Near Mt. Hermon
Monroe Co., KY

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provided by Judy Lawler

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Sherry Turner Trosper

The Bethlehem Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1839 with the following charter members:  Elzia Arterburn, Eleanor Boles, Martha Chism, Nathan B. Chism, Clancy Daniels, Jane England, Nancy Eubank, William B. Eubank, Quincey Fitzgerald, James Johnston, Sarah Johnston, Elizabeth Lane, Martin Payne, Catherine Ray, and Jefferson Turner.

In 1840, John and Elizabeth Johnston donated land for the first church building.  Their deed of gift named Elzia Arterburn, Samuel Ray, and William Turner as the three original trustees of the new church.

In 1845, the congregation changed its affiliation to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and remained so until the Methodist Church was reunified, in 1939.

In 1870, James and Elizabeth Lee and G.W. Smith deeded the initial gift of land for a "burying ground" for the church, which became Bethlehem Cemetery .

In 1872, the church authorized the addition of a second floor to the meeting house to accomodate a Masonic lodge.  In 1953, this original building was sold to H.A.M. Henderson Lodge #515, F&AM, to make way for the new Bethlehem United Methodist Church building of today.  The lodge and a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star continue to meet there regularly. 

                                                        ----  Charles R. Arterburn 

Monroe County Deed Books.
Minutes of Quarterly Conference of theTompkinsville Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
The Tompkinsville News:  50th Anniversary Edition.

This is a partial  listing of a large cemetery

Grave Marker w/no name


Reva Dean
June 18, 1934 - Feb. 23, 1993
Daughter of James H. Minnie L. Key
Beloved Mama Of Judy, Janet, Sherry, David "Turner"
Clarkson, Huston D.
Copas, Infant
Daughter of George Washington Copas
Carter, Erna Mae
Clarkson, Lucy Mae

Copas, William
Husband of Ann Trevitt
Father of Eunice Jane, Martin Van Buren, George Washington, Adaline, Jackson, Sydney, James K. Polk, Elizabeth, Coleman and John C.

Carter, Lanos
Clarkson, Luther D.
Crain, Dorothy Dickerson
Cheatham, Annie Mae
Clarkson, Mae
Crain, Oris H.
Cheatham, N. B.
Clarkson, Margie Lee
Cross, Arnold
Clarkson, Albert Denton (Dank)
Clarkson, Newman C.
Crowe, Chlora Jane
Clarkson, Alma F.
Clarkson, Richard
Crowe, Dan
Clarkson, Bobbie J.
Clarkson, Roxie Mae
Crowe, Jean B.
Clarkson, Brockett Franklin
Clarkson, T. C. Trilby
Crowe, Jerry A.
Clarkson, Darcie
Clarkson, Westerfield
Crowe, Maggie E.
Clarkson, David Huston
Clarkson, William Eugene
Crowe, Pernie Lee
Clarkson, Edna G.
Clarkson, William Ray
Crowe, Shannon C.
Clarkson, Flossie E.
Collins, Edna J.
Crowe, Witt
Clarkson, Herbert B.
Collins, William T.


Davis, Patsy Sue
Dugard, Arthur
Dugard, Royal Edwin
Dickerson, Evans F.
Dugard, Fred lee
Dugard, Ruby Skaggs
Dubree, Billy
Dugard, Mary Rose
Dyer, Paul
Dubree, Dewey R.
Dugard, Myrtie
Dyer, Seymore
Dubree, Tristan Thomas
Dugard, Raymond Earl
Dyer, Venie
Dubree, Wilma L.


Emberton, Berford
Emberton, Selby E.
England, Geneva
Emberton, Clyde D.
Emberton, Sheldon Lee
England, Hershell J.
Emberton, Connie Sue
Emberton, Velma "Crickett"
England, Huie
Emberton, Dorcia Burks
Emberton, Wilbia Karl
England, Ivan Dale
Emberton, Hascal D.
Emberton, William Gary
England, William C.
Emberton, Hettie
Emberton, William Lawrence
Eubank, Thomas K.
Emberton, Ova Ellen
Eubank, Vineda J.


