Located about 3 miles west of Munfordville on Highway 88




This is a complete listing for this cemetery on 1 July, 2003
All information and photos on this page provided by
Edith Bastin





Avery, Jo Anna Lee

Fulkerson, Lucy F.

Puckett, Mary E.

Avery, Timmy Lynn

Fuqua, Lidia

Puckett, Minnie C.

Avery, Timothy W.

Glacken, Joyce

Puckett, Ollie

Brent, William T.

Goodman, Henry M.

Puckett, Paul Houston

Broken Stone 1

Goodman, Martha L.

Puckett, Robert Jr.

Bunch, Frankie Ray

Goodman, Mayme Puckett

Puckett, Rose B.

Bunch, Irvin

Goodman, William E.

Puckett, Rose Marie

Bunch, Lenard

Hayes, Authur Rodney

Puckett, Roy Gene

Bunch, Rose

Hutcheson, Bessie Bunch

Puckett, Sarah

Burks, Rose A.

JHP at Rest

Puckett, Sarrah E.

Buster, Cynthia Kay

McCorkle, Gertrude

Puckett, Will R.

Carroll, 2 tin markers

McCorkle, Maxey G.

Puckett, William Q.

Carroll, Arthur T.

McCorkle, Nannie

Puckett, Wm "Duck"

Carroll, Edith G.

McCubbins, Frances E.


Carroll, Jannie

McCubbins, Genevea

Smith, Annie Nutt

Carroll, Jannie (Reserved)

McCubbins, Sherman

Smith, George W. Sr.

Carroll, Odie Lee

McCubbins, Shirley

Smith, George W., Jr.

Carroll, Peggy Sue

Miles, David

Smith, Hobert

Carroll, Ronnie Lee

Miles, Samanta

Smith, Ricky (Reserved)

Coats, Ionia M.

Miles, Sandy

Stasel, Lorena

Coats, Molly McCorkle

Oller, William H.

Stinnett, C. H. (Probably Claude)

Coats, Sam

Palmer, Walter H.

Sturgeon, Harold Damon

Crain, Arthur D.


Sullivan, Barbara Puckett

Crain, Kathryn M.

Puckett, Aquilla Ollie

Sullivan, William E.

Dorsey, Elizabeth Puckett

Puckett, Claborn W.

Unreadable 1

Dorsey, Everett

Puckett, Claude Thomas

Unreadable 4

Dorsey, Martha E.

Puckett, Clifford

Unreadable 5

Dorsey, Samuel D.

Puckett, Clovie Trulock

Unreadable 7

Dorsey, Samuel L.

Puckett, Clovis O.

Unreadable 8

Dye, Edith

Puckett, Curt L.

Unreadable 10

Dye, Ralph

Puckett, E. N. "Noff"

Unreadable 11

Fieldstone 1

Puckett, Elizabeth

Unreadable 13

Fieldstone 2

Puckett, Geraldine

Unreadable Dian (1)

Fieldstone 3 & 4

Puckett, Ira

Unreadable tin marker

Fieldstone 5 & 6

Puckett, J. C.

Waddell, Pyigigan

Fieldstone 7

Puckett, John E.

Waddle, Isom D.

Fieldstone 8

Puckett, Johnny L.

Waddle, Jonathan Bluford

Fieldstone 9

Puckett, Julia Ann Waddle

Wallace, J. (Reserved)

Fonner, Raymond A.

Puckett, Kenneth (Reserved)

Webb, Nettie Lee

Fonner, Wanda F.

Puckett, Lawrence W.

Webb, Patsy (Reserved)

Fulkerson, Billie G.

Puckett, Linda (Reserved)

Wilkerson, Thomas W.

Fulkerson, Leroy

Puckett, Mandy Barnes

Winkle, Lois (Reserved)