Buffalo Cemetery

LaRue County, Kentucky

Located just west of Hwy 61 in the southern end of Buffalo.

All information and photos on this page provided by
Laura Jones

Alice Carlton Brown
Joseph R. Brownfield
(J R Brownfield
Lizzie B. Brownfield
Benjamin Otis Brooks
Mamie L. Brownfield
( M. L. Brownfield
Ethel May Jaggers Brooks (wife of Harvey)
Mary J. Brownfield
Harvey O. Brooks
Mary S. Brownfield
Infant Brooks (son of Virgil Carry and Sarah Alice Brooks) Born & Died Nov 4, 1908
Mattye Brownfield
Irene Brooks
Annie Bernice Gaddie Hall
James Paul Brooks
John Matthew Hall
Joseph Waggoner Brooks
Charles Robert Lee
Katherine Brooks
Bernetta "Nettie" Walters Brown
7 Jul 1845 - 9 Apr 1937
George W. Miller
1845 - 24 Nov 1925
Lizzie Miller Brooks
Elizabeth S. Brown
Lydia Caroline Brown Miller
17 Aug 1854 - 7 Jul 1914
Martha Irene Brooks
Harry L. Brown (son of B. F. and Ruth A. Brown)
Permelia Frances Brooks Parish
Mildred E. Polley Brooks
James William Brown
20 Dec 1842 - 16 Apr 1920

William Tandy Parish
Ruby Willian Brooks
John W. Brown
( John, Son of J. W. & Nettie Brown
Born Nov 14, 1873
Died Nov 29, 1895
John M. Peterson
Sarah Alice Brown Brooks
Robert M. Brown
Lila Bowles Peterson
Stella Russell Brooks
William J. Brown
28 Sep 1896 - 1 Aug 1976
Melville Buckler Peterson
M. B. Peterson, M.D.
Tommie Elsie Hickerson Brooks
Charlie E. Brownfield
( Charlie E. Brownfield
Born Dec 15, 1875
Died Jan 9, 1896
Mary Etta Miller Peterson
M.E., His Wife
Virgil Carry Brooks
Edmond Waller Brownfield
Nell Bloyd Peterson
Death date was 14 Sep 1989
William Thomas Brooks
John Brownfield
Raphael Charles Peterson
John C. Brownfield
(This one is confusing because his death certificate says he was born 8 Nov
1853 and died 29 Nov 1839)
Frank James Smith
Lucille Brooks Smith
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