Fletcher, A. B.


Gentry, Beatrice
Geralds, Beatrice S.
Geralds, William R.
Gentry, Gearldine
Geralds, Charles D.
Gosnell, Sam
Gentry, Mary Edith
Geralds, Clarence E.
Gosnell, Verda
Gentry, R. E.
Geralds, Claudie Jesse
Gosser, Ralph L.
Gentry, Ulysses S.
Geralds, Cleatus W.
Gosser, Wilma J. Clarkson
Gerald, Billie
Geralds, George Richard
Greenup, Dee
Gerald, Fred B.
Geralds, Lydia Jessie
Greenup, Earlene
Gerald, James Randy
Geralds, Nellie M. (Young)
Greenup, Verda
Gerald, Rosalind M.


Hart, James David
Headrick, Opal F.
Hood, Eula (Davis)
Hartman, Burdean Turner Burks
Hollinsworth, Annie Oliver
Hood, G. Radford
Headrick, Chestine E.
Hollinsworth, Garland
Hood, George H.
Headrick, Dalton
Hollinsworth, Joseph V.
Hood, James T.
Headrick, Edd
Hollinsworth, Pamela K.
Hood, John W.
Headrick, Elizabeth
Hollinsworth, Ralph Alan
Hood, Robert F.
Headrick, Faye
Hood, Alex
Hood, Ruby
Headrick, Fred
Hood, Ana M.
Hood, Ruby Smith
Headrick, John E.
Hood, Clarence Junior
Hood, Sallie
Headrick, John R.
Hood, Edna


Irvin, Dena Turner
Isenberg, Clarene
Isenberg, James R.
Irvin, Raymond Melvin
Isenberg, Glen Ray


Jackson, Aileen A.
Jones, Ella Oline
Jones, Ollie Mae Brown
Jackson, Ferry J.
Jones, George W.
Jones, Velma C.
Jones, Allie


Key, Agnes
Key, John
Kingrey, Dorothy Anderson
Key, Annie
Key, Thelma Christine
Sept. 15, 1928
Dec. 13, 1999
Kingrey, Floyd C.
Key, Burnice Jay
King, John David, Jr.
Kingrey, Jerry Wayne
Key, Cecil J.
King, Joyce Ann
Kingrey, Lera Maye
Key, Evert Lee
July 17, 1930 - ----
Kingrey, Danny P.
James Henry
March 4, 1893 - May 6, 1976
Minnie L.
April 9, 1901- April 9, 1946
Jim Key
1893 - 1976


Lane, Earl B.
Lee, Clydia J. Owens
Lucy, Dan A.
Lane, Elizabeth A.
Lee, Delphus R.
Lucy, Iva Smith
Lane, Michael E.
Lee, H. Arthur


Martin, James B. "Jimmy"
Moore, Frank G.
Myers, Ilene Dossey
Moore, Annie F.
Myers, Dona Elizabeth
Myers, John Burlin


Payne, Basil Bart
Peden, John S.
Proffitt, Carl J.
Payne, Homer D.
Peden, Minnie E.
Proffitt, Clarence Ross
Payne, Jo Nell
Peden, Orval T.
Proffitt, Irma
Payne, Neva B.
Peden, Paul
Proffitt, Janice
Peden, Amanda F.
Peden, William Gaither
Proffitt, Norvell
Peden, John S.
Proffitt, Banna Smith
Proffitt, Orel


Rich, Harold B.
Richey, Marie Vance
Russell, Rodney N.
Richey, John Russell
Russell, Geneva D.


