Walnut Hill aka Buckner
or Old Wood Cemetery

Hart County, Kentucky

Located on Glen Lily East Road on Dr. James Middleton's farm.

All photos and information on this page provided by Judy Lawler
8+Graves - Surnames: Buckner, Carter, Lane, Weller,
Rufus Lane
In Memory of
Born Dec. 18, 1814
Died June 11, 1854
Rufus K. Lane born in East TN and died in Hart Co., KY of consumption
Married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Weller on 19 June 1838 in Nelson Co., KY
Father of Laura A.E., Harvey Bowling,  Sidney B., Susan Elvira, Marion Wallace (Dollie) and David W.
L. B. Carter
Masonic Emblem
Born Dec. 5, 1797
Died Aug. 22, 1871
Little Berry Carter married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Weller Lane on 7 Oct 1856
Father of William M.

Rebecca Ann Yates

24 May 1845 – 9 Jul 1849


Also buried in this cemetery:
David W. Lane
Son of Rufus K. Lane and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Weller
Born 17 Jan 1852
Died 22 Sep 1859 from pneumonia
William M. Carter
Son of Little Berry Carter and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Weller Lane
Born 9 Sep  1861
Died 14 Sep 1862
Aylette H. Buckner
Born 12 May 1833
Died 1 Sep 1834
Son of A.H. & E.A. Buckner
Brother to Simon Bolivar Buckner
Emily Buckner
Born 22 Oct 1821
Died 1 Mar 1827
Daughter of A.H. & E.A. Buckner
Sister to Simon Bolivar Buckner
C. J. Weller
Born 3 Feb 1824
Died 4 Sep 1845
Thomas Bland Weller
Born 19 Nov 1849
Died Dec. 1851
(According to Thomas Bland Weller's death certificate, he died on 24 Dec 1854 of quinsy)
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