Timberlake - Crump Cemetery

Located on the Boiling Spring Road off Highway 357 on the left side of the road
past Boiling Springs Baptist Church

I walked this cemetery twice the summer of 2010 and attempted to photo all stones. It is possible I missed some?
Listings without photo links were obtained from earlier transcriptions. When comparing the stones with these transcriptions
I found several errors and there may well be others. It is likely that some of the "Unidentifed" stones were identifed on my second trip and are duplicates~ RG

some photos and information provided by Ramona Miller Stroupe

View of Mears family headstones. Largest in the distance is that of W. J. and Fannie

Full view of J T Edwards' grave showing his marker is broken off it's base.


Adcock, Inf s/o J R & N F
Hazelwood, Otis Lee
Price, Edith W
Adcock, Infant
Highbaugh, Alvin J
Price, Elizabeth
Adcock, John Paul
Highbaugh, Craddock
Price, G F
Adcock, John Paul
Highbaugh, Curtis J
Price, Graves
Adcock, Nora F
Highbaugh, David L
Price, John F
Adcock, Randolph
Highbaugh, Delia Wright
Price, Kate
Adcock, Walter C
Highbaugh, Eleanora
Price, Malinda
Adcock, Paul Franklin
Highbaugh, Eliza P
Price, Mary
Highbaugh, Emmitt
Price, William
Amos, William "Billie"
Highbaugh, Martha B
D/o Emmett & Elizabeth Bowles Baumgardner
Puckett, Audora P
Amos, Charley M
Highbaugh, Mattie Susan
Puckett, Burnice W
Amos, Louis B
Highbaugh, Mattie Susan
Puckett, Howard Murel
Amos, Mary E
Highbaugh, Olive M
Puckett, James W
Amos, Mattie B
Highbaugh, Sally B
Puckett, Lottie Pearl
Amos, Oma
Highbaugh, William Gobel
Feb 8, 1889 - Apr 1, 1972
s/o Basil Duke Baumgardner & Eliza M Richardson
Ralston, Margaret A
Apr 14, 1828 - Aug 10, 1902
Bailey, Charlie
Highbaugh, William L
Bailey, Earl Clayton
Hodges, A R
Reserved For
Bailey, Elbert C
Hodges, Clara M
Reynolds, Albert L
Bailey, Harlan Leroy
Hodges, Laura J
Reynolds, Alexander A
Bailey, Janice Corum
Hodges, Lula
Reynolds, Amanda W
Bailey, June
Hodges, Margaret
Reynolds, Annie L
Bailey, Lester Lation
Hodges, Samuel S
Reynolds, E Florence
Bailey, Mattie
Holzapfel, Mary E Baumgardner Jenny
Reynolds, Edward
Baumgardner, Arie W
Houk, Myrtle Brown
Reynolds, Jesse
Baumgardner, B D
Houk, Russell Lee
Reynolds, Jesse T
Baumgardner, Clotlia
Oct 19, 1870 - Jun 17, 1900
d/o T I & Sarah F Powell Carter
Houk, Willis Dean
Reynolds, Laura K
Baumgardner, David Waddle
ca 1855 - Aug 2, 1946
s/o Wm & Ruth Parrish Baumgardner
Houk, Wm Walter
Reynolds, Lela
Baumgardner, Earl Morris
Hudgin, A E
Reynolds, Maggie
Baumgardner, Edna Belle
Hudgin, Leonard
Reynolds, Martha
Baumgardner, Eliza
Huff, Thelma
Reynolds, Mary F
Baumgardner, Emmett
Jan 15, 1845 - Feb 5, 1931
s/o William & Rutha Parrish Baumgardner
Huff, William Pleasant
ca 1827 - ca 1867-9
Reynolds, May
Baumgardner, Gertrude
Jul 27, 1899 - Sep 4, 1958
d/o Isaac Wesley & Mattie Sweet
Huff, William Thomas
Reynolds, Nancy J
Baumgardner, Mable Allen
Isaacs, George (Emmett)
h/o Martha J, s/o Jesse & Elizabeth
Reynolds, Ramey W
Baumgardner, Mary C
Isaacs, Martha J
Reynolds, Sarah
Baumgardner, Mattie
Feb 26, 1857 - May 19, 1956
d/o John & Rebecca Roof Bowles
Johnson, Charles W
Reynolds, Sarah E
Baumgardner, Mattie
1871 - Dec 15, 1955
d/o Wm Riley Puckett & Louvisa Logsdon
Johnson, Charlie
Reynolds, Thomas Buell
Baumgardner, Wm Goebel
Johnson, Jerry D
Reynolds, Toney
Bell, Annie
Oct 20, 1879 - Jun 28, 1901
d/o J J & Louise Vass Timberlake
Johnson, Laura Parish
Richardson, Barbara Ann
Bell, Edna M
Johnson, Margaret
Richardson, Charles O Bud
Blevins, Cora Blakey
Johnson, Nancy Lee
Richardson, Charlie
Blevins, Hilda Mae
Johnson, Sadie Highbaugh
Richardson, Christine
Blevins, Louis B
Sep 18, 1850 - Dec 8, 1907
Johnson, Samuel B
Richardson, Colie Moss
Bloom, Hilda May
May 25, 1933 - ?