Sherfey, Dorothy Lee
Smith, Fred
Smith, Perry T.
Sherfey, Herman Ray
Smith, George W.
Smith, Price J.
Smith, Blanche T.
Smith, Herman D.
Smith, Ray E.
Smith, Chad L.
Smith, John B.
Sparks, Tur Faith
Smith, Elsie G.
Smith, Lola Ann
Staples, Leslie "Les"
Smith, Evie M.
Smith, M. Louise
Staples, Noah E.
Smith, Francis Eileen
Smith, Mervin Reno
Staples, Verda S.
Smith, Francis K.
Smith, Ollie


Tabor, Everett (Buddy)
Turner, Bijah E.
Turner, John T. (oss/ Nancy C.)
Sept. 28, 1893 - Mar. 14, 1920
Thomas, Christopher Ralph
Turner, Buford C.
Turner, Joseph T. (oss/ Minnie E.)
Apr. 29, 1882 - Jan. 2, 1957
Thomas, Clarine C.
Turner. Carl P.
July 27, 1914 - Dec. 23, 1995
Turner, Kendall C., SFC
Thomas, F. D.
Turner, Cecil H.
Turner, Kenneth Edward
Thomas, Florence
Turner, Christine
Turner, Larry David
Thomas, Gerea Turner
Turner, Clara (oss/ Herman)
Mar. 15, 1920 - Apr. 23, 1991
Wed July 4, 1945
Turner, Leland Clay (oss/ Clarine)
Feb. 25, 1921 - April 25, 1973
Thomas, Jerald Raphael
Turner, Clarene (oss/ Leland C.)
June 4, 1931 - Oct. 25, 1986
Turner, Leon F.
Thomas, Jessie
Turner, Clora M.
Turner, Lonnie
Apr. 29, 1898 - Sept. 13, 1958
Thomas, Joan H.
Turner, Clora T.
Turner, Lora A.
Thomas, Kathy
Turner, Danny L.
Turner, Lucy M. (oss/ James R.)
March 1, 1867 - March 5, 1920
Thomas, N. Christine
Turner, Darlene T.
Turner, Martin J.
Thomas, P. Ottis
Turner, David O. (oss/ Pernie E.)
Oct. 17, 1882 - Mar. 20, 1966
Turner, Marty Lynn
Thomas, Ralph T.
Turner, Dennis E. (oss/ Beatrice)
Sept. 20,1901 - June 16, 1959
Turner, Marvin J.
Thomas, Smith R.
Turner, Deborah Alice
Turner, Mary S. (oss/ John S. & Isaiah M.)
Mar. 4, 1847 - Nov. 10, 1936
( Wife of John S.)
Tooley, Paul Mitchell
Turner, Delma Ree (oss/ Garland D.)
Apr. 17, 1925 - Mar. 2, 1982
Turner, Melvina (oss/ William B.)
June 28, 1878 - June 16, 1915
Trivett, "Little Tim"
Turner, Dennis Franklin
Turner, Mervin (Bub)
Trivett, A. I.
Turner, Dessie Thomas
June 19, 1902 - Sept. 3, 1927
Turner, Michale
Trivett, Carroll Dee
Dolly Rea
Dec. 9, 1931
Sept. 27, 1998
Loving Mother Of Terry, Audrey, Katie,
Jimmy, Janice, Brenda, Mark
Turner, Milus J.
Trivett, Christina E.
Turner, Dortha M. (oss/ Riley B.
Jun. 6, 1918 - June 4, 1967
Turner, Minnie E. (oss/ Joseph T.)
Oct. 28, 1887 - Sept. 27, 1978
Trivett, Darrell C.
Turner, Edward R.
Turner, Myrtle M.
Trivett, Garnett W.
Turner, Edwin Morris
Turner, Nancy C. (oss/ John T.)
Jan. 14, 1896 - Jan. 21, 1907
Trivett, Hazel
Turner, Effie (oss/ William C.)
1876 - 1948
Turner, Oakley B.
Turner, Effie G.(oss/ Arthur G. )
Sept. 25, 1884 - Dec. 7, 1960
Turner, Ora V.
Trivett, Jackie Wayne
Turner, Erkie J.
Turner, Ottis B.
Turner, Eva Lois
Turner, Paul T.
Trevitt, Josiah C.
Husband of Sarah Cox
Father of Nancy Jane Trevitt Copas
Turner, Frank D.
