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0316/2016 Added obit for Ida Cottrell & Byron Logsdon. - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
02/09/2016 Added obit for Gary Steven Long. . - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
12/15/2015 Added a burial and 4 photos for the Terry Family Cemetery, Hart Co. - Provided by Dee Tapp
12/15/2015 Added Obit for James R. "Jug Croghan - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
08/11/2015 Added 4 Newsletter from Pearl Webb Cemetery. - Provided by Brenda Dudderar & Paul Sullivan
08/11/2015 Added 13 stones and obits for Pearl Webb Cemetery - Surnames: Avery, Burks, Carroll, Davenport, Dill, Dillard, Hagan, Lawson, Mires, Smith & Whisman. - Provided by Brenda Dudderar

Added Obit for Jean Bush McGuire - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion

Added Obit for Nellie Perkins Self - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion

04/14/2015 Added Obit for Michael Dale "Gabby" Carroll - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
11/30/2014 Added Obit for Michael Lee "Mike" Humphery - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
11/05/2014 Added photos Staples, O'Banion & Kidd - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
07/11/2014 Added obit for Bobby Ralston, - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion

Added obit for Helen Bernice "Bea Johns, buried in Munfordville Cemetery - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion


Added obit for Emma May "Teno" Bacon and obit for James "Ted" Bacon - provided by Darrell Waddell


Added info re: Mildred Logsdon Martin: Obit - Photo - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion

02/25/2014 Added Shipp Cemtery, Hart County - 6 graves - surnames: Lampkin & Shipp --Provided by Dee Tapp
01/05/2014 Added Arkansas Cemeteries, Owens Chapel and Warrens Chapel - Provided by Lana Gander Rodgers


Added obituary for Robert Logsdon "Bobby Dee" Devore - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion


Added obituary for William Henry Cobble


Added obituaries for Ricky Cooper and Eula Renick - - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion


Added 16 Pearl Webb Newsletters, Hart Co. - These contain lots fo info on folk buried here. - provided by Paul Sullivan


Added Obituary and Funeral Home Card for Debra Fay Cottrell Glaab - Provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion


Added better photo and info for M. E. Tywman & William Hunter, Old Gilead Cemetery, Hart Co. - info from the Pearl Webb Cem. Newsletter


Added about a dozen additional photos to the Pearl Webb Cemetery - It is believed the transcription for this cemetery is now completed.


Added the Beams Cemetery, Hart County - 5 graves - Surnames, Bale, Beams, Graham - Provided by Dee Tapp


Added the Old Hudgins Cemetery, Hart Co. - Surnames: Bennett, Brewer, Garr, Hudgins, Morris, Mysner, Ray, Woolridge, - Provided by Dee Tapp


Added 12 stone photos for the Pearl Webb Cem, Hart Co. - Surnames: Atwell, Lawson, Melvin, Perkins and Romines - provided by Peggy Avery
04/24/2013 Added 10 stone photos for the Pearl Webb Cem, Hart Co. - Surnames: Atwell, Lawson, Melvin, Perkins and Romines - provided by Peggy Avery
04/08/2013 Added the Richardson Cemetery located on Highway 335 between Horse Cave and Cave City. Surnames: Garvin, Merry, Nunnelee, Richardson, Waters, Willis
04/01/2013 Added about 5,000 stone photos to Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Barren Co.
01/16/2013 Added about 230 stone photos to Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Barren Co. - Surnames: Adams, Akers, Benedict, Bertram, Bowman, Brown, Bruton, Carver, Chambers, Chisholm, Crabb, Davis, Devine, Deweese, Divine, Dollings, Edmunds, Elmore, Emmett, Fisher, Garrett, Gentry, Gillock, Greer, Grizzle, Grooms, Hale, Houchens, Isenberg, Jackson, Johnson, Kinchloe, Kinslow, Levi, Lewis, Lowe, Lowrey, Mansfield, Martin, McCandless, McGuire, Moore, Moss, Owens, Parsley, Powell, Rainwater, Ray, Renfro, Smith, Spann, Spradlin, Steenbergen, Thomason, Thomerson, Tolle, Tracy, Underwood, Weaver, Winn,
01/16/2013 Added obit for David Terry Bunnell - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
01/16/2013 Added about 2,000 stone photos for Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Barren Co.
12/06/2012 Added the Hodges Cemetery aka Hodges Cemetery #2, Munfordville, Hart Co., KY - 29 graves - Surnames: Gray, Hodges, Kinney, McKinley, Puckett, Reynolds, Riggs, Smith and Windham - provided by Dee Tapp
12/06/2012 Added photo of George Twyman Wood buried in the Wood Cemetery, Munfordville, Hart Co. - provided by Dee Tapp
11/03/2012 Added photo: Gramlin, Henry Harmon & Malissa with children and in-laws- photo provided by Lesa Birge White
10/14/2012 Added Obituaries for Dale O'Banion & Larry Webb, Hart Co. - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
09/27/2012 Added Obituaries for Clara Lee Cox & Geraldine Puckett, Hart Co. - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
09/24/2012 Added George T. Wood Cemetery, Munfordville, Hart Co., KY - provided by Dee Tapp
08/24/2012 Added Obit and Funeral Home Card for Lavaughn Jaggers Hays - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
08/11/2012 Added Wallace death certificates and information at Asbury Cem, Metcalfe Co., KY - provided by Edith Bastin
07/09/2012 Added 12 additional stone photos and photo views for Roy Thompson Cemetery, Green Co., KY- provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
07/09/2012 Added an obituary for Elizabeth "Nanny" Rowe - Provided by Carolyn Puckett
07/09/2012 Added the Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery # 1, Hart Co., KY - Provided by Randy Murray & Dee Tapp
07/09/2012 Added a photo of Jasper Neil Shipp & Charlotte Ann Shipp, Pikeview Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Latshata Turner
06/22/2012 Added obituary & Funeral Home Card for Oma Perkins Walters, Hart County. - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
03/24/2012 Added stone photos for Gilbert E., Helen M. & Willie T. Wright, Macedonia Cemetery Green Co. (provided by Charlotte M. Wright)
02/29/2012 Added Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Church Cemetery aka Catholic Hill Cemetery - Surnames: Earl, Jamison, Lawler, Lee, Mellown, Murdock, Sweeney- provided by Judy Lawler
02/28/2012 Replaced burial in the Little Jordan Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park - deleted Fitzgerald, Elizabeth and replaced with Lisenby, Elizabeth Reaves. - provided by Edith Bastin
02/27/2012 Added the Smiths Grove Cemetery, Warren Co. - Provided by City of Smiths Grove/Bert Higginbotham
02/26/2012 Added the Mansfield Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park/Edmonson/Hart Co. - 9 graves - Surnames: Crain, Denison, Lewis, Mansfield & Short - provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin
02/25/2012 Added the Sand Spring Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park/Edmonson Co. - 7 graves - Surnames: Burns, Elmore, Lindsey - provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin
02/20/2012 Added a death certificate for Logsdon, Charles Bennit, buried in the Mammoth Cave Baptist Church Cemetery - provided by Karen Logsdon Phillips
02/20/2012 Added an obituary for Ruby C. Richardson, Hart Co. - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
01/12/2012 Added the Oak Grove Cemetery, Green Co. - 55 graves - Surnames:Bishop, Bryant, Higdon, Jones, Judd, Kidd, Lobb, Price, Shuffett, Simpson, Wright - provided by Charlotte Wright
01/10/2012 Added the Denison Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park - Three Graves - Surnames: Denison, Dennison - provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin
01/10/2012 Added the Davis, Merideth, Miles Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park - 16 graves - Surnames: Davis, Merideth, Miles - provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin
12/21/2011 Added obituary for Patricia J "Pat" Garst - provided by Sandra Kay Obanion
12/18/2011 Added Hunter Gavin Humphrey stone at Pikeview Cemetery, Hart Co., KY. - provided by Jeffrey Humphrey
11/30/2011 Added Asa Atwell Cantrell's WWI Draft Card - provided by Edith Bastin
11/30/2011 Added Oma L Jaggers Cantrell to the Jaggers Cemetery, Pike View, Hart Co. - provided by Edith Bastin
11/13/2011 Added 309 burials to the Munfordville Municipal Cemetery, Hart Co. - Surnames: Adams, Adwell, Bailey, Basham, Blair, Boncer, Bowles, Bowman, Brachey, Bradway, Branstetter, Bratcher, Bridgeman, Brooks, Bruton, Butcher, Butcher, Caldwell, Carroll, Carver, Casey, Clark, Cloar, Coats, Cobble, Cook, Cox, Crabtree, Crain, Dahmer, Day, Dennison, Devore, Dorsey, Elder, England, Fitzgerald, Forbis, Forsythe, Gafford, Gardner, Gaskin, Geralds, Goodman, Gossett, Gray, Grider, Guess, Hale, Handy, Handy, Harper, Hays, Heath, Hester, Hobson, Hodges, Hood, Hornback, Hubbard, Jagger, Jaggers, Jeffries, Jewell, Johns, Johnson, Kidd, Kinslow, Lasley, Lawler, Lee, Locke, Logsdon, Matthews, McCorkle, McCoy, McFelia, McKinney, Mears, Meredith, Merideth, Messick, Miller, Moneypenny, Murphy, Murray, Newton, Nunn, Payton, Pedigo, Pierce, Price, Puckett, Quesenberry, Reams, Reinertsen, Reynolds, Richardson, Rife, Roten, Rowlett, Rucker, Rush, Self, Sims, Singleton, Smith, Spencer, Spradlin, St. Clair, Stanton, Staples, Steele, Stewart, Sullivan, Taylor, Tennyson, Thornbury, Towles, Upton, Waddle, Walters, Webb, West, Williams, Wilson, Wright
11/04/2011 Added several photos and notes for the Cobble Cemetery, Hart Co. - Provided by Pamela Collins
10/18/2011 Added the Lee Alexander & Bettie J Clark White Stone to the Glasgow Municipal Cem. Provided by Colleen M. Kirsch Hiltz White
10/13/2011 Added the Strader-Buster-Gonterman-Meredith-Carter-Sander-Thompson Cemetery, Edmonson Co., Kentucky - 38 graves - Surnames: Buster, Carter, Gonterman, Meredith, Merideth, Sanders, Strader, Thompson - provided by Doris Dorsey, Leda Childress, Garland Childress and Edith Bastin
10/12/2011 Added a ChangeDetection link at the top of this page. You can enter your email address and each time I add something to this page you will be notified by email.
10/12/2011 Added Calvary Cemetery, Louisville, Ky - One Grave;Edwards, Mary Eunice "Eunie Maria" - provided by Edith Bastin
10/11/2011 Added Funeral Home Card and Obit for William Harvey "Billy" Lane Jr. - provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
10/09/2011 Revised the McCubbins Cemetery, Hart Co. - combined the Mt. Olivet Missionary Baptist Church & McCubbin Cemeteries as they are the same. - Added Emma Faye Middleton & Henry Thomas.
10/08/2011 Added the Polston aka Old Stephen Goodman Cemetery, Hart Co. - 39 graves - Surnames: Edwards, Goodman, Jaggers, Lathery, Lothery, Mathews, Philpott, Polston, Poston, Ruark - provided by Edith Bastin.
10/04/2011 Added the Little Jordan Cemetery, Edmonson Co./Mammoth Cave- 118 graves - Surnames: Blair, Clark, Cox, Denison, Doyle, Fitzgeralds, Keith, Lucas, Merideth, Rigdon, Sanders, Sell, Short, Snyder, Staples, Strange, Taylor, Terry, Turley, Whitlow, Wilson - provided by Doris Dorsey and Edith Bastin.
09/25/2011 Added the Geralds/Fitzgerald Cemetery, Edmonson or Hart Co. provided by Sheila Miles, Doris Dorsey, Sarah Hogan, Carol Olney and Edith Bastin.
09/24/2011 Added three obit/funeral home cards: Henry Buford England, Sue Houk Morrison, Ruby Geraldine Nunn Nichols - provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
07/15/2011 Added death certificate for Carl W. Smith, buried in Center Point Cemetery, Hart Co. - provided by Pam Grissom
07/15/2011 Added Obit info for Ruth Peterson Williams and for Allie Mae Martin - provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion
Added obituary for Tisha Nicole Green, Illinois
Added death certificates for Daymon Ferren, Elvin McKinney, Nannie Jane Mckinney & Sheral Meadows.
Added an obit for Cecil Earnest Goode, Barren Co.
Added the Locust Grove Cemetery, Edmonson Co/Mammoth Cave National Park - 191 Graves - Surnames:Bailey, Beckner, Bellamy, Bensenhaver, Blair, Borden, Bradley, Bragg, Brooks, Butts, Carnahan, Chapman, Charlet, Childress, Clark, Crump, Davis, Denison, Doyel, France, Gaddis, Gibbins, Gibson, Gleason, Gonterman, Hampton, Hanson, Hardin, Harp, Hawkins, Herron, Higginbotham, Hogan, Kidwell, Lee, Logsdon, Martin, Meredith, Monroe, Poynter, Reynolds, Robb, Rountree, Sanders, Shirley, Smith, Souther, Spradling, Stone, Tarter, Titis, Wells, Wilkins, Yates - Provided by George Euel Coats
Added the Odle Cemetery, Moss, Clay Co., TN - 18 graves - Surnames: Garrett, Odle, Savage, Stone
Replaced several photos with better quality ones, and added some to the Caney Fork Cemetery, Barren Co. - provided by James Clouse
Added the Lee-Sadler Cemetery, Monroe Co. - 10 graves - Surnames: Brandon, Marsh, Sadler, Saddler - provided by Chad Comer
Added combined Witcher stone for the Witcher-Chitwood Cemetery, Macon Co., TN - provided by Chad Comer

