Lebanon Church of Christ Cemetery
Fountain Run
Monroe Co., KY

This is a majority, if not all of the stones in this cemetery

Photographed summer 2007

Yokley, Annie Belle
Bates, Walter F.
Fisher, Flora A.
Yokley, Floid M.
Bryant, Bertie E.
Gillenwaters, Kittie H.
Yokley, J. D. M.
Bryant, Ellen
Gillenwaters, Lucien B.
Yokley, James T.
Bryant, George B.
Hale, Bertie
Yokley, Joe T.
Bryant, Herbert Bryce
Hale, Willard
Yokley, Lige H.
Bryant, Pearl
Isenberg, Mary J.
Yokley, Lizzie Pearl
Bryant, Richard
Bryant, Roger T.
Moran, James F.
Yokley, Peggie L.
Bryant, Sammie
Bryant, Sammie C.
Moran, Kittie Ann
Bryant, Teresa Gale
Moran, Sallie
Bryant, Tommy Wayne
Morrow, Luchen S.
Wheeler, Schuyler D.
Morrow, Maggie S.
Wheeler, Mary E.
Tipton, Harm A.
Whitehead, Bertie E.
Fisher, ? M.
Tipton, Virgie L.
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