Sowers / Grissom Cemetery
Metcalfe County, Kentucky
Information provided by   William A. Sowers

I would like to contact William. I've had two computer crashes and may have lost photos
that should be with this transcription -

Directions; Go East from Locust Grove Baptist Church along the lane approximately 1/2 mile to the gate that is in front of the old house that has fallen down. Go through the  gate, following the lane around the barn and to the right. Follow the path to the Northeast to the fencerow where     there is an opening. Go through the fencerow and follow the lane to the East past the apple tree for approximately 1/2 mile. The cemetery is of the North side of the lane.
The USGS location is N37º02.060 W 085º40.196 elev. 741'
This cemetery was part of the property of Stonewall Lee Sowers,and was later sold to Robert Bell. Roberts grandson now owns the property.
There are 13 members of the Sowers family buried there with headstones, and an unknown

number without headstones, although there are possibly three or four reported verbally.

There is a civil war soldier buried there with the headstone bearing the name of James S. Carter  Died Feb. 17 1862 aged 18yr 5 mo 11 day. it was told to me be my dad that this was an unknown civil war soldier that had died there. it is unknown where the name derived from.

It was related to me of 5 of the Hoggard children being buried there, three of the Froedge children and an unknown 8 year old girl that was buried alive by her father, name unknown.


 Following is the list that I have collected from visits to the cemetery
Cornelia Florence Railey Grissom   b 02-09-1878   d 04-16-1950

 Zachariah Railey 
b Jun 1849  d 01-20-1901

Doris M. Sowers b 27 Oct. 1939, and died 23 nov. 2007 in  Middletown, Henry Co. Indiana..
Fannie Sowers Grissom   b 09-01-1903   d 10-15-1984
(unconfirmed) Baby boy Sowers son of Selby buried on top of Henrys casket 11-29-1934
  Nellie P. Sowers   b 01-13-1894   d 06-22-1919
  Howard Grissom   b 1940   d 1940
Enola K. wife of T. W. Sowers   b 03-06-1873   d 06-08-1915
  Oma R. Sowers   b 02-14-1915   d 02-22-1915
  Melvin Grissom   b 04-28-1879   d 02 23-1973
Henry Clifton Sowers   b 01-22-1906   d 06-17-1928
Russell s/o Anthony & Minnie Sowers   b 03-08-1920   d 09-02-1925
  Phillip Grissom   b 1938   d 1939
Rev. John P. Sowers   b 08-27-1829   d 10-22-1908
Stonewall L. Sowers   b 03-20-1865   d 06-10-1953
Cornelia Kinnaird   b 05-12-1821   d 06-06-1889
John Ray Sowers   b 11-08-1900   d 03-11-1958
  Thomas Willis Sowers ( no stone)   b 10-06--1866   d 01-21-1921 (buried next to Enola, per Evelina Grissom)
  Joseph Kinnaird   b 10-05-1818   d 02-19-1896
Mary E. Sowers   b 10-21-1870   d 03-19-1947
Wade L. Sowers   b 12-09-1936   d 10-28-2000
Jane Mize Railey   b Apr 1845   d 12-27-1902
Willie T. Sowers   b 05-06-1898   d 10-10-1947
William Taylor Sowers Jr. b jan 01 1934 d. feb 04 2010 in Middletown Henry Co. Indiana    
Mary Mason Crenshaw   wife of J. P. Sowers   b 10-30-1825   d 02-27-1898

There are numerous field stones placed between the two plots , it is unknown who the other stones belong to.


These notes and photos were taken by me in June of 2001.

William A. Sowers