Hart County Kentucky Cemeteries - J

J.R.G. Burks aka John R. G. Burks Cemetery S-198 KHS
Jacob Holderman Cemetery Provided by Dr. and Mrs. James Tapp
Jaggers Cemetery Pike View - Aetna Furnace Road - Provided by Gaye Hill & Edith Bastin N-168
Jaggers (Old Jaggers) Cemetery KHS
Jaggers, Mitchell (aka Munfordville Separate Baptist Ch. Cem,) - Provided by Edith Bastin  
James Garvin (Old James Garvin Cemetery) aka Garvin/Woodson Cem. - Provided by Judy Lawler  
James H. Sims Farm Cemetery S-83 The James B. Sims Farm Cemetery is located on Angus Road 1.1 miles south of KY 677 on the left side of the road
Jameson Cemetery KHS Jameson
Jeff Smith Farm Cemetery KHS

Hall, Redford, Smith, Wilson

Jericho Cemetery N-100
Jewell Cemetery (01) KHS
Jim Bob Jaggers Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin N-50  
John Avery Cemetery KHS
John Bennett Cemetery. N-259 provided by Carolyn Olney

John Bunyan Jaggers Cemetery aka Jaggers Family Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin & Patti Jaggers Patrum


John Day Cemetery - Provided by Judy Lawler

John Logsdon Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin KHS
John Quinn aka Staggs Cemetery - Bonnieville - Provided by Edith Bastin & Gaye Hill KHS Brewer, Bryant, Crump, Dennis, Hill, Hodges, Jenkins, Puckett, Rice, Robinson, Sanders, Skaggs, Smith, Staggs, Stanton, Thompson, Wilcoxson, Wilson
John Rowntree I Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin KHS Rowntree (John)
John Shoemaker- Provided by Judy Lawler12-06-2006 N-S1
Johnsey (George Johnsey) Cemetery KHS Johnsey (George W. & Martha S.
Johnson Cemetery N-100
Jones Cemetery N-93
Jones (Craddock and Jones) Cemetery KHS Craddock, Craine, Guest, Jones, Keith, Kingsley, Logsdon,Stinson, West, Wilkinson
Johsua Brents Burial Ground - Provided by Edith Bastin  

Joshua Crump Cemetery - Provided by Judy Lawler

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