Added Obits:

Burnis McGinniss
Nellie Devore Blair
George Isiah Devore
John Henry Devore
added Mollie Devore Brooks to the Devore obit index

Added Deeds:

Ed Devore/William Devore
John C Devore/William Devore
G T Mustain/William Devore
O C Taylor/John C Devore

added 4 Devore Family photos

Added Will:

John C Devore

All provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion

Added the Tennison Cemetery, Hart Co. - 4 graves - Surnames: Bowen, Tennison, Tennyson - Provided by Randy Murray & Dee Tapp.

Added 14 burials (or revised info) at Center Point Cemetery, Hart Co.

Canon, Melvin 09/28/1923 05/01/2010 Info obtained from obit
Dennis, Stanley 02/09/1936 02/21/2008 Info obtained from obit
Gipson, Garry Wayne 08/07/1954 05/20/2010 Info obtained from obit
Holliday, Nina June   05/07/2011 age 58 Info obtained from obit
Horton, Alvin 11/02/1926 09/24/2006 Info obtained from obit
Logsdon, Ronnie Jeff 02/16/1959 03/04/2009 Info obtained from obit
Mansfield, Herman "Junior" 06/02/1937 06/17/2009 Info obtained from obit
Philpott, Lorene Mae 02/10/1929 07/30/2008 Info obtained from obit
Rigdon, Ida 11/16/1913 06/13/2007 Info obtained from obit
Spencer, Betty Jean Hawkins 04/25/1935 03/17/2008 Info obtained from obit
Stewart, Flossie   03/15/2011 age 94 Info obtained from obit
Sturgeon, Elmo Klell 01/25/1933 09/22/2010 Info obtained from obit
Thompson, David Reginald 03/14/1925 11/21/2006 Info obtained from obit
Waddle, James Dillard   10/02/2010 age 79 Info obtained from obit


Added Burials & DCs for Center Point Cemetery, Hart Co. - Henrietta Logsdon, Frances Elizabeth (or Ellen) Mathews, Loyd C Mathews, Sallie Clay Mathews. - provided by Edith Bastin
Added death certificate for Synthia Malinda Peden Estes, buried at Lickbranch Cumb. Presty. Church Cemetery, Barren Co.
Added Obit, Photo, and funeral home card for Jack E. Kirtley - Provided by Sandra K. Obanion
Added gravestone photo for Chad Elliott Roberson, Bailey Cemetery, Monroe County. - provided by
Added Obituary for Linda Renee Green Ryan
Added 2 Carr and 2 Ganter death certificates, burials in Glasgow Municipal Cemetery.
Added stone photos for 18 burials at Glasgow Municipal Cemetery - Surnames: Atwell, Carr, Dossey, Malone, Ganter, Lazarus, Lynn, Scott - provided by LaVece Ganter Hughes
04/02/2011 Added brick wall request for info on Vassie Hestand Spears - provided by
04/02/2011 Added several items to the Chestnut Grove Cem., Hart Co. - provided by Debra Galvin
Added burial and death certificate for Forrest Rowe Thompson, Roseburg Cem., Hart Co. - provided by Edith Bastin
Added two Pace family photos - provided by Mary S. Pasquini
Added the Old Creal Cemetery, Pikeview section of Hart County. 2 graves, James W. Creal & Ella M Creal Ford - provided by Randy Murray & Dee Tapp
Added obit for Rose "Sissy" Legler Wilt - Anderson Co.
Added obit and burial for Dugeon Family, Jaggers Cemetery, Pikeview, Hart Co. - provided by Gaye Hill
Added stone photos for Jewell Estes and Edmund Turner, Mammoth Cave Baptist Church Cemetery - provided by Richard Hobart
Added obit for my cousin, Timmy L. Green.
Added 6 gravestone photos for the St. John Cem., Clay Co., TN - Surnames: Hogan, Sidwell - Provided by Lisa Birge White
Added Photo & Gravestone for Zachary T & Mary S. Kessler, Pikeview Cem., Hart Co. - provided by Dee Tapp
A Family History of John and Nancy (Burch) Nichols and their descendants; pioneers who journeyed to Kentucky from Virginia in 1805 and established their homestead in Barren County on the waters of Fallen Timber Creek in 1812."

