Weldon aka Wright Cemetery

Hart Co., KY

From 31w turn west onto highway 728 (Priceville Road). Proceed about one mile to Wright Road and turn right.
Cemetery is a short distance on the right. There is a sign near the road.


Atteburry, D. D. "Delphus"
Hodge, Robert Lee
Stamp, Alice L
Atteburry, James L
Hodge, Roy T.
Stamp, John J
Atteburry, Juanita Reynolds
Hodges, Anna Erion
Stamp, John M
Atteburry, Lila
Hodges, Clara Mae
Stamp, Litte Grace
Attteburry, ?cy
Hodges, Denzie Ray
no date - 1962 (tin marker)
Stamp, Mary Cave
Close, Grover Richard
Hodges, Forest A.
Stamp, Nellie C
Old stones for Arthur and Baby Frank Craddock
Hodges, Ilean Hulbert
Stamp, Nancy June
Craddock, Arthur F
Hodges, Infant
05/25/1906 - 05/25/1906
d/o J. W. & Pearl
Stamp, Phebe Lee
Craddock, Baby Frank
Hodges, Lewis E
Stamp, Randolph C
Craddock, Leslie G
Hodges, Lula B
10/02/1884 - 07/02/1887
Ve(a)ech, Lou Weldon
Craddock, Marcus L
Hodges, Mary E
Waldeck, Lillie P
Craddock, Stanley B.
Hodges, Nettie T
05/13/1897 - 09/28/1906
Waldeck, Nellie H
Craddock, Rosa E.
Hodges, Peggy
no date - 1964 (tin marker)
Waldeck, Stella C
Dorsey , Abner
10/02/1892 - 12/15/1894
Hodges, Roy W
08/08/1870 - 10/01/1911?
Waldeck, W L Junior
Dorsey, Annie
04/20/1882 - 11/13/1898
w/o J. S.
Hodges, Sam Thomas
Weldon, Jonathan B.
Dorsey, Caroline
02/05/1836 - 12/17/1911
Hodges, Thomas F
Weldon, Lena R
Dorsey, J S
03/23/1864 - 12/23/1941
Hodges, Virgil L
Weldon, Martha C
08/30/1846 - 05/21/1898
Dorsey, John A
11/01/1866 - 02/03/1919
Holbert, James Nelson
Whitehead, Connie D.
Dorsey, Osca
r04/16/1871 - 05/03/1894
Jaggers, Laura
Whitehead, Harvey M.
Dorsey, Robert
10/25/1827 - 10/26/1918
Jaggers, Lawrence
Wright, ?
Elliott, Birdie H
Jaggers, W S
Wright, Allen
11/26/1789 - 10/17/1857
Elliott, David A
10/25/1889 - 09/08/1951
Jenkins, Ernest
Wright, Annie
Elliott, Frank
Jenkins, Radie B.
Wright, B T
01/22/1853 - 08/19/1915
Elliott, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jr.
Johnsey , G B, Rev.
07/23/1807 - 03/12/1862
Wright, Carter
Finley, M E
11/26/1864 - 09/07/1887
Johnsey, Joshua
12/12/1815 - 05/04/1904
Wright, Christina
04/06/1852 - ??/12/1860
Francis , Dora
Johnsey, Julia A
03/29/1821 - 11/14/1883
Wright, David A.
Francis, Elizabeth E
Johnsey, Mary R
04/23/1851 - 11/01/1852
d/o Joshua & Julia
Wright, Hannah
Fryman, Bremalane Hill
Johnsey, Sarah S
04/23/1851 - 10/18/1853
Wright, John T
G., A. R.
Johnsey, Virginia
B 12/21/1866 - 08/10/1869
Wright, Louisa
Gonterman, Birdie B.
Johnson, A D
10/08/1868 - 10/18/1933
Wright, Louvella
Gonterman, Cautis R.
Johnson, Frank T
no date - 11/11/1944 Killed in action
Wright, Louis Mack
Hill, Alpha
Johnson, Mary J E
05/11/1863 - 08/15/1878 d/o J. D. & E.
Wright, Mary E
Hill, Carroll Clinton
Key, Child of Jesse F. & E.
Wright, Miles C
Hill, Chester C.
Key, Child of Jesse F. & E.
Wright, Press
Hill, Emmitt M. .
Key, Child of Jesse F. & E.
Wright, Sallie M
Hill, Garland R. Sr.
Lloyd, Opal
Wright, Susan
Hill, McKinley
Logsdon, Carrie Brooks
Wright, Susan T
died 07/25/1854, 4 mos, 28 days
d/o M & A E.
Hill, Nina
Logsdon, Elmer C
Wright, W T
Hill, Pearl M
Logsdon, Mary E
Dec 1851 - 02/24/1895 w/o Paul
Unidentified or footstone
Hill, Stanley
Mabe, Elva M.
Hill, Tommie
Robertson, Mary Susania
06/01/1836 - 02/16/1886
Hill, William
Ragland, Ellen E.
Hodge, Bruce W.
Sanders, Lillie Lillian
Hodge, Coon
Sanders, Viola M
08/19/1911 - 12/24/1911
Hodge, Denzle Ray
Skaggs, Bessie
01/16/1888 - 01/26/1888
Hodge, Ernest
Skaggs, F G
Hodge, Faye Basham
Skaggs, M E
Broken stone
Hodge, Lillie
Skaggs, Milan Lee
Hodge, Lizzie
Skaggs, Virginia
10/31/1916 - 02/08/1917
Hodge, Marvin H.
Skaggs, Walter G.
Hodge, Mary
Smith, Ophly
09/07/1847 - 04/22/1879
Hodge, Peggy Ann
Smith, Sarah M
11/12/1811 - 12/16/1886 w/o James
Hodge, Phebe L.
Stamp , A Belle

Although listed as buried here, the following are actually buried in Campground Cemetery - thanks to Jim Cave for clarifying

Cave, Thomas D
03/20/1812 - 06/03/1895
born Orange Co., VA
Stone at Campground
Hawk, J W
04/22/1843 - 01/31/1913
Stone at Campground
Hawk, Mariah
10/09/1846 - 10/30/1925
Stone at Campground
Hawk, Eliza (Elija)
08/05/ 1816 - 05/16/1902
Stone at Campground
Hawk, Louisa J
10/09/1846 - 05/22/1889
Stone at Campground
Hawk, Nancy
10/27/1819 - 12/16/1876
w/o E. R. - born Orange Co., VA
Stone at Campground
Johnsey, Sarah S
Sep 1820 - 02/20/1919
s/o Joshua & Julia
Stone at Campground



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