Turner, Peggy W.
Trivett, Linda Gayle
Turner, Garland D. (oss/ Delma Ree)
July 8, 1922 - ---
Turner, Pernie E. (oss/ David O.)
Nov. 21, 1889 - Dec. 24, 1974
Married Jan. 10, 1907
Trivett, Marjorie M.
Turner, Garrett
Jan 14, 1868 - Aug. 11, 1940
Turner, Martha
Dec. 10, 1868 - Oct. 27, 1943
Turner, R. B.
Son Of Riley And Dortha Turner
Sept. 1, 1939 -
Feb. 8, 1941
Trivett, Norma Jean
Turner, Gladys
Turner, Riley B. (oss/ Dortha M.)
Mar. 15, 1916 - Aug. 15, 1975
Trivett, Patricia Ann
Turner, Grover Cleveland
Turner, Robert
Turner, Hallie (oss/ Herbert)
Nov. 11, 1894 - Feb. 23, 1972
Turner, Herbert (oss/ Hallie)
June 16, 1892 - July 20, 1978
Turner, Roger Lee
Trivett, Philip Earl
Grover Cleveland
Feb. 14, 1892 - June 6, 1969
Ida May
Aug. 5, 1895 - Mar. 31, 1989
Turner, Ruby D.
Trivett, Philip H.
Turner, Herman (oss/ Clara)
Mar. 7, 1913 - Aug. 29, 1995
Turner, Sarah
Wife Of John H. Turner
May 13, 1839
Jan. 27, 1903
Trivett, Rosie E.
Turner, Hila Herman
Aug. 3, 1896 - July 19, 1952
Thelma Gene
Mar. 29, 1944 - Nov. 9, 2001
Turner, Homer C.
Turner, Theresa (Levesque)
Trivett, Timothy George, Jr.
Turner, Hulas D.
Turner, Thurman (Sib)
Turner, Alice
Turner, Ida May
Turner, Veachel (Jonny)
Turner, Alonzo M.
Turner, Ira
Oct. 25, 1906 - Jan. 25, 1971
Turner, Virgil
Turner, Angela Marie
Turner, Inez V.
Turner, Warnie Hardin
Sept. 16, 1923 - May 30, 1990
Turner, Anna Mae
Turner, Isaiah M.( oss/ John S. & Mary S.)
Oct. 26, 1876 - Dec. 28, 1898
(son of John. S. & Mary S.)
Turner, Wayne Givens
Turner, Arthur G. (oss/ Effie G.)
Oct. 5, 1886 - Sept. 24, 1966
Turner, James R. (oss/ Lucy M.)
May 25,1863 - Mar. 11, 1946
Turner, Wealty M.
Turner, Avo
Turner, Jerry Gail
Turner, William B. (oss/ Melvina)
Apr. 15, 1877 - Jan. 16, 1920
Turner, Beatrice (oss/ Dennis E.)
Mar. 22, 1910 - Mar. 31, 1999
Turner, Jessie
Turner, William C. (oss/ Effie)
1871 - 1941
Turner, Bedford B.
Turner, Joe R.
Tyree, Addys J.
Turner, Bessie Clay
Turner, Joel Dale
Tyree, Delsie
Turner, Betty D.
Turner, John H.
Dec. 26, 1842 - Aug. 31, 1886
Tyree, Dempsey
Turner, Betty W.
Turner, John S. (oss/ Mary S & Isaiah M.)
Jan. 1, 1848 - May 16, 1931
Tyree, Mary R.


Wade, James R.
Wheat, Dora E.
Williams, Hilda Deskins
Wade, Velma M.
Wheat, Justin Lynn
Williams, Nina
Waitt, Catherine L.
Wheat, Madie Marie
Williams, Randy V.
Waitt, Howard J.
Wheat, Oral W.
Williams, Rex Harlan
Wheat, Roy Adis
Williams, Tallie B.
Whitehead, John P.
Williams, Timmy R. (Timbo)
Walden, Jerry D.
Whitehead, Lula Francis
Williams, Vernon
Welch, Clayton C.
Whitlow, Bedford Jack
Witcher, Addie D.
Welch, E. Gilmore
Whitlow, Hattie Gladys
Witcher, Charlie G.
Welch, Mary Ann
Williams, Anna C.
Wright, Edan
Wheat, Amos June
Williams, Glen
Wright, Robert


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