Linwood, Hart County, Kentucky



LOCATION: From Hwy 31E in Linwood, turn East onto Hwy 566 (aka Eve Highway) for 2.3 miles. Turn right onto Hwy 1018 (Round Bottom Road) and go 2 miles, then left into a driveway in front of the old homestead which is presently being restored. On foot, continue past the house and a storage building, bearing southeast, approximately 1700 feet. A large sycamore tree pinpoints the cemetery which cannot be seen from the house. The cemetery is approximately 100 feet from Green River, high on an embankment.


COMMENTS: This cemetery is partially fenced and in need of restoration. Judge Roy A. Cann transcribed and referred to this cemetery as being “The late J. B. Clopton Farm Cemetery” according to Hart County Kentucky Cemetery Records Volume 4, Page 23, compiled by Sandra K. Gorin. Since there are no Clopton burials in this cemetery and since the Vance family has never known it as anything other than the Vance Cemetery, it is being documented as The Vance Cemetery. See attached Vance Family History.


Information sources: Dee Tapp, Sherman Vance, Edith Bastin, Vital Records and Judge Roy A. Cann’s transcription compiled by Sandra K. Gorin

Iinformation and death certificates provided by
Dee Tapp & Edith Bastin



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Given Name
MILBY Adelia “Addie”
03 Dec 1867
20 Apr 1883
d/o James G. and Rachel H. (Gibson) Milby
MILBY Emmer A.
20 Feb 1886
08 Jan 1892
d/o James G. and M. E. Milby
MILBY James G.
11 Sep 1855
12 Aug 1892
MILBY Rachel H. (Gibson)
16 Jun 1841
27 Jul 1883
w/o James G. Milby. At age 19 was “serving” in the hh of William & Sarah R. Vance.
PUCKETT Iva Nora (Milby)
13 Mar 1864
23 Jul 1884
w/o J. Elbert Puckett d/o James G. and Rachel H. (Gibson) Milby
VANCE Charles A.
21 Nov 1883
s/o Joseph Madison and Malissa Jane (Puckett) Vance
VANCE James L.
04 Jan 1858
05 Apr 1862
s/o S. R. & J. M. Vance Stone transcription: d. 05 Apr 1862 Judge Cann’s transcription: d. 05 Aug 1862
VANCE Mary (Milby)
21 Jul 1795
17 Apr 1872
w/o Richard Vance d/o John and Katherine (Larrimore) Milby
VANCE Richard, Sr.
15 Dec 1787
11 Nov 1858
h/o Mary (Milby) Vance and s/o William & Frances (Wooldridge) Vance Judge Cann’s transcription lists birth as 12 Dec 1878
VANCE Silas Lee
1 Oct 1837
Civil War veteran (see notes below) h/o Sarah Margaret (Shelton) Vance s/o Richard and Mary (Milby) Vance. Divorced.
VANCE Susan J.
Feb 1835
19 Oct 1861
d/o Richard and Mary (Milby) Vance. Listed as deaf and dumb, Susan died at the age of 25 from pleurisy. Judge Cann’s transcription lists death date as Oct 1891.

Cemetery is near this home.

Photo taken while standing in cemtery. Note close proximity to river.

NOTES: According to a book entitled Some Pucketts and Their Kin written by Hester E. Garrett in 1960, Silas Lee Vance was educated in subscription schools but for the most part was self-taught. He entered the Federal Army on 12 October 1861. He was with the 27 th Kentucky Volunteers Infantry and participated in the engagements of the Georgia Campaign. He was at the siege of Corinth in 1862. He was with General Buell in his march from the south to Louisville and in expelling Bragg from Kentucky. He was with General Burnsides at the siege of Knoxville and throughout that campaign in 1863. He was with General Sherman in his Georgia Campaign. He entered the Army as a musician and rose to be first sergeant of his company. After his discharge on 29 March 1865, he came home and engaged in farming. He cared for his mother until her death in 1872, was a stockman and a tobacco planter. He was a member of the Methodist Church and was both a Mason and an Odd Fellow. As a Republican, he was elected to the office of County Magistrate in 1878 and again in 1882. He was also a music teacher.


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