Samuel Piercy Civil War Pension Application Information

Eighty Eight, Barren County Ky.

April the 14th, 1884

  W. W. Dudly Com. Sir: My place of residence for 3 years preceeding the war was in Barren County Kentucky and my occupation farming and I have made no change in residence or occupation since my discharge. My disability was contracted in 1861 while in prison at Bowling Green, Ky. I had measles and no attention of nurse or physician. I was removed to Nashville just as I was getting able to sit up. I took pneumonia and relapsed and it settled on my lungs. I was removed from there to Saulesbury N.C. I had no attention and confined in a horrible place with no comfort. Here I was sent to Newburn N.C. and released and sent to Washington D.C. and put in a hospital. Had the attention of a physician about 36 hours, his name I never learned. After I returned home Dr. J. J. Pursley attended me - he is dec'd. Dr. R. W. Barbbour* has treated me, his residence is Eighty Eight - Barren Co. Ky. In addition to my lung disorder caused by a relapse of the measles I suffer from sick headache. My lung disease prevents me from following my occupation more or less every year.

  Samuel Piercy

General Affidavit
State of KENTUCKY...S.S.
County of BARREN

  In the matter of .........HIS CLAIM FOR INVALID PENSION......Personally came before me, a ......JUSTICE OF THE and for said County and State.....SAMUEL PIERCY.....age 42 years. Citizen of the town of EIGHTY EIGHT, County of BARREN, State of KENTUCKY.....well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credity, and who being duly sworn, declare in relation to aforesaid case as follows:.....THAT THE COMPANY IN WHICH HE ENLISTED WAS COMPANY E, 9TH KY. VOLS. INFTY. AND WAS RECRUITED BY CAPT. A. S. CHINOWITH AND THAT HE ENLISTED AT A PLACE KNOWN AS CAMP JOE UNDERWOOD IN THE COUNTY OF BARREN AND STATE OF KENTUCKY AND THAT THE NO. OF HIS CLAIM AS SHOWN BY LETTERS FROM THE PENSION OFFICE IS 496.340.


  Filed May 12, 1884

 * Dr, R, W, Barbour was Nancy Jane Barbour's father.

Information courtesy of Dawn Pursley Goodrum