Edwards Twins

                 Mary   b. 23 May 1896, d. 24 May 1896

                 Bertha    b. 23 May 1896, d.  7 Jun 1896

                Daughters of John Tyler Edwards and Rosie Crump. 

The names of these children were found in the transcription of Timberlake Cemetery by Thelma Line Boyd and Inez Line Warf online at http://kykinfolk.com/hart/TimberlakeCem.htm. They referred to the following publications for additional information on people interred in Timberlake: Hart Co. Historical Society Quarterly, Vo. XXVIII, Apr 1996, pp. 13-18; Vol. XXVIII, July 1996, pp. 19-23; Vol. XXXVIII (sic), Oct., 1996, pp. 16-21.

Ramona Miller Stroupe