This is 1693 page work that covers hundreds of Barren County families. - provided by Jon Huffman

Added a book "THE JOHN S. AND ANN (HAWKINS) MCGEE FAMILY " 593 pages, fully indexed, several hundred families most from or with connection to Hart and Barren Counties. - provided by Jon Huffman
Added burial information for 10 persons, Whickerville Cemetery, Hart Co. - Bennett, Gearld Jason "Elmo" ; Bennett, Lawrence; Littrell, Edith Lile; McDonald, Marie Evans; Pennington, Maxey "June" Jr; Pippin, Nealie Bell Rigdon; Riordan, Naomi Ruth Pennington; Sanders, Pat; Tilberry, Jack Dale; Trowbridge, Hazel Sally

Added burial information for 1 person, Riordan Cemetery, Hart Co. - Riordan, Sally Ann


Added burial information for 9 persons at Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co. - Buckner, Evelyn Elizabeth; De Fevers, Lotus Fields; Hedgepeth, Robert W "Bob"' Johnson, Russell E "Bud" Jr; Melvin, Geneva; Melvin, James; Weller, Grace Harlow; Woodward, Francis (Eulah) ; Woodward, John Wesley

Added 9 burials at the Memory Park Cemetery, Bonnieville, Hart Co. - Adams, Ersie Webb; Bowman, Howard R; Browning, Cadence Lynn; Devore, Claude Allen; Elliott, Frank Jr; Fields, James Spurgeon; Reynolds, Otis L; Terry, Marjorie; Walters, Kenneth Earl
Added 3 burials at the Leesville Cemetery, Hart County - Barnes, Martha Ann; Childress, Stoy M; Dobson, Naomi Mae - info obtained from obits and other records.
Added the Taylor Cemetery, Bearwallow, Hart Co. - 15 graves - Surnames: Clemens, Green, Smith, Taylor, Thompson - provided by Dee Tapp
Added the St. John Cemetery, Clay Co., TN - 16 graves - Surnames: Belcher, Hogan, Richardson, Sidwell, Stover - provide by Lesa Birge White
Added grave photo and obits for Homer Harland & Emma Church Stewart, Glasgow Municipal Cemetery - provided by Laura Stewart Civey
Added the Green Family Cemetery, Bearwallow, Hart County - 17 Green burials - provided by Dee Tapp
Added two obits: Herbert Bratcher, Hart Co. buried at Munfordville Cemetery - Naomi Ruth Richardson, Hart Co., Buried at Cosby Cemetery - provided by Sandra Kay O'Banion

Added 33 death certificate some w/links to cemeteries.

Bowles, Hiram Franklin Barren 3/31/1943 Matthews/Barbour, Barren
Bowles, Judie Melvina Pursley Barren 6/18/1941 Matthews/Barbour, Barren
Bryant William H Hart 02/22/1859  
Davis, Gilbert Edmonson 6/28/1936  
Davis, Jessie Edmonson 2/20/1920  
Davis, Still Born Edmonson 3/26/1911  
Eaton, James Carol Sr Barren 3/27/1953 Ft Run, Monroe
Ferrell, James Robert Metcalfe 11/10/1941 Summer Shade , Metcalfe
Gramlin, Samuel Robert Missouri 10/29/1910  
Gray, George Henry Barren 10/2/1912 Gray/Barrick, Barren
Gray, Nancy Barren 12/7/1911  
Henderson, Charlene Rountree Barren 12/21/1912 Henderson, Barren
Henderson, Lizzie Lola Barren 3/25/1930 Henderson, Barren
Hodges, Charles B Barren 1/1/1941 Union #2, Hart
Hudgins, Sarah M Hart 1/1/1929  
Keath, Donald Brent Barren 8/17/1934 Gray/Barrick, Barren
Lahue, Warren Grayson 8/5/1943  
Lane, Montie E Metcalfe 5/7/1928 Concord Creek, Grayson
Langley, Rachel Ann Grayson 5/18/1931 Concord Creek, Grayson
Miles, Milton Hart 2/28/1918  
Parker, Loutisha Thompson Lee Barren 3/26/1949  
Perkins, Finley Metcalfe 10/23/1913 Summer Shade, Metcalfe
Piercy, Critie Wade Barren 3/29/1922 Moore, Barren
Robinson, Mary Ann Purcell Grayson 7/10/1933 Concord Creek, Grayson
Sherfey, James T Missouri 2/26/1942  
Sherfey, Solomon S Missouri 2/20/1920  
Sherfy, C L Missouri 6/16/1935  
Sherfy, Cecil Vera Missouri 10/20/1954  
Sherfy, Harry Missouri 1/6/1926  
Sherfy, Infant of Harry & Aileen Missouri 1/14/1937  
Sherfy, Wilson Tiner Missouri 11/29/1940  
Spurrier, Moorman Grayson 1/6/1915 Concord Creek, Grayson
Spurrier, Milissie Francis Woods Grayson 12/31/1924 Concord Creek, Grayson


Added 20 stone photos for the Old Zion Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Surnames: Bowles, Furlong, Gray, Moon, Young
Added the St John Catholic Church Cemetery, Rineyville, Hardin Co. - 923 graves - Surnames: Allen, Allison, Alvey, Beeler, Bickett, Bishop , Bonano, Borries, Brangers, Bridgers, Brown, Bryan, Buckles, Calvert, Cash, Castleman, Cecil, Clark, Clements, Cofer, Coffman, Cole, Condon, Cook, Cooper, Cottrell, Cox, Crahen, Crawford, Crewz, Crowley, Davis, Deckard, Dieringer, Dillard, Dugan, Durbin, Durbin, English, Fields, Foppiano, French, Galahaur, Gardner, Garland, Gatton, Geoghegan, Geohegan, Graas, Green, Grundon, Gunning, Hagan, Hamilton, Hardy, Hawkins, Hayden, Haywood, Head, Heffern, Henderson, Hendrix, Hinton, Hodges, Huff, Hunt, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kidwell, Klinglesmith, Knott, Kretz, Krusing, Lasley, Leasor , Lee, Lewis, Love, Lush, Manco, Manger, Martin, Martinez, Matthis, Mattingly, Mattis, McBee, McCauley, McCullum, McMahala, Medley, Meredith, Milesko, Mills, Mulhall, Murray, Nall, Norris, O'Connor, Osborne, Overbay, Ozbourn, Padgett, Pawley, Peak, Peake, Perry, Pike, Quisenberry, Randolph, Ray, Richardson, Riney, Ringo, Roake, Robinson, Rogers, Rosati, Ruley, Ryan, Sanders, Sharp, Sims, Singer, Skees, Smith, Stewart, Stiles, Stith, Stopher, Strader, Strickland, Stuecker, Sullivan, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thornberry, Utterbach, Vertrees, Vessels, Vickers, Vowels, Wallace, Warren, Watson, Welch, Whalin, Wheatley, Wheeler, Whitty, Wilkins, Williams, Wilmoth, Winchester, Wines, Winocek, Wise, Wiseman, Wolf, Woodring, Wright, Yates, Yeager - provided by Ann Taylor
Added obituary for Jimmy Lee Pedigo, Barren Co.
Added obituary for Larry Norman Hawkins, Hart Co.
Added the Old Tompkinsville (aka Old Presbyterian Church) Cemetery, Monroe Co. - 15 graves - Surnames: Butler, Gee, Martin, Maxey, Oglesby, Watson, Wilson - provided by Chad Comer
Added more photos and obits for the Pike View Baptist Church Cemetery, Hart Co. - Surnames: Bowman, Buckner, Druin, Jewell, Locke, Shipp, - provided by Dee Tapp

Added 75 death certificates for burials at Pike View Cemetery, Hart Co. - provided by Dee Tapp


Added the Pikeview Cemetery, Hart County - 380 Graves - Surnames: Akin, Bale, Beams, Bloyd, Bolton, Bowen, Bowman, Brooks, Buckner, Chaudoin, Chelf, Close, Crume, Cruse, Curry, Defevers, Dennison, Druen, Druin, Durrett, Dye, Edenfield, Everett, Ford, Fulks, Gaddie, Gardner, Gosnell, Grisom, Helm, Hines, Hudgins, Huff, Hutcherson, Jaggers, James, Jewell, Jones, Kessler, King, Locke, Loyall, Madriaga, Marcum, McCoy, McCubbin, Meers, Milby, Miller, Noe, Nunn, Osborne, Price, Puckett, Ragland, Shipp, Skaggs, Talley, Tennyson, Terrill, Terry, Towles, Turner, Vance, Walsh, Ward, Wells, Whitlow, Whitman, Witherspoon - provided by Dee Tapp

