William T. "Toll" Turner was one of three in this family given this name. His uncle, William T. Turner (1850 Monroe County Census--#427, age 26, born in VA) was the first, and his grandson (son of John D.) who died in infancy was the third. Toll's middle name has variously been recorded in family pedigrees as either "Tolbert" or "Toliver." As far as I know, there aren't any existing family records that disclose Toll's full middle name, and the same can be said for public records--except for one. The 1850 Monroe County Census lists Toliver Turner in the household of his widowed grandmother, Jane England (#430), and conspicuously absent from his parents' household. This seems to be a clue that the use of his lifelong name of "Toll" probably began early, even before his marriage, perhaps to distinguish him from his youthful uncle of the same name. The Virginia line of this family has not yet been successfully traced beyond Nicholas Turner of Buckingham County, but the fact of an early intermarriage between Thomas Turner and the Taliaferro/Toliver family in Virginia may eventually support the evidence for Toliver, also. This Turner family line is represented (#80748) in the Turner DNA Project. -- Charles R. Arterburn

William T. (W.T.) Turner - aka "Toll Turner".

    born 01 May 1830 in Monroe County,

    First born child of John A. and Willie Ann ( England) Turner.

    died 27 May 1914 in Monroe County,

    Married Twice.

     First wife was Delina Ellen (Isenberg) Turner.

     Second wife was Mary Susan (Fox) Turner.

    married 18 Oct 1903 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

    born 09 Oct 1853 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

    died 21 Jan 1932.

    William's tombstone is in the middle
of his two wives' tombstones.



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