St. Stephens Cemetery

1808 S. Preston St. (Hwy 61)
Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY

Cemetery view photo provided by Salena - Stone photos provided by Edith Bastin & Mona Huff
Anderson, Charles Richard
Logsdon, Annie E.
Polston, Wm
Logsdon, Earl

Anderson, John T.

Logsdon, Richard
Logsdon, Samanta Lynn
Bastian, Frank J.
Middleton, Tollie
Waddell, Mary L.
Waddell, Sneed T.
Sneed Tucker Waddell has a stone w/wife in St Stephens Cemetery but he died in Cuba and is buried in Tampa, Hillsborough Co, FL. (E. Bastin)
Fox, Edna Regina Smith
Fox, Leo
Polston, Robert McClellan
Fox, Vernon Stanley
Polston, Thomas W.
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