Jones, Bell S
Richardson, David C
Bolton, David Lee
Jones, John
Richardson, Emma
Jan 31(01), 1899 - ______
w/o Colie M
Bolton, Mary E
Jones, Sanford P
Richardson, Fannie P
Bolton, W T
Kidd, Annie
Richardson, Franklin W
Boman, Eliza Devore Stucky
Kidd, Carlton
Richardson, Harry L
Bowles, Eugene
Kidd, Carroll L
Richardson, Henry C
Bowles, Lula P
May 15, 1869 - Jul 13, 1886
d/o Nicholas & Mary E Murray Bowles
Kidd, Cecil A
Richardson, Ira J
Bowles, Mary E
Kidd, Charles Allen
Richardson, James A
Co A, 311 KY In
Bowles, Nicholas M
Kidd, Curtis E
Richardson, James William
Bowles, Nora F
Kidd, Delia
Feb 6. 1893 - Mar 7, 1954
Richardson, Joe
Bowles, Ollie
Kidd, Edith
Richardson, John McMeekin
Brizendine, Clyde
Kidd, Elsie L
Richardson, Kate W
Brizendine, Dorothy
Kidd, Frances Johnson
Richardson, Katie Emma
Brown, Albert C
Kidd, Herbert A
Richardson, Lucille Weller
Brown, Annie
Kidd, Hulon
Richardson, Margaret
Brown, Della Mae
Kidd, Jessie F
Richardson, Musetta
Brown, Freddie L
Kidd, Kenneth Roy
Richardson, Paul O
Brown, Grace E
Kidd, Loyd C
Richardson, Rosa
Brown, Ira Winston
Kidd, Lrry Steven Bunk
Richardson, Sarah King
Brown, Joe, Rev.
Kidd, M Annette
Richardson, Sis
1847 - Feb 10, 1935
w/o Henry N
Brown, Mary Vona
Jan 12, 1938 - Aug 6, 1940
d/o Henry & Verna Mae Bird Brown
Kidd, Marlin Wayne
Richardson, William Walton
Brown, Vera M
1913 - 1958
Kidd, Pauline F
Roberts, Allen B, Rev.