Revised the Waggener Cemetery, Hart County, added transcription (12 graves)and 3 death certificates (Waggener) - Surnames: Cole, Highbaugh, Timberlake, Waggener, Wagoner - original providided by Judy Lawler - revison provided by Dee Tapp
Added obit for Miss Mary Katherine Edwards, Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co., KY
Added obits for burials at Pink Ridge Cem., Metcalfe Co. - Cassady, Helen Mae; Cross, Kitty; King, Lera; Martin, Mitchilene; Oakes, Mary Bernice Cassady; Perkins, Evelyn; Perkins, Morris Lane
Corrected data for Stephens, Anislie Gaines - info provided by Larry Stephens
Added the Highbaugh Cemetery, Hart County - 19 graves - Surnames: Bell, Cruse, Fulks, Highbaugh, Perkins, Weldon - Provided by James H Turner
Added 4 stone photos for the Glasgow Municipal Cem , Barren Co. - Lewis Mitchell & Cloteel Davis; Garnet Jackson & Sallie Curtis Nance - provided by Euel Coats
Added 3 stone photos for the Poplar Log Cemetery, Barren Co. - Kitty Curtis Bartlett, Inez & Raymond Curtis - provided by Euel Coats
Added photo of Mary Jane Hazelipp's stone in the John C. Puckett Cemetery, Hart Co. Includes family photo (Lasley & Puckett) - provided by David Puckett
Posted a cemetery plot map for the Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Barren Co. - provided by Euel Coats
Posted larger and better quality photos for many graves in Matthews-Barbour Cemetery, Barren Co. and added graves for Andrew & Elsie Harper; Nancy Word - 62 graves - Surnames: Barbour, Bewley, Boles, Bowles, Buckley, Buly, Harper, Matthews, Pennington, Potts, Pursley, Quebe, Reneau, Stout, Thomas, Wood, Word
Posted better quality photos for Simmons burials in Barbour Cemetery, Barren Co.
Added 2 new burials for Poplar Spring Cemetery, Barren Co. - Judy Carol Harloy & Ronnie Taylor.
Reworked the Parrish Cemetery, Highway 1297, Barren Co. - posted photos for all 19 marked graves - Surnames: Anderson, Boyer, Brents, Gassaway, Hullett, Malone, Parrish, Wininger
Added the Green Meadows Church Cemetery, Warren Co., KY - 3 graves - James Harold DeWeese; Gordon T & Peggy F Burris
Added the Summer Shade Cemetery, Metcalfe Co., KY - 1333 graves - Surnames: Abney, Anderson, Asher, Bacon, Baker, Baldock, Ball, Ballard, Bardin, Barrett, Barton, Beachamp, Belcher, Bell, Bellamy, Bellomy, Billingsley, Bitner, Blackwell, Blakey, Blankenship, Bonner, Bowen, Bowles, Bowman, Branstetter, Bray, Brewster, Britt, Brown, Bryant, Buchanan, Burge, Burke, Burns, Burton, Bushong, Button, Bybee, Cain, Capps, Capshaw, Carey, Carter, Cary, Castile, Cawthorn, Christie, Clark, Cloyd, Cobb, Coffey, Coleman, Compton, Conkin, Cooksey, Coppage, Cox, Creacy, Crews, Crumpton, Cumbee, Delk, Depew , Depp, Detwiler, Diehl, Dillon , Dubray, Dubree, Dyer, Edwards, Emberton, England, Estes, Everett, Fansler, Ferguson, Ferrell, Fitzpartick, Flory, Flowers, Ford, Forrest, Franklin, Free, Freeman, Froedge, Furkin, Galloway, Garman, Garmon, Garner, Garrett, Gentry, Gilbert, Gill, Glass, Goode, Gossett, Graves, Gray, Grider, Griffith, Grimsley, Grinstead, Guinn, Hagan, Haley, Hamilton, Harbison, Harlan, Harper, Harvey, Head, Henry, Hicks, Hie, Hildreth, Hill, Hodges, Hood, Hope, Hopkins, Hord, Howard, Huff, Huffman, Humphrey, Hunley, Hurt, Isenberg, Jackson, Jenkins, Jennings, Jobe, Johnson , Johnston, Keith, Kelley, Kesslar, Kettwig, Key, Kingrey, Koch, Lane, Lawson, Layne, Leamon, Lee, Lenz, Lester, Littke, Lloyd, Locke, Lollar, Lyons, Marion, Martin, Matthews, Mayfield, Mays, McCluskey, McCoy, McFarland, McIntyre, McMurtery, McWherter, Medley, Melton, Meredith, Middleton, Miller, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Mosier, Murphy, Muse, Neighbor, Newton, Norman , Norris, Nuckols, Nunn, Nunnally, Oles, Pace, Page, Paige, Palmore, Pare, Parke, Patton, Patton, Payne, Pedigo, Perkins, Pickerell, Piercy, Pitcock, Radford, Rainwater, Ramey, Rasner, Reising, Rigsby, Riordan, Ritter, Robinson, Ross, Rush, Sames, Sampson, Sams, Sartain, Sartin, Savage, Scott, Shaw, Shelley, Shirley, Shive, Shoopman, Sikes, Simmons, Slaughter, Smith, Spear, Spencer , Stalcup, Steenbergen, Steiger, Swann, Swope, Sympson, Taylor, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson, Thrasher, Tidings, Toomey, Traylor, Tudor, Turner, Tyree, Vanhoose, Vibbert, Wade, Warder, Watson, Webb, Welsh, Wendell, Whiltow, White, Whitlow, Wilborn, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Withrow, Witty, Word
Added the Barrick aka Gray Cemetery, Barren Co. - 25 graves - Surnames :Barrett, Barrick, Bowles, Gray, Keath, Waller
Added the Henderson Cemetery, Barren Co. - 321 graves - Surnames: Barrick, Bohannon, Borders, Bowles, Bunn, Butler, Button, Deckard, Devasher, Doty, Duckett, Fant, Faulkner, Gibson, Gillion, Graham, Green, Grinstead, Hatfield, Hawkes, Hawks, Haynes, Henderson, Holman, Houchens, Huffman, Hurt, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Lawrence, Leaym, Lotts, Lowe, Lyle, Lyles, Moore, Morris, Mutter, Nuckols, Pitcock, Sayers, Sears, Smith, Souther, Spillman, Vaughan, Wooten, Young
Added the Bales Curve Cemetery, Hart Co. - 4 graves - Surnames: Bale, Scott - provided by Dee Tapp
Added 320 photos to the Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Barren Co., KY most new, some replacing lesser quality photos. - Surmames: Albany, Barbour, Bartlett, Basham, Boles, Bowman, Brewington, Brummett, Bunch, Byrd, Calhoun, Cary, Cash, Chenoweth, Compton, Cornelius, Coulter, Crews, Crumpton, Culver, Cummings, Dean, Dorsey, Doyle, Eatmon, lmore, Ferguson, Flowers, Foster, Galloway, Garrett, Gibbons, Glass, Glass, Goad, Good, Gray, Green, Grinestaff, Groce, Hagan, Hale, Handy, Harlow, Harper, Harrison, Hatfield, Hodges, Holmes, Hope, Horton, Houchens, Isenberg, Jackson, Jessie, Johnson, Jones, Kessinger, Kingrey, Landrum, Lewis, Lohden, Marcum, Matthews, May, McGuire, Miles, Morgan, Mussnug, Neagle, Nichols, Nuckols, Nunn, Peabody, Peden, Pedigo, Peers, Phillips, Polson, Powell, Pursley, Quigley, Railey, Reeves, Richardson, Runyon, Schram, Shaw, Shoopman, Sizemore, Smith, Spurling, Starr, Steenbergen, Stout, Sullivan, Tarry, Thomas, Trabue, Vinson, Walker, Wells, Wheet, Wilkinson, Winn, Woodcock, Wooten, Wyatt
Revised the Hogan-Denison aka Denison Cemetery, Hart Co. - 20 graves - Surnames: Denison, Hogan, Huff, Lee, Miller, Reynolds - revision photos and dcs provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Kinslow Cemetery, Oil Well Road, Barren Co. - Graves and info for Kinslow Family - Surnames: Duncan, Foster, Gist, Jones, Kinslow - provided by Georgette Lee.
Added story: THE LITTLE CHURCH OUT IN THE COUNTRY By Scott Briggs, Cave City As told by Greg Briggs and Kim Gossett, Cave City to the Shady Grove Cemetery Page, Hart County. - from the Broomsedge Chronicles via Sandi Gorin.
10/31/2010 Added over 100 additional graves at the Munfordville Cemetery, Hart Co. and posted improved photos for 20+ others. - Surnames: Allen, Belt, Berry, Blevins, Bradley, Campbell, Carden, Cave, Childress, Cobble, Cox, Crain, Cyphers, Daniels, Devore, Garr, Hargrove, Harper, Heath, Hester, Hodges, Hornback, Hubbard, Kennady, King, Kinney, Lee, Lewis, Lively, Manion, McCorkle, Middleton, Nunn, Powell, Price, Reynolds, Rose, Rowe, Sego, Shahan, Speevack, Spradlin, Sturgeon, Terry, Walters, Weber, Wilson, Wolfe, Wright
10/19/2010 Added 2 burials for the Pleasant Grove Cem., Hart Co. (Dan Smith and Michael Overfelt)
Added a brickwall request for Willis West/ Ann Cottrell with ties to Hart/Hardin Co.
Added a grave for Rebecca Ann Yates buried in Buckner/Walnut Hill Cemetery, Hart Co. provided by Dee Tapp
Added the Ramsay Hill Cemetery, Hart Co., Ky - 2 Graves; Ramsay & Willian - provided by Dee Tapp
Added photos and transcription for the Dr. William Wood Bowling aka Howard Scott Farm Cemetery, Rio, Hart County, Ky. 8 graves - Surnames: Alderson, Bowling, Burd, Strough, Sweet, Wells, Woodson - provided by Dee Tapp
Added 11 death certificates for burials in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Barren Co., Ky
Added 15 burials and additional info for the Oak Grove Cemetery, Barren Co., Ky
Added Transcript for the Buck Murray Farm aka Owens-Milby Cemetery, Hart Co - 7 Graves - Surnames: Hudgins, Johnson, Milby, Owen - provided by Dee Milby
Added 29 death certificates for burial at Timberlake-Crump Cemetery, Hart Co., KY
Amos, William
King, Roy Phillip
Richardson, John Mack
Brown, Mary Vona
King, Wilburn Jr
Richardson, Sarah King
Bumgardner, Bessie Bowling
Minor, Edward Logan
Sidebottom, Wanda Phyllis
Carter, Sarah Francis
Poore, Charlie Tilford
Timberlake, Robert M
Carter, Thomas J
Poore, Laura Jane
Walters, Jerry Lee
Devore, Alfred C
Poore, Mary Elzada
Warder, Emma R
Goldsmith, Gertie Lousie
Crump, Sarah Elizabeth
Warder, Joseph
Highbaugh, David L
Richardson, Colie Moss
Warder, Sarah
Highbaugh, Elnora
Richardson, Christine
Warder, Walter Maxey
King, Ervin Walter
Richardson, James A
Added over 700 photos for the Timberlake-Crump Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - Surnames: Adcock, Amos, Bailey, Baumgardner, Bell, Blevins, Bloom, Bolton, Boman, Bowles, Brizendine, Brown, Bryant, Bumgardner, Butler, Candler, Carman, Carter, Carver, Clapton, Clark, Clompton, Clopton, Cobb, Compton, Coomer, Craddock, Crump, Davis, Defever, Defevers, Devore, Druen, Durham, Dye, Edwards, Forbis, Ford, Fulks, Fults, Gaddie, Gardner, Gerleman, Gibson, Goldsmith, Goodman, Hawkins, Hawks, Hazelwood, Highbaugh, Hodges, Holzapfel, Hudgin, Huff, Isaacs, Johnson, Jones, Kidd, King, Knight, Langton, Lester, Locke, Logsdon, Long, McCamish, Mears, Mehler, Minor, Moss, Murray, Nelson, Nunn, Ottman, Owens, Parrish, Perkins, Philpot, Poore, Poteet, Price, Puckett, Ralston, Reynolds, Richardson, Roberts, Roten, Russell, Sams, Settle, Shipp, Sidebottom, Sidebottoms, Smith, Stinson, Sweet, Tennyson, Thomas, Timberlake, Toohey, Wagoner, Wallace, Walters, Walton, Ward, Warder, Weldon, Wells, Wheeler, Whitehurst, Whitman, Williams, Willian, Wilson, Wintsch, Wright,
Added photos of Thomas Walton and Emma A Cobb buried in the Victor-Mouser Cemetery, Hart Co., KY
Added 6 death certificates for burial in Horse Cave Cemetery, Co. Farm Cemetery, and Cosby Cemetery - surnames: Hayes, Hodges, Hazell, Jennings, Jolly and Webb - provided by Edith Bastin
Added Gibson Family Photos and Kessler Family Photos - provided by Dee Tapp
Added 6 death certificates for burials in the Thomas Gibson Cemetery, Hart Co., KY Surnames: Gibson, Kessler, Quisenberry, Riley - provided by Dee Tapp
Added Info, family photos and death certificates for the Thomas Gibson Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Dee Tapp
Added info for the Grinstead/Nichols/Smith/Greens Chapel Cemetery, Horse Cave, Hart Co. - provided by Barbara E. Janowitz
Corrected link to researcher Doug Moore's research
Corrected broken links (Brown, Horton, Jacobs, Mathis, Taylor)for the Wilkerson Temple Cemetery, Hart Co. - provided by Edith Bastin
Added death certificate for William S. Rutledge buried in Gilead Cem., Hart Co. . - provided by Edith Bastin
Added info for John W. Hare and Martha J. Hurt buried in Hurt-Defevers Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - info provided by Richard S. Clark
Added 17 obits for burials at Cave City Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - surnames: Cline, Crabtree, Craine, Curd, Green, Hatcher, Henshaw, Hogan, Huffman, Johnson, Logsdon, Martin, Minor, Mowery, Poynter, Turner
Added death certificates for Jossie Davis, Edmonson Co., KY. - buried in Sand Spring Cemetery, Edmonson Co. - provided by Edith Bastin
Corrected listing for Weldon/Wright Cemetery, Hart Co. - 7 burials listed are actually in Campground Cemetery. - Surnames: Cave, Hawk, Johnsey - Info provided by Jim Cave


