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Located just off the Hiseville-Centery road. Turn east at Savoyard onto the Radcliff-Mitchell Road. The Buck Hill Cemetery road is on the left, just before the Paul Beard Rd.

The cemetery is well maintained and in good condition.

I attempted to and think I photographed all stones in this cemtery. If you can provide any information
on the stones I cannot identifiy I'll add it to this page
. -RG

Schlinker stone photos provided by Marilyn Schloot (great grandaughter )

?, Alberta
Mouser, Hazel
Poynter, Obert Calvin
?, Lawrence
L P A D,
Poynter, Oscar Cyrus
?, Mollie
L P E P,
Poynter, P. A.
Calhoun, Violet
Piper, Elnora
Poynter, Patricia Gail
Collins, Clara Mae
Piper, Eugene
Poynter, Raymond Gerld
Collins, Wendell Dale
Piper, James Claude
Poynter, Rickie Lee
Constant, Herman
Piper, John W.
Poynter, Ruby Nell
Constant, James Walton
Piper, Sarah M.
Poynter, Sammie W.
Constant, Mary Elizabeth
Piper, Wanda W.
Poynter, Susan Moss
Edwards, Dewey W.
Poynter, Allen H.
Poynter, Travis
Edwards, Flossie S.
Poynter, Arthur Cecil
Poynter, Twins
Ferguson, ?. H.
Poynter, Bessie Rae
Poynter, Wanda Louise
Ferguson, Danny Dean
Poynter, Bessie
Poynter, William H.
Ferguson, Leslie T.
Poynter, Clemteen
Poynter, Willie T.
Ferguson, Virginia M.
Poynter, Clyde "Pid"
Pruitte, Ida M.
Froedge, Jimmy T.
Poynter, Cora Ella
Pruitte, Noah T.
Gray, ?
Poynter, Corine
Reece, Ora Jeffries
Green, Madeline
Poynter, Cunneen
Robertson, James Ernest
Hiser, Vander "Rip"
Poynter, D. Steve
Robertson, N. Maxine
Irwin, James Stanley
Poynter, Dellie
Schlinker, Eugene Preston
Jeffries, Louis H.
Poynter, Depp
Schlinker, Sarah Josephine
Jeffries, Talpha
Poynter, Dora E.
Slinker, Henry Clay
Jeffries, Taylor
Poynter, Gertie Ferguson
Stovall, A. W.
Jeffries, William
Poynter, Gladys M.
Stovall, Audrey
Jessie, Maggie B.
Poynter, H. W.
Stovall, Creed
Jessie, Mary V.
Poynter, Henry T. (Allie)
Taylor, Alat Reid
Jessie, Rufus G.
Poynter, Hermon King
Taylor, Earline F.
Jewell, Odis R.
Poynter, Isom
Taylor, George Wesley
Lee, Lois Piper
Poynter, J. A.
Taylor, James Ernest
Minor, George W.
Poynter, James Shelby
Taylor, Leslie H.
Minor, Granville
Poynter, Jenry Paskel
Taylor, Lewis R.
Minor, Hardy
Poynter, Jessie James
Taylor, Lillian Maye
Minor, Isaphenia Ferguson
Poynter, Jimmie Mitchell
Taylor, Mary M.
Minor, Sarah Ann
Poynter, John A.
Taylor, Tony R.
Morgan, ?
Poynter, John David
Taylor, Virgina
Morgan, ?
Poynter, Leonard H.
Taylor, William A.
Morgan, Albert H.
Poynter, Linda Sue
Calhoun, Violet
Morgan, Henry E.
Poynter, Lizzie I.
Walden, Stella Mae
Morgan, Hester
Poynter, Louise
Whitehead, Deborah Lynn
Morgan, James R.
Poynter, Luther A.
Young, Anna R.
Morgan, Janie E.
Poynter, Magdline
Young, Dalton U.
Morgan, Jessie H.
Poynter, Malcolm Everett
Young, Delorise
Morgan, John Albert
Poynter, Mary Orlena
Young, Ellis C.
Morgan, Josie
Poynter, Melvin
Young, Ellis Wayne
Morgan, Lena B.
Poynter, Minnie Elsie
Young, Henry V.
Morgan, Marshall
Poynter, Minnie M.
Young, James Vernon
Morgan, Rita Lynn
Poynter, Mitchell
Young, Lois
Morgan, Shirley Faye
Poynter, Myrtie
Young, Louis U.
Morgan, Tennie Ann
Poynter, Nina Mae
Young, Oreal Lucille
Young, William David
Broken Stone
Broken Stone
Broken Stone
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