Brown, William J
Kidd, Randy C
Roberts, Dorothy J Puckett
Bryant, Daniel L
1958 - 1958
Kidd, Rhea Marshall
Roten, Bessie
Bryant, Loretta Kerr
no date
Kidd, Sue McFelia
Roten, Thomas Bloon
Bryant, Timothy Wayne
King M C
Roten, Wilburn L
Buckner, Bettie
King, A
May 1, 1911 - May 1, 1911
Russell, Harry
Buckner, D Aylette
King, A D
Russell, James Thomas "Tommy"
Buckner, D H
King, Alma Murray
Russell, Maude
Buckner, J Tom
King, Alvin D
Sams, Georgie R
Buckner, J W
King, Arthur
ca 1795 - ca 1860s unproven
Sams, Mary F Price
Buckner, J(ohn) W
Mar 14, 1849 - Aug 1, 1918
King, Arthur W
Scott, Hettie May (Price) Nunn
see Nunn, Hetty May
Buckner, Ovie
King, Delia
Settle, Eliza H
Oct 5, 1862 - Apr 5, 1885
w/o J L Settle
Buckner, Sarah
King, Delilah
Aug 27, 1849 - Mar 7, 1954
Shipp, Inf s/o V L & Nora L
Bumgardner, Aria W
Aug 16, 1879 - _______
King, Ed Lewis
Shipp, William Lewis
Bumgardner, Bessie Bowling
Jan 30, 1895 - Apr 12, 1914
d/o David Waddle Bumgardner & Mattie Walton Puckett
King, Eliza P
Sidebottom, Henry David
Bumgardner, Clotlia
King, Elizabeth Gossett
Sidebottom, James W
Bumgardner, Edna Bell
King, Ellis Bolton
Sidebottom, Leila B
Bumgardner, Edna Lacy
King, Ellis H
Sidebottom, Smith T
Bumgardner, Emmett
King, Elma Highbaugh
Sidebottom, Wanda Phyllis
Bumgardner, Gertrude
King, Emma C
Sidebottom, William J
Bumgardner, Infant
King, Emma Whitman
Smith, Algie
Bumgardner, Infant
Dec 13, 1903
King, Ethel
Smith, Charlie
Bumgardner, Mary C
Jul 8, 1881 - Jan 31, 1955
King, Etta M
Smith, Clara
Bumgardner, Mattie
King, Eugene W
Smith, Gellem Elmo
Butler, Alice
Jul 9, 1889 - Nov 10, 1946
D/o Hiram P & Mattie Bale Murray, w/o Tommie
King, Field Stanley
Smith, Selia Jane
Butler, Bettie
1873 - 1961
King, Flora E
Smith, William Pariam
Butler, Sarah
King, Garland Wayne
Stinson, Louise W Penny
Candler, Charles C
King, H D (Boy)
Sweet, Allen Joseph
Carman, Jessie Sue
1936 - 1936 d/o
Haynes & Bessie King Carman
King, Harley M
Sweet, Chester Wilson
Carter, Cora W
King, Howard H
Sweet, E H
Carter, Sarah Frances
King, Howell Arnold
Aug 2, 1914 - Aug 2, 1914
Sweet, Elizabeth
Carter, Thomas J

King, Inez L
Sweet, Fronia Crump
Carver, Jack D
King, Infant
Sweet, Isaac Wesley
Clapton, Letis
King, Infant
Sweet, Jeanette Pace
Clark, Clarence C
King, James Foster
Dec 13, 1937 - Dec 13, 1937
Sweet, John
Clark, Girtie V
King, James Lee
Sweet, John H
Clark, Hank Thomas Tommy
King, Johnnie Claiborne
Sweet, Johnny
Oct 1880 - May 24, 1881
s/o John & Elizabeth Miller Sweet
Clark, Jessie L
King, Joseph E
Sweet, Pearl Clopton
Clompton, Martha S Murray
Jan 24, 1847 - Aug 7, 1876
w/o John
King, Judson
Sweet, S D
Clopton, Claude L
King, Lee Jordon
Sweet, Sarah
Mar 17, 1824 - Jan 10, 1897
w/o John Sweet
Clopton, H L
King, M C
Sweet, Stella W
Clopton, Infant
King, Mable P
Sweet, William Otis
Clopton, Jack
King, Mary V Timberlake
Tennyson, Earl
Clopton, James R
King, Monroe
Tennyson, George
Clopton, Martha S(usan)
Jan 24, 1847 - Aug 7, 1876
nee Dudgeon
King, Musetta
Tennyson, James W
Sep 30, 1840 - ______
s/o Joseph & Mary Ann Anderson Tennyson (unproven)
Clopton, Mary E
King, Olin