Added obituary for Charlene Arbuckle O'Banion, buried; Whitley Cemetery, Red Boiling Springs, TN


Added 1174 death certificates, many from Monroe Co. - Surnames: Adams, Agers, Akers, Allen, Amos, Anderson, Andrews, Arms, Arnett, Arterberry, Arterburn, Ashlock, Atwell, Austin, Bacon, Bailey, Ball, Barlow, Bartlett, Bartley, Barton, Basham, Basil, Baskett, Baxter, Beals, Beck, Bedford, Belcher, Bennett, Berry, Bethell, Bickers, Biggers, Biggerstaff, Biles, Billingsley, Billingsley, Birdwell, Birge, Black, Bledsoe, Bohannan, Boles, Boone, Borden, Botts, Bowles, Bowman, Bradley, Bragg, Brandon, Branstetter, Braswell, Bratton, Bray, Breeding, Brown, Bryant, Buchanon, Burks, Burnett, Bushong, Butler, Button, Bybee, Capshaw, Carlack, Carlock, Carter, Cary, Casteel, Celsor, Chamberlain, Chapman, Cherry, Childress, Chism, Church, Clark, Clarkson, Clemmons, Cloyd, Coe, Coffelt, Coffey, Combs, Comer, Compton, Conkin, Cook, Cooksey, Copas, Coulter, Crabtree, Crawford, Creek, Crews, Cross, Crow, Crowe, Curtis, Davis, Denham, Depp, Dickerson, Dickson, Dodson, Dorsey, Dossey, Downing, Duncan, Dyer, Eaton, Ellis, Emberton, Emert, England, Eubank, Evans, Fawbush, Ferguson, Finley, Fish, Ford, Frasier, Fults, Gaser, Gee, Gentry, Gerald, Geralds, Gillenwater, Gillenwaters, Goad, Goodman, Gray, Green, Grimsley, Grinstead, Gum, Hagan, Hale, Hammer, Hardin, Harlan, Harlin, Harlow, Hatcher, Hatchett, Hayes, Hays, Head, Headrick, Hodges, Hollinsworth, Holloway, Holman, Hood, Hope, Horine, Hoss, Houchens, Howard, Hudson, Huffman, Hughes , Hurd, Hutchens, Isenberg, Jackson, Jamerson, Jenkins, Jobe, Johnson, Jones, Kingery, Kinslow, Kirkpatrick, Lancaster, Landrum, Lee, Leslie, Littrell, Logan, Loyd, Lyon, Lyons, Mansfield, Marrs, Marshal, Martin, Matthews, Maxey, McClendon, McCoy, McCreary, McFarland, McMillen, McMurtrey, McPherson, McWherter, McWhirter, Meadows, Miller, Monday, Moody, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Mosier, Murphy, Murray, Muse, Myatt, Myers, Myres, Nance, Nannie, Neal, Netherton, Newberry, Nichols, Norman, Norris, Norwell, Oliver, Page , Palmore, Pare, Parrish, Payne, Peden, Pedigo, Pennington, Philpott, Pickerel , Pinkley, Pitcock , Plumlee, Poland, Polson, Proffitt, Pruitt, Ralston, Ray, Reagan, Redford, Reeves, Rhoton, Rich, Richardson, Ritter, Rouse, Rush, Russell, Sabens, Sabens, Sampson, Sams, Sartin, Scott, Shaw, Sheffield, Shirley, Short, Siddens, Silvey, Simmons, Simpson, Sisco, Slaughter, Smalling, Smith, Spear, Spears, Spencer, Spillman, Sprowl, Starr, Steen, Stephens, Stout, Stovall, Strode, Sympson, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Tinsley, Toohey, Tooley, Trabue, Turner, Tyree, Vance, Vawter, Vibbert, Walden, Walker, Waller, Watts, Wax, Webb, Welch, Wells, Wheat, Wheeler, White, Whitlow, Whitney, Wilborn, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Winn, Wisdom, Witty, Wood, Woods, Wooten, Wright, Yokley, Young - provided by Jean Harris


Added death certificate for Milton Miles buried in Lively Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Jim Cave
Added about 100 additional stone photos for Cave City Cemetery, Barren Co., KY
Added photos and info for the Duff Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - surnames: Duff, Everett
Added 36 stone photos for the Parrish Cemetery, Goodnight, Barren Co., KY. - Surnames: Ballard, Barbour, Basil, Boyd, Broady, Duff, Forister, Forrester, Freeman, Johnson, Moran, Nickols, Parrish, Redford, Sanders, Sheppard, Thomas, Turner, Winn
Added obituary for John Paul De Fevers, buried in Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Peggy Avery
Added burial and Death Certificate for Samuel Heaver, Milligan Cemetery, Warren Co., Ky - provided by Edith Bastin

Added 19 obituaries for burials at Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Peggy Avery

Blair, Colonel Bailey
Buckner, Sammy L
Buckner, Sue Clemmons
Bunnell, Mary Emma
Carroll, Forest Jr.
Devore, Charlotte
Dill, Dorothy Deloris
Hawkins, Dolores
Hedgepeth, William Earl
Knight, Margie Louise Mouldon
Ladd, Ryan William
Larimore, Mary Carolyn Davis
Melvin, Claude Allen "C.A."
Melvin, Geneva Philpott
Melvin, James C
Romines, Curtis Andrew "C.A."
Russell, Alta "Sis" Davis
Sexton, Christine
Sidebottom, Louis



