Hart County Kentucky Cemeteries - S

Savage Family Cemetery - Provided by Randy L. Taylor and Edith Bastin S-195  
Sego Family Cemetery N-124
Self Cemetery S-204
Seminary (Old Seminary) Graveyard KHS
Seymour Cemetery S-107
Shady Grove Church (formerly Eudora) Cemetery - Provided by Edith Bastin. S-221
Shelby Butler Farm S-138
Shelton - McCubbin Cemetery N-232 Provided by Dee Tapp
Sherfey Cemetery S-129 Rowntree-Sherfey Cemetery (aka Old Henry Rowntree Cemetery)
Shewey/Smith Cemetery S-111
Shibola (Shiboley) Church Cemetery - Provided by  Debbie Dicken N-166
Shipp Cemetery KHS
Shoemaker, John - Provided by Judy Lawler N-S1 provided by Dee Tapp
Short Cemetery S-183 provided by Dee Tapp
Bale, Simeon Cemetery

provided by Dee Tapp

Sims Cemetery S-191 provided by Dee Tapp
Sims (James H. Sims) Farm Cemetery S-83 The James B. Sims Farm Cemetery is located on Angus Road 1.1 miles south of KY 677 on the left side of the road
Slave Cemeteries S-207
Small Cemetery behind Pearl Webb Cemetery S-185
Small cemetery close to Larimore Cemetery Powell Cemetery S-131
Small Cemetery on Macon-Kessinger Road N-128
Smith Cemetery - Charley Lively Farm, N-town Rd. S-207
Smith Cemetery - hwy 728 - Provided by Edith Bastin N-6  
Smith on 31-E Cemetery S-193
Smith aka Grinstead - Nichols Cemtery S-84 Provided by Edith Bastin
Smith (Amos Smith) Cemetery S-206
Smith (Jeff Smith) Farm Cemetery KHS

Hall, Redford, Smith, Wilson

Smith (Old Smith) Cemetery KHS
Smith (Shewey/Smith ) Cemetery S-111
Srygler Cemetery - Provided by Gaye Hill & Edith Bastin N-250
Srygler Cemetery KHS
St. Benedict Cemetery N-75 In Grayson Co., Before the creation of Nolin Lake it was on the Grayson/Hart line.
Stamp Logsdon (Logsdon) Cemetery - John Logsdon Rd. near Kessinger - Provided by Edith Bastin
John Quinn aka Staggs Cemetery - Bonnieville - Provided by Edith Bastin & Gaye Hill KHS Brewer, Bryant, Crump, Dennis, Hill, Hodges, Jenkins, Puckett, Rice, Robinson, Sanders, Skaggs, Smith, Staggs, Stanton, Thompson, Wilcoxson, Wilson
Stasel-Moneypenny Cemetery N-95 - Provided by Carolyn Olney
Sterrett Cemetery S-206 - Provided by Judy Lawler
Stinson Cemetery N-96
Strange-Bryant Cemetery (Bearwallow)
Stoney Point Church Cemetery N-102
Sydnor Cemetery aka The Monroe Burial Ground   provided by Dee Tapp
Sydnor (Walthall) Cemetery S-101  
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