Tennyson, Lydia Ann Clopton
Apr 6, 1840 - ______
d/o William & Letitia Bush Clopton, (unproven)
Clopton, Shermie
King, Ralph Wendell
Jul 1931 - Jan 10, 1935
s/o Parrish & Delia Devore Kin
Tennyson, Marie
Clopton, Thelma
King, Robert J
Tennyson, Mary
Cobb, John B
King, Roy Phillip
s/o Wilburn & Mable Pearl McCorkle King
Tennyson, Sammie
Compton, Lixzie Carter
King, Spicey Ermine
ca 1827 - ca 1902
s/o Arthur & Nancy Tharpe King (unproven)
Tennyson, Winnie
Compton, Virgie
Jan 2, 1909 - ______
d/o Homer & Mary Tom Tennyson Wells
King, Susan
ca 1832 - ca 1869
d/o Littleberry Parrish Jr & Elizabeth Tharpe (unproven)
Thomas, Gordon Shaw
Coomer, Basil D
King, Valerie
Thomas, Marion Sue
Coomer, Jim
King, W B (Wm Bruner)
Timberlake, Elsie
Coomer, Nannie B
King, W G
Timberlake, J J
Coomer, Robert L
King, W Irvin
Timberlake, Louisa C
Coomer, Roy L
King, Wilburn M
Timberlake, Robert M
Craddock, Annie Bell
King, Wilburn Murray Jr
Timberlake, Ralph
Craddock, Ella B
King, Wilburn N
Mar 3, 1916 - Sep 17, 1974
s/o Parrish & Delia Devore King
Timberlake, William M
Craddock, Harvey Bruce
King, William Glenn
Toohey, David
Craddock, Lillie E
Knight, Emma
Feb 7, 1911 - Sep 3, 1989
d/o W T & Mary E Corum Knight
Toohey, Gertrude
Craddock, Sally
May 7, 1872 - Dec 6, 1948
d/o Tom & Susan Richardson Craddock
Knight, Glen
Toohey, Joseph G
Craddock, Susan A
Knight, Howard
Craddock, Thomas J
Knight, Joshua P
Craddock, W H
Knight, Juanita Price
Crump, Albert W
Knight, Kenneth
Crump, Annie Lee
Knight, Leon
Crump, Arnold
Knight, Leslie
Crump, Elizabeth A
Knight, Lillian
Crump, Ester G
Knight, Lilly Pearl
Crump, Harry W
Knight, Marie
Crump, Henry T
Knight, Randall
Crump, Hubert M
Knight, Sallie B
Crump, James Thomas Tommy
Knight, Velma
Crump, James V
Knight, William Eppie
Crump, Jefferson H
Knight. James C
Crump, Jessie R
Langton, Lena Baumgardner
Crump, Lizzie
Lester, Caroline
Jan 16, 1833 - Jun 6, 1899
also show buried in Three Forks Cem.
Crump, Lottie
Lester, Martha B
Crump, Martha L
Locke, Kenith
Unidentified Baby Girl
Crump, Romeo
Logsdon, Curtis W
W ___, Sarah
Feb 27, 1826 - Jun 5, 1933
nee Druen
Crump, Sarah E Reynolds
Logsdon, Ivan L
Wagoner, Joseph C
Crump, Thomas
Logsdon, Rinetta C
Wagoner, Nancy
Crump, Thomas
Co C 30th KY Calvary
Long, Marie F
Wagoner, Wm McGee Giles
adopted son of J M Wagoner
Crump, Thomas W
Long, Roger L
Wallace, Amos S
Crump, Thomas Walton
McCamish, Billie M
Wallace, Mary S
Davis, Teresa Huff
Mears, Evelyna
Walters, Baby
1954 - 1954
Defever, Eunice
Mears, Fannie
Walters, Dorothy Nanniebelle
Defevers, Emmie
May 20, 1897 - Aug 31, 1920
d/o Henry Lewis & Shemmie Walsh Clopton
Mears, Ida Lee
Walters, Jad W
Mears, James W
Walters, Jerry Lee
Devore, Alfred C(rit)
Dec 30, 1856 - Jan 30, 1941
Mears, W H
Walters, Kenneth Edward
Devore, Beatrice Crump
Mears, W J
Walters, Nettie M
Devore, Bertha Murray
Mears, William
Walters, Wiley A
Devore, Crit
_____ - Oct 3, 1991
S/o Wm Wallace Devore & Frances Ann Nunn
Mehler, Charles H
Walton, Dortha Nannie Bell
Devore, Earl
Mehler, Martha F
Ward, James O
Sep 19, 1916 - Jun 30, 1917
s/o Willie & Fannie
Devore, James W
Minor, Ed.
