VANCE FAMILY HISTORY: This historic property was first inhabited by the Vance family in the early 1800’s while, according to family lore, some Indians were yet in the area. Prior to 1778, they came from Virginia through West Virginia by wagon train led by Alexander Vance, grandfather of Richard Vance Sr., (1787 – 1858) who is buried in the Vance Cemetery. Alexander was co-founder of Pittman’s Station in Kentucky County, Virginia (now Kentucky and specifically Green County) where they first settled. It was at Pittman’s Station in 1787 where Richard Vance Sr. was born in a log cabin to William and Frances (Wooldridge) Vance, only son of Alexander and Jane Vance. Later, they moved on to Hart County, Kentucky to the Round Bottom farm on Green River. It was here that Richard Vance Sr., and his wife, Mary (Milby) Vance made their living from farming and raised their musically talented twelve children.

At some point after Richard Vance’s death in 1858, James B. Clopton purchased the property and built the family home pictured. In 1933, Marvin Vance (a member of the original Vance property owners) purchased the property and this family has owned it continuously since. At present, 2009, the property is owned by Sherman Vance.

COMMENTS: When Judge Roy A. Cann transcribed the burials in this cemetery many years ago, he referred to the cemetery as “The late J. B. Clopton Farm Cemetery” according to Hart County Kentucky Cemetery Records Volume 4, Page 23, compiled by Sandra K. Gorin. However, since there are no Clopton burials in this cemetery, and since the Vance family has never known it as anything other than the Vance Cemetery, it is being documented as The Vance Cemetery.

INFORMATION SOURCES: Dee Tapp, Sherman Vance, Edith Bastin, Vital Records and Judge Roy A. Cann’s transcription compiled by Sandra K. Gorin.