06/23/2010 Added stone photo and info for Joseph David and Goldie Akins, Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky - provided by Edith Bastin
06/12/2010 Added 11 graves to the Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co., KY. - Surnames: Atwell, Craddock, Jaggers, Moore, Philpott & Thompson - provided by Peggy Sue Logsdon
06/11/2010 Added gravestone photo and obit for Desmond Elwood Forbis, Whickerville Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - stone photo provided by Randy L. Taylor
05/30/2010 Added Merry Oaks United Methodist Church Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 261 graves - Surnames: Allen, Barrick, Bishop, Borders, Bridges, Britt, Butler, Caffee, Camp, Carbo, Christy, Cole, Cooper, Davis, Dearing, Denton, Dossey, Dillingham, Duvall, East, Gillon, Gold, Grimsley, Hester, Hodge, Hopkins, Houchens, Hunt, Jackson, James, Johnson, Justice, Lawrence, Lewis, Lindsey, Lockhart, Long, Lowe, Lyon, Lyons, Magers, Manley, McCreary, McDonald, Morgan, Mosby, Moss, Page, Patterson, Payne, Pedigo, Pennington, Pennington, Pennycuff, Pursley, Rasdall, Rayborn, Reed, Rigsby, Rutledge, Shaw, Slinker, Smith, Snyder, Spradlin, Taylor, Witty
05/24/2010 Added Old Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 343 graves - Surnames: Alexander, Bagby, Bailey, Barrick, Bishop, Bowles, Britt, Copas, Crawhorn, Cross, Davidson, Davis, Dean, Edmonds, Elmore, Emerson, Emmitt, Erp, Estes, Etherton, Francis, Furlong, Geron, Gibbons, Gillon, Goodman, Goodwin, Gray, Green, Hawks, Haynes, Houchens, Hume, James, Jordan, Kingrey, Kinslow, Landrum, Lawrence, Lowe, Lykins, Lynn, Meadows, Moon, Moore, Payne, Perkins, Rasner, Reece, Renick, Rich, Richey, Richmond, Rupe, Settles, Shaw, Shickles, Smith, Snoddy, Spillman, Stafford, Steenbergen, Stone, Sturdivant, Thomas, Tibbs, Waller, Warren, Whitley, Wood, Wooten, Wright, Young
05/21/2010 Added photo of Nova Carroll Wilson, buried at Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Artie Ann (Adair) Bell  
05/14/2010 Added about 200 additional stone photos for the Cave City Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Surnames: Abell, Adams, Amos, Anderson, Blair, Bolton, Brownfield, Caldwell, Carbullido, Cheeks, Coats, Coomer, Cooper, Curd, Davis, Demunbrun, Dickey, Doyle, Duke, Estes, Farris, Firkin, Fisher, Ford, Franklin, Gardner,Garrison, Geralds, Gillenwater, Gossett, Green, Greene, Grider, Hatcher, Hawkins, Hester, Houchens, Huffman, Ingraham, Ingstrup, Jasper, Jeffcoat, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, King, Lane, Lawrence, Leach,Locke, Logsdon, Loving, Lyons, Martin, McPherson, Millen, Monroe, Murray, Neville, Nuckols, Pardue, Parrish, Poynter, Proffitt, Pulley, Renick, Riherd, Rutherford, Sartin, Shaw, Shipley, Shofner, Simmons, Smith, South, Steen, Terry, Tolle, Tucker, Vaughan, Whitaker, Whitehouse, Wilson, Worsham, Wyatt
05/12/2010 Added 15 stone photos for the Pearl Webb Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - Surnames: Biggs, Blair, Buckner, Carroll, Defevers, Dill, Knight, Romines - provided by Peggy Avery
04/16/2010 Added a photo of Captain Samuel C. Stout Birthday Celebration
04/16/2010 Added a photo of Nancy Jane Purlsey Barbour and children - provided by Garry Rigsby
04/14/2010 Added Church Photo: River Pointe Church, Munfordville - photo by Tony Wright
Added 3 death certificates Chapman, Erastus S. ; Sloan, Malinda R. ; Woosley, Jane - provided by Donna Reynolds DiPesa
Added birth and death dates for Malon Howard, Knoxes Creek Cemetery, Hart Co.
Added the Branstetter Cemetery, Hiseville, Barren Co., KY - 8 graves - Surnames: Branstetter & Prescott - provided by Edith Bastin
Added 110 stone photos for the Cave City Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Surnames: Atwell, Blair, Bruce, Burgess, Burks, Chapman, Dennison, Gardner, Grider, Hatcher, Hays, Hensley, Hogan, Jackson, Jaggers, Jameson, Jasper, Jenkins, Jewell, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Judd, Key, Lancaster, Matthews, Monroe, Preston, Rigdon, Ross, Shaffer, Shaw, Smith, Steen, Strode, Sturgeon, Taylor, Toohey, Turner, Whitaker
Added the Lively, Bacon Creek Cemetery - Hart Co., KY - 21 graves - Surnames: Cave, Gibson, Jaggers, Lively, Miles, Shively, Wells - info provided by Jim Cave, Edith Bastin & Judy Lawler.
Added two burials (Doris and William Taylor Sowers, Jr) for the Sowers-Grissom Cemetery, Metcalfe Co., KY - provided by William "Bill" Sowers
Added obit info for the Taylor Cemetery, Hardin Co., KY - provided by Dee Tapp
Added obit info for Frances R. Messick, Hart Co., KY - provided by Sandra K. O'Banion
Added obit info for William Glenn Creek & added obit info to his gravestone photo.

Added 6 Marriage records - provided by Edith Bastin

Deckard, William Stanley Nunn, Marie Elizabeth
Harrod, Bob Kettle, Esther
Harrod, Robert Thomas Peden, Doris Jean
Harrod, Robert Wilson, Hattie B.
Harrod, Robert Brown, Laura
Rock, Floyd Scott, Tarah
Added a number of additional graves, death certificates, better stone photos and personal photos for the Edwards Cemetery, Powder Mills, Hart Co. - updates provided by Dee Tapp
Added burial for Poplar Log Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Sherfey, Bobby Berry

Added 16 death certificates, all for burial in the Edwards Cemetery, Powder Mills, Hart Co. - provided by Dee Tapp

Added an obituary for Geneva Genrose Miller Wright, buried at Edwards Cemetery, Hart Co. - provided by Dee Tapp
Added family photos for the Barbour and Piercy Families of Barren Co.
Added Obituary for Barty Robertson buried in Whickerville Cemetery, Hart Co.
Added about 300 marriage bonds - Surnames: Acree, Adams, Arterburn, Atwell, Barbour, Barnes, Barrick, Baskitt, Bastin, Bastow, Bean, Beck, Bernard, Biggers, Blakey, Boles, Bowles, Bradshaw, Branham, Braydon, Brents, Brockman, Brown, Bryant, Buckley, Bunch, Burton, Bush, Calhoun, Carver, Caudill, Chenault, Christian, Christie, Church, Clark, Cleonon, Cline, Collins, Compton, Cooksey, Coomer, Copas, Coulter, Cox, Crabtree, Crain, Cross, Curry, Darnell, Davidson, Decker, Deyss (?), Dickinson, Dilley, Dodd, Dougherty, Dugard, Elmore, Field, Foster, Francis, Gadberry, Ganter, Garner, Gilley, Green, Grider, Guggisberg, Hadley, Hale, Harlan, Harlow, Harper, Harris, Harvey, Haynes, Hester, Hines, Howard, Isenberg, Jackson, Jewell, Keeton, Kingrey, Lawson, Leftwitch, Lewis, Light, Logsdon, Long, Loy, Mason, Matthews, Mattingly, Maulden, McClusky, Mccoy, McGuire, McKinney, McWherter, Meredith, Miller, Morgan, Moss, Nuckols, Page, Phillips, Philpott, Piercy, Pitcock, Polston, Powell, Poynter, Purcell, Pursley, Reynolds, Richey, Rigsby, Roe, Rowe, Rowe, Roy, Rush, Saltsman, Sapp, Scott, Settles, Shaw, Shipley, Sisco, Smith, Staples, Stilts, Stoltz, Stough, Stout, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Vincent, Walker, Ward, Warf, Williams, Wilmouth, Young
Added the Witcher-Chitwood Cemetery, Macon Co., TN - 13 identified graves - Surnames: Bennett, Bledsoe, Chitwood, Holland, Witcher - provided by Chad Comer
Added about 100 marriage bonds. Surnames: Adams, Allen, Bagby, Baldock, Barbour, Barr, Barrick, Beam, Broady, Brooks, Buckley, Burch, Bybee, Calhoun, Cash, Cheatham, Chenault, Chenoweth, Collins, Crain, Cundiff, Davidson, Dawson, Depp, Devin, Dodson, Dougherty, Drane, Duncan, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Eubank, Fagg, Fant, Ford, Fortune, Foster, Frances, Galloway, Glover, Gordon, Grinstead, Harlan, Harlow, Harvey, Heatherly, Holman, Holoway, Houtchens, Huffman, Jeffries, Jewell, Jones, Kinslow, Lee, Lewis, Lindsey, Lyons, Maggard, Mansfield, Marshall, Matthews, Meredith, Morgan, Moss, Nichols, Nunally, Oller, Parke, Payne, Peck, Peden, Pedigo, Philpott, Piercy, Piker, Price, Pursley, Pyle, Richards, Richey, Robinson, Runyon, Sabens, Salee, Sams, Sartain, Shootman, Smith, Spencer, Steenbergen, Stephens, Stone, Stout, Thompson, Turner, Underwood, Walker, Watson, Watts, Webb, Wells, Wilkerson, Wilson, Winager, Wood
Added the Old Union Church Cemetery, Monroe Co., KY - 9 identified graves - Surnames: Brandon, Gum, Harling, Meador - provided by Chad Comer
Added two graves to the Beaumont Cemetery, Metcalfe Co. - Luard & Ray G Smith -
Added death certificate for Luard Earl Smith and Ray G. Smith
Added 4 names to the Moore Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Surnames, Boles, Knoeki, Moore, Williamson.
Added obit for John Edward Boles
Added death certificate for John E. Boles, Mattie Clark, Dru/Suesanne Moore
Added 91 graves to the Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Surnames: Benedict, Bradburn, Duvall, Eaton, Furlong, Gentry, Gray, Hagan, Hamilton, Harrison, Henderson, Hiser, Houchin, Kingrey, Jones, Landers, Lane, Monroe, Mitchell, Pardue, Pedigo, Pennington, Pierce, Post, Pursley, Roberts , Rutledge, Ryan, Simmons, Smith, Soards, Spradlin, Steenbergen, Swafford, Tarry, Thomas, Wagoner, Williams, Witt, Witty, Willis, Wood, Wyatt, Young
Added transcription for the Compton Cemetery, Monroe Co., KY 74 graves - Surnames: Allen, Borden, Brandon, Carter, Cherry, Compton, Condra, Copass, Copes, Cox, Deckard, Keith, Lee, Morrow, Morrow, Pedigo, Ritter, Rush, Turner, Whitley, Willmore, York - provided by Chad Compton
Added death certificate for A B Hodges buried in the Bush Hodges Cemetery, Hart Co
Added the Bush Hodges Cemetery, Hart Co. - 22 graves - Surnames: Drury, Hodges, Johns and Weldon
Added view photo and Lattitude / Longitude info for the Bon Ayr Cemetery, Barren Co, KY
Added the Beulah Chapel Brethren In Christ Church Cemetery, Adair Co., KY - Location and view photos only
Added death certificate for Burton Bush and Lillie Chambers, buried at Poplar Grove Cemetery, Barren Co., KY
Added the Poplar Grove Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 74 graves - Surnames: Barlow, Bradshaw, Bridges, Buford, Bush, Cavil, Chambers, Curd, Dillon, Duncan, Ellis , Francis, Franklin, Frazier, Grooms, Huffman, Mansfield, Mosby, Neal, Quinn, Seay, Smith, Stone, Wells - this is an African-American Cemetery.
Added death certificate for Jeremiah Thomas Short buried in the Pleasant Union Cemetery, Barren Co., KY
Added the Pleasant Union Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 79 graves - Surnnames: Bates, Buford, Crenshaw, Driver, Duff, Ellington, England, Faulkner, Gatewood, Hibbitt, Kinslow, Martin, Maupin, Miller, Mills, Parrish, Paul, Short, Smiley, Stockton, Twyman, Walton, Williams, Wood Woodward - this is an African-American Cemetery.

