Over the years many of our family and ancestors have served their country in the military. Many of these have done so at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. This page is in honor and memory of these brave souls.

If you have military records, photos, etc. I'll love to have them to post here.

If you earlier submitted documents that I have not credited to you, let me know which ones and I'll add credit

Bransford Family
Green Family
Romines Family
Cantrell Family
Hardin Family
Rucker Family
Cardwell Family
Hunt Family
Sermon Family
Carver Family
Kingery/Kingrey Family
Shipley Family
Clarkson Family
Johnson Family
Simmons Family
Coates/Coats Family
Logsdon Family
Staples Family
Cline Family
London Family
Thompson Family
Denison/Dennison Family
Matthews Family
Turner Family
Denton Family
Miller Family
Vance Family
Dobson Family
Murray Family
West Family
Duncan Family
O'Banion Family
Wheeler Family
England Family
Piercy Family
Wisdom Family
Glass Family
Rigsby Family
Wood Family.
Gosnell Family
Robertson Family

Hart Countians that served in WWII