Ward, Jerry Wayne
Devore, Jessie E
Minor, Edward L
Ward, Jim
Devore, Mary A
Minor, Joe C
Ward, Maxine Price
Devore, Musetta Fults
Minor, Lizzie A
Ward, Mollie H
Devore, Paul Houston
Reserved for Christine, Orville, Danny & Judy Moss. Christine d/o Mary Nunn and Jim Ward; Orville s/o Annie E Isaacs &John M Moss; Danny s/o Christine & Orville
Ward, R Harlen
Devore, Ruthie A
Moss, Christine Ward
Warder, Emma R(ett)
Devore, Sam Henry
Moss, Orville
Warder, Joseph
Devore, Samuel P
Murray, Alletta
Warder, Sarah
Devore, Sherman
Murray, Annie Gevena
Warder, Wallace V
Devore, Thomas F
Murray, Beatrice
Warder, Walter Maxey
Devore, Walter “Bully”
Murray, Beatrice R
Weldon, James H
Devore, William P
Murray, Christine A
Wells, Ada Murray
Druen, Lilly Pearl Nunn
Murray, Curtis
Wells, James W
Durham, Elizabeth
Nov 1858 - Jan 9, 1923
d/o Joe Wagoner & Nancy King
Murray, Delores Jean
Wells, Marshall
Durham, Sam
1854 - Mar 28, 1934
d/o John G & Jane Hodges
Murray, E H
Wells, Nannie D
Dye, Bessie
Murray, Ed
Wells, W H
Dye, Roscoe
Murray, Gary D
Wheeler, Frankie
Dye, Scottie D
Murray, George H
Whitehurst, Merlyn Astor
Edwards, Arivin
Murray, H P
Whitman, Eilene A
Edwards, Bertha
Murray, Harvey L
Whitman, Hobart H
Edwards, J T
Murray, Haynes
Whitman, James R
Edwards, Mary
Murray, Herbert L
Whitman, Lola Gladys
Murray, Horace Carden
Whitman, Mary J
Murray, Jacob B
Whitman, William H
Murray, James Robert
Willian, J(osiah) J(efferson)
Mar 26, 1827 - Aug 4, 1900 s/o James & Mary Timberlake Willian
Forbis, James Matthew
Murray, John
Willian, Melvinia
Ford, Anner W
Murray, Joyce Wynters
Willian, Sallie B
Ford, Claude E
Murray, Leslie B
Willian, W T
Ford, Fannie J
Murray, Lillie M
Wilson, Beckham
Ford, Jake
Murray, Mable
Wilson, Betty J
Ford, James E
Sep 19, 1862 - Aug 20, 1940
s/o William & Malinda Thompson Ford
Murray, Mamie
Jan 29, 1888 - ______
Wilson, Clyde C
Ford, James O
Murray, Mary B
Wilson, Deckham
Sep 21, 1900 - Aug 7, 1933
Ford, James R
1900 - 1976
s/o William & Malinda Thompson Ford
Murray, Mary E
Wilson, Infant Son
Ford, Jane E
Murray, Mary E
Wilson, Janice Faye
Ford, Lavern
Murray, Mary Kate
Wilson, Louise F
Ford, Lizzie A
Murray, Mary M
Jan 18, 1900 - Oct 27, 1904
d/o Robert Garrett Gaddie Murray & Frances Willian
Wilson, Margaret
1845 - ____
Ford, Omer F
Murray, Mattie Bale
Wilson, Rosa Lee Hodges
Ford, Ruth A
Murray, Maxie
Wilson, Samuel
Ford, William H
Murray, Nannie
Wilson, Samuel C
Ford, Willie F
Murray, Ollie Bowles
Wilson, Samuel S
1844 - _____
Fulks, Carrie R
Murray, Robert L
Wilson, Sherman
Fulks, Garvie W
Murray, Rutha Pearl
Wilson, Stanley Albert
Fulks, Leslie B
Murray, Susan F
Wilson, William L
Fults, Charles Oran
Murray, T B
Wintsch Hartswell
Fults, Charles Oran Jr
Murray, Timothy Charles Tim
Wintsch, Albert
Fults, Edna Price
Murray, Valria
Wintsch, Albert Jr.
