Hart County Kentucky Cemeteries - D
D. Hensley Farm Cemetery S-100  
Damon Miller Farm Cemetery   Provided by Dee Tapp and Edith Bastin
Davis Cemetery # 1 - Provided by Dee Tapp S-129  
Davis aka Armour aka Weldon Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin  
Davis (Old Davis) Cemetery KHS  
Davis, Merideth, Miles Cemetery (In Mammoth Cave National Park) - provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin    
Dawson Cemetery - Dawson Hollow Rd. N-126  
Dawson Cemetery - near junction of 2185 and 357 - Provided by Edith Bastin N-235  
Dawson Family Cemetery - Lonoke Rd. S-94  

John Day Cemetery - Provided by Judy Lawler

Defever Burial Ground   Provided by Dee Tapp
Defevers Cemetery S-112 Provided by Dee Tapp
Defries Cemetery S-98  
Denison (Hogan-Denison) Cemetery S-239  
Devine Cemetery S-215  
Dishman Cemetery S-113  
Dishman (Nathan Dishman) Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin KHS  
Dixon Family Cemetery N-27  
Dobson Family Cemetery - near Powder Mills N-163  
Dobson Burial Place - Die Shiboley Rd. N-259  
Dog Creek Cemetery N-99  
Donald McMahan Farm Cemetery #1 S-192  
Donald McMahan Farm Cemetery #2 S-192  
Dorsey Cemetery N-134  
Dorsey Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin N-5
Druen Cemetery KHS Dennison, Druen, Owen
Dyer Cemetery N-95  
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