (Srygler) (b. 1854) Lampkin

Terry, Leroy Edward

Oct 21, 1913

Jun 26, 1914

S/O Walter Duvall & Elizabeth Alice (White) Terry

Terry, Louella (Hodges)

Jan 18, 1884

Oct 23, 1925

W/O Samuel Conrad Terry; D/O Jonathan Jerome & Julia Ann (Kinney) Hodges; M/O 12 children: Leo Goebel, Samuel Lee, Grace Lee, Clarence Russell, Lela Ethel, Ora Nichols, Lillian Lucille, Albert Marshal, Ruby Mildrene, Richmond Rudolph, Randolph and an unnamed infant son.

Terry, Lourana (Noe)

Aug 20, 1846

Aug 2, 1900

FIRST BURIAL. W/O Samuel Shelton Terry; D/O Royal S. (b. 1811) & Malinda W. (Perkins) (b. 1813) Noe; M/O Lucinda B., Leroy Shelton, Mary Mollie Melinda Baxter, Franklin Pierce, Walter Duvall, Samuel Conrad, Odos Otto and Ora Velma Terry

Terry, Norma Jean Wyland Oct 1, 1924 Dec 11, 2002 d/o Walter Lewis & Stella Pearl Morgan Wyland
Terry,Odos Otto

20 Aug 1881

8 Aug 1887

S/O Samuel Shelton & Lourana (Noe) Terry

Terry, Samuel Conrad

Jul 10, 1880

Apr 14, 1926

H/O Louella (Hodges) Terry; S/O Samuel Shelton & Lourana (Noe) Terry

Terry, Samuel Lee

Jul 17, 1904

Nov 14, 1906

S/O Samuel Shelton & Louella (Hodges) Terry

Terry, Samuel Shelton

Dec 17, 1842

Oct 14, 1925

CIVIL WAR SOLDIER serving in the Confederate Army. H/O Lourana (Noe) Terry; S/O Nathaniel Baxter (b. 1821) & Lucinda (Srygley) (b. 1819) Terry

Terry, Walter Duvall, Sr.

Apr 7, 1876

Sep 9, 1961

H/O Elizabeth Alice (White) Terry; S/O Samuel Shelton & Lourana (Noe) Terry

Terry, Walter Duvall , Jr.

Jun 20, 1930

Jun 21, 1930

S/O Walter Duvall & Elizabeth Alice (White) Terry

Walter and Lizzie Terry home Foundation

Lane to Terry Cemetery

Samuel Shelton and Lourana Noe Terry

Louella Hodges Terry
Walter Terry Family
Samuel Conrad Terry
Franklin Pierce and Letisha Srygley Terry


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