Fults, Gerald
Murray, Walter B
Wintsch, David Wood
Fults, Inf of Oran & Edna
Murray, Wendel Ray
Wintsch, Delia
Fults, Montella
Murray, Wilma J
Wintsch, Elizabeth K
Gaddie, Billie
Nelson, Betty Lou Kidd
Wintsch, Fredrick H
Gaddie, Emma Knight
Nunn, Clauson
Wintsch, Garland Wayne
Gaddie, Lydia C
Nunn, Emmett T
Wintsch, Girtha Agnes
Gaddie, Pansey
Nunn, Fannie W Warder
Wintsch, Joe Marshall
Gaddie, Robert
Nunn, G Ella
Wintsch, Lorine Murray
Gaddie, Rollie G
Nunn, George
concrete block
Wintsch, Louisa
Gaddie, William Leslie
Nunn, Hetty Mae
Wintsch, Merilyn N
Apr 29, 1916 - Dec 10, 1918
Gaddie, William T
Nunn, John C
Wintsch, Orsie Sullivan
Gardner, Chester
Nunn, William Henry
Jun 1, 1884 - Jan 15, 1956
s/o Wm & Nannie Wright Nunn
Wintsch, Rudolph
Gardner, J A
Ottman, Leora R
Wintsch, Susanne K
Gardner, J Chester
May 3, 1895 - Jul 13, 1919
Owens, Carolyn Rose
Wintsch, William H
Gardner, Oria Reed
Owens, Luther Mitchell
Wintsch, William Marshall
Gerleman, Corby R
1979 - Aug 16, 1980
Parrish, Amanda
Wintsch, William P
Gibson, Janie Clopton (Mary Jane)
Parrish, Amanda
Aug 26, 1891 - Nov 16, 1986
d/o John & Jane Wagoner Parrish
Wright, Billy Ray
Giles, Wm. McGee see
Wagoner, Wm McGee Giles

adopted son of J M Wagoner
Parrish, Jane
Wright, Callie Miller
Goldsmith, Gertie Louise
Jan 11, 1941 - Jan 24, 1941
d/o John T & Dora Hazel Nunn Goldsmith
Parrish, John
Wright, Delois J
Goodman, Anna F
Parrish, Thomas P
Wright, Inf. d/o Jasper & Rebecca
Goodman, Janet Irene
Perkins, James E
Wright, Inf. d/o Jasper & Rebecca
Hawkins, Flora J
Perkins, Jessie P
Wright, James H
Hawks, Effie Mary
Perkins, Sarah E
Wright, James Newton
Hawks, Jack
Perkins, Sarah W
Wright, James Virgil
Hawks, Jane (Nancy Jane Ford)
1868 - Sep 7, 1961
Philpot, Baby Girl
1997 - 1997
Wright, James W
Hawks, Joe
s/o Wm Ed & Nancy Jane Ford Hawks – concrete block
Poore, Charlie Tilford
Wright, Jasper Newton
Hawks, Leroy
Poore, Laura
Wright, John Hubert
Hawks, Melvin Thomas
died ca 1929
S/o Ruth Heath Hawks
Poore, Mary Elzada
Wright, Laverne Ross
Hawks, Ollie M
Poteet, Mary Rose
Wright, Lorine
Hawks, Otis M
1928 - 1943
s/o Ollie & Jack Hawks Knight
Poteet, Victor Wayne
Wright, Marvin E
Hawks, Wilburn Joseph
Price, Clarence
Wright, Mary Alice
Hawks, William
Price, Ed
Wright, Rebecca Amos
Hawks, William
Wright, Rosa O

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