Added 52 death certificated for burials at Turner, aka New Salem Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Monroe County, Ky.

Death Date
Burks, Fanny
Burks, Ida E
Burks, Joe B
Burks, Laura E
Burks, Nealia(e)
Burks, Sarah E
Clarkson, Reuben J
Copass, Susan Alvina
Deweese, Francis M
Deweese. Nan E
Dickerson, Alta C
Dickerson, Harvey S
Gosnell, Lela E
Gosnell, Nancy Jane Payne
Gosnell, Thomas J
Holland, Mary M Counts
Hood, Sarah E Turner
Hood, Virgle B
Jackson, Mack
Jackson, Wilmer (Wilma)
Kee, Infant
Kee, Mary T
Key, John
Key, Minnie Maree
Keys, William Joseph
Loyd, Will Jack
Myers (Myres), Effie E
Myers (Myres), Henry
Myers (Myres), Nancy Jane
Myers (Myres), Rex
Myers (Myres), Will Mack
Rich, William Thomas
Simmons, Infant Son
Turner, Ama Agnes
Turner Ceve Lee
Turner, Clyde Travis
Turner, Fielding Nicholas
Turner, John H
Turner, Jos(e/i)phyne
Turner, Kitty Ellen
Turner, Little Annie
Turner, Lue Tisha
Turner, Malinda Hays
Turner, Mary Susan
Turner, Noah J
Turner, Rhoda Lizziebeth
Vaughan, James Ann (Jin Ann)
Walker, Eagle Leroyce
Walker, Ezra
Walker, Kate
Whitehead, Infant
Whitehead, Theapman (Thurman) J


