Reuben Childress Road

Turn off Hwy 8 near Mt. Beulah onto Reuben Childress Road.  The gravesite is located in a barn yard.  This is the only tombstone in the area.

All information on this page and photos provided by Edith Bastin.  



Broken Lin

Jonathan Clayborn Waddle
Jan 31, 1837 - Feb 1, 1883
h/o Mary Elizabeth Self

(Wonder if she's buried here with unmarked grave?)


Close up of dates

Close up of Dates:

31 January 1837 - 01 February 1883

Verse on the bottom of
Jonathan Clayborn Waddle Tombstone:

Wife, Children, Friends dry up your tears.
Subdue thy grief, dispel thy fears.
He whom thou morn'st is not dead,
But  risen from his earthly bed.

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