Added the Turner Cemetery at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Monroe Co., KY - 271 graves - Surnames : Albany, Allen, Burks, Butram, Carnahan, Clarkson, Copass, Counts, Davis, Denham, Deweese, Dickerson, England, Gentry, Gosnell, Hagan, Hamilton, Holland, Hood, Jackson, Jones, Kee, Key, Keys, Lane, Lee, Logsdon, Loyd, Myers, Myres, O'Dell, Ogden, Pedigo, Pennington, Proffitt, Rich, Settles, Simmons, Smith, Tarry, Tuner, Vaughan, walker, Whitehead
Added the Woods Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 248 graves - Surnames: Abbott, Amos, Anderson, Austin, Barlow, Beck, Bethel, Boyd, Bransford, Broner, Cason, Chase, Clark, Coleman, Cosby, Curd, Davidson, Dotson, Doyle, Duke, Ennis, Eubank, Farris, Ford, Garnett, Green, Harris, Hatchett, Herndon, Huffman James, Jessup, Jordan, Kinslow, Kirkparrick, Lee, Martin, Neal, Oldham, Overstreet, Parrish, Paul, Poynter, Pryor, Quigley, Rogers, Rosenfield, Sanderson, Shobe, Smith, Sublett, Terry, Thornton, Tobin, Tribble, Trigg, Watterson, Wheeler, Whitlow, Whitney, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woods, Young - this is an African-American Cemetery.
Added information for: Harrod, Georgre Garnett , Harrod, Laura Brown and Harrod, Robert W. buried in Glasgow Municipal Cemetery, Barren Co., Ky - provided by Edith Bastin
Added 18 death certificates related to the Adwell Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park - Surnames: Adwell, Carney, Corney, Cooper, Holton, Johnson, Peers
Added 2 death certificates related to Lou Green Cemetery, Barren Co., KY , Surnames Ellis & Green
Added the Lou Green Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 48 Graves - Surnames: Clark, Douglas, Ellis, Esters, Green, Grider, Helm, Maxey, Morrison, Petty, Ray, Settles, Slaughter, Smiley, Turner, Twyman, Williams, Wilson
Added the Adwell Cemetery, Mammoth Cave National Park, KY - 56 graves - Surnames: Adwell, Buckingham, Burnett, Carney, Cooper, Cutliff, Dunn, Heatherly, Holton, Johnson, Peers, Rountree, Sell, Vance.
Added two burials for the Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, KY. Ruth Beulah Davis Tolliver and Joe Neal Davis - provided by David Leon Davis
Added obit for my second Cousin, Ruth Beulah Davis Tolliver, Jefferson Co., KY - Added Photo of Ruth Beulah Davis Tolliver - provided by David Leon Davis
I removed the Google Search and reinstalled FreeFind (link on main index page). I could never get Google to work properly. FreeFind now has new features. One is the "Index" function which allow you to see the words indexed. You can click on a word, or name and see all references. The other function is "Advanced" search which helps you narrow your search if you get too many results.
Added 5 Edward Death Certificates, all for burials in the Edwards Cemetery, Barren Co. - Thanks to Editih Bastin
Added 3 stone photos for the Larimore Cemetery, Hart Co., KY Surname: Slaughter - provided Cindy Cox Hall
Added obituary for Mary Ann Martin Sproull - provided by Larry Brown
Added index for newspaper marriage extracts Jan 18th thru Feb 8th 1934 thanks to Brian Harney
Added Links to a 1950 Cub Run School Yearbook and 1975 and 1976 Hart Co. School Yearbooks - provided by Brian Harney & Edith Bastin
Added 4 unidentified photos - possibly Tucker or Warf? - Provided by Lynne
Added death certificate for William Floyd Collins buried at Mammoth Cave Baptist Church Cemetery - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Neighbors Cemetery, Cumberland Co., Ky - 13 known graves - Surnames: Ashinhurst, Irby, Monk, Nabers, Neighbors - provided by Ed Anderson
Added info for burials at Cave City Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - Info that Ish Lanacaster buried in Florida and confirmed Allie Monroe Lancaster name, added info for Terry Lancaster - moved from unidentifed to W index, Mary Elizabeth Martin Worsham - Added info for Nancy E. Renick Monroe - info provide by Richard S. Clark
Merry Christmas
Added 12 death certificates - Surnames: Bennett, Childress, Doyle, Denson (Denison), Ganter, Gerald, Harper, Heyser, Hunter, Maxey(Joe Fields Cem), Sanders, Sternberg, Worf- many of these were likely submitted?
Added two burials w/death certificates to the Concord Baptist Church Cem., Hart Co - William Lawrence Polston and Dudley Duell Staggs - - provided by Edith Bastin
Added about 1300 additional grave stones for the Horse Cave Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - Surnames: Akers, Allen, Anderson, Ard, Atteberry, Bailey, Barbour, Barrick, Bauer, Beard, Beauchamp, Beesley, Berki, Bethel, Biggs, Bishop, Blair, Bonner, Boyd, Bradley, Broady, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Bullock, Bumgardner, Bunch, Bunnell, Burd, Burks, Butler, Bybee, Calhoun, Cann, Carden, Carpenter, Carr , Carter, Carter, Cartmill, Cartmill, Cary, Cassady, Cawthon, Chaney, Chapman, Choate, Clark, Comstock, Conyers, Cotton, Cox, Crabtree, Crain, Cress, Crews, Cross, Crowley, Crump, Cunningham, Curle, Curry, Dale, Davidons, Davis, Dawson, Dean, DeVore, Dickey , Dickinson, Dilley, Dishman, Douglass, Dunagan, Durham, Eaton , Eberlein, Edwards, Ellison, England, Enoch, Esters, Estes, Eubank, Farris, Ferguson, Ferrell, Firers, Fisher, Forrest, Fraiser, Franklin, Freeman, Froedge, Fulks, Galloway, Gardner, Garvin, Gentry, Geralds, Gillock, Goff, Goodhue, Gossett, Green, Grissom, Gumm, Haire, Hall, Hancock, Harbison , Hardy, Harlow, Harper, Hart, Hatcher, Hay, Hayes, Heatherly, Hedgepeth, Henry, Hickey, Hitch, Hodges, Hogan, Holman, Holsclaw, Hord, Houk, Howell, Huffman, Hulen, Irvin, Jackson, Jaggers, Jameson, Jeffries, Jennings, Jones, Kenney, Kerr, Kimbough, King, Kinney, Kirtley, Knisell, Knisley, Knizle, Lacy, Lafferty, Laird, Landrum, Lane, Larimore, Lathery, Lawler, Lawrence , Lay, Lee, Lester, Lester, Lewis, Lindsey, Lock, Locke, Logsdon, London, Love, Lyon, Marshall, Martin, Maxey, May, Mayfield, McDaniel, McDaniels, McGee, McGinnis, McKay, McKinney, McPherson, Meadows, Means, Melloan, Meredith, Middleton, Miller, Minor, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Moran, Morris, Morrison, Moss, Mullins, Murphy, Murray, Murrell, Mustain, Oakes, Ogden, Oldham, Owen, Owens, Pace, Page, Palmore, Parrish, Patterson, Patteson, Patton, Payton, Pedigo, Peebles, Pemberton, Perkins, Peterson, Philpott, Poynter, Prewitt, Puckett, Quesenberry, Redford, Rhodes, Richardson, Richart, Ridge, Roberts, Rogers , Ross, Russell, Rutherford, Sanders, Sandusky, Schlinker, Schmidt , Scruggs, Sears, Sego, Settle, Sexton, Shackelford, Shewey, Shirley, Shive, Shuck, Sikes, Skaggs, Slaughter, Sloan, Smith, Snoddy, Spears, Speer, Spencer, Squires, Staab, Staples, Stasel, Steen, Steffey, Sturgeon, Sublett, Summers, Sweeny, Talley, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thurmond, Tisdale, Toms, Tyler, Vance, Vaughn, Veluzat, Vial, Walthall, Walton, Ward, Warder, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Webb, Wells, Wheeler, White, Whitlock, Whitlow, Wilcoxson, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winfrey, Winn, Winters, Withers, Woodward, Wright, Yates, Young, Zimmerman
Added the Mammoth Cave Baptist Church Cemetery, Edmonson Co., KY - 259 graves - Surnames: Adwell, Barrons, Barry, Blair, Braye, Brock, Brooks, Burnett, Burnette, Bynum, Clements, Clemons, Clines, Coats, Collins, Cooper, Cox, Cutliff, Davis, Denison, Dennison, Denson, Doyel, Doyle, Duke, Edwards, Esters, Estes, Fitzgerald, Franklin, Gibson, Givens, Gray, Hatcher, Hester, Hogan, Holton, Humphrey, Hunt, Johnson, Kennedy, Kessinger, Lawrence, Lee, Lock, Locke, Logsdon, Lyman, Lyons, McDaniel, Parsley, Passmore, Poynter, Preston, Sell, Shackleford, Skaggs, Skaggs, Slemmons, Stewart, Wards, Wilson
Added 57 death certificates related to the Concord Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - Surnames: Bowman, Bryant, Butler, Constant, Darst, Dawson, Driscoll, Gardner, Hamburg, Hawkins, Hodges, Huff, Hutchison, Jaggers, Key, Matthews, Mitchum, Murray, Noe, O'neal, Richardson, Sidebottom, Smith, Stanton, Sullivan, Wallace, - provided by Edith Bastin
Revised the Concord Cemetery, Hart County, KY. Added graves from a survey by John and Sandra Butler and dozens of notes and death certificates by Edith Bastin. - about 450 graves - Surnames: Aulo, Bellou, Blair, Borders, Bowan, Bowman, Bryant, Butler, Childress, Codcamp, Constant, Corder, Couram, Cox, Crain, Darst, Davis, Dawson, Dixon, Driscoll, Duen Stag , Edsell, Farris, Ferguson, Foster, Frye, Fulkerson, Gardner, Goodman, Goodwin, Hamburg, Hawkins, Hayes, Hill, Hodge, Hodges, Hollincamp, Huff, Hutchinson, Irvin, Isaacs, Jagger, Jaggers, Jaggers, Jewell, Jones, Kerr, Key, King, LaMarre, Lampkin, Logsdon, Lopez, Mathews, Meredith, Merker, Mitchum, Murphy, Murray, Nichols, Noe, O'Neal, Philpott, Pickle, Polston, Poston, Ray, Rayburn, Richards, Richardson, Riggs, Ross, Rucker, Sallee, Sams, Sharpensteen, Sidebottom, Smith, Squires, Stagg, Staggs, Stancato, Stanton, Stevens, Sullivan, Thomas, Thompson, Waddell, Waddle, Wager, Waldeck, Wallace, White, Wilkerson, Williamson
Added the Cobble aka Powell Cobble Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 15 graves - Surnames: Cobble, King, Reames, Reams, Reynolds, Richardson - provided by Edith Bastin
Revised the Terry Family Cemetery, Hart Co., KY added additional info and photos 17 graves - Surnames: Bowman, Plummer, Terry - provided by Dee Tapp
Added the Short Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 16 graves - Surnames: Boston, Hawkins, Meadows, Short - provided by Dee Tapp
Added the Union #1 Church Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - 675 graves - Surnames: Agers, Andrews, Barlow, Bartlette, Barton, Berrry, Bewley, Bowman, Bridges, Brooks, Brown, Burgess, Bush, Campbell, Carter, Carver, Chmiel, Cooksey, Copas, Coulter, Creek, Davis, Davis, Denham, Disman, Dossey, Duncan, Eaton, Ellis, Eplin, Ferrell, Fisher, Ford, Francis, Franck, Frasier, Freeman, Furmall, Gauntt, Gausnell, Gentry, Gibbs, Gilland, Gillenwaters, Goad, Goodman, Gorsch, Gosnell, Gravens, Graves, Gregory, Hagan, Hammett, Harp, Headrick, Hood, Houchens, Howard, Huffman, Hunt, Huskisson, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kesler, Key, Knight, Lane, Lawrence, Lee, Lewis, Lyons, Matte, Mayes, McDonald, McGinnis, Mclntire, Mclntyre, Milburn, Minyard, Morrison, Morrow, Murphey, Murphy, Newman, Overstreet, Page, Parsley, Payne, Pedigo, Pogue, Proffitt, Rich, Rigdon, Robinson, Russell, Sampson, Samson, Schenk, Shirley, Simmons, Slaughter, Smith, Snyder, Soards, Stearman, Steenbergen, Stewart, Stinson, Strode, Thomas, Tinsley, Tracy, Veach, Vincent, Vonboeckman, Walbert, Waller, Ward, Watkins, Welch, Wheat, Wheeler, Wheet, Whitlow, Whitney, Williams, Wood, Woodcock, Woods, Wyatt, Yuhr
Added 9 death certificates for burials in the Weldon aka Wright Cemetery, Hart Co., KY. - Surnames: Dorsey, Johnson, Skaggs, Ve(a)ech
Added the Weldon aka Wright Cemetery, Hart Co., KY. - 165 graves - Surnames: Atteburry, Cave, Close, Craddock, Dorsey, Elliott, Finley, Francis, Fryman, Gonterman, Hawk, Hill, Hodge, Hodges, Holbert, Jaggers, Jenkins, Johnsey, Johnson, Key, Lloyd, Logsdon, Mabe, Ragland, Robertson, Sanders, Skaggs, Smith, Stamp, Stamp, Ve(a)ech, Waldeck, Weldon, Whitehead, Wright,
Added death certificate for Mary Neville Savage and corrected info for Little Hope Cemetery, Barren Co., KY - provided by Robert Cravens.
Added the Halltown/Mt. Gilboa Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - One burial - White, Alex Anderson - provided by Edith Bastin
Added about 600 graves to Glasgow Memorial Gardens, Barren Co., KY - Surnames: Adwell, Agers, Albany, Akins, Alexander, Anderson, Apple, Armstrong, Ashford, Atwood, Bailey, Baise, Ball, Ballard, Beam, Bell, Bennett, Berry, Berryman, Bewley, Bewley, Blakley, Booher, Borders, Boston, Bowles, Brace, Bradley, Brewster, Bridges, Britt, Broaddus, Brown, Bruce, Buckingham, Buckley, Bull, Bunch, Burd, Bybee, Carter, Carver, Chambers, Chapman, Church, Clark, Clemmons, Cline, Coffey, Compton, Cooksey, Coulter, Cox, Crabtree, Cross, Crowe, Culver, Davis, Dean, Denham, Denison, Dennison, Depp, Dickson, Disman, Dismon, Dunford, Duvall, Dyer, Edmunds, Edwards, lmore, Emberton, Emmitt, Eubank, Evans, Fish, Ford, Ford, Francis, Franklin, Frazier, Furlong, Garmon, Garner, Garrison, Gibbons, Glass, Goad, Gorby, Gramlin, Greer, Grider, Groce, Guffey, Gunnels, Haire, Haley, Haley, Hamilton, Harlow, Harris, Harrison, Hawks, Hester, Hiatt, Hicks, Holmes, Hood, Horton, Houchens, Howard, Huddleston, Huff, Huffman, Jackson, Jessie, Jewell, Johns, Johnson, Keith, Kingrey, Laine, Lawrence, Lawson, Lee, Lewis, Lowery, Lowrey, Madison, Magers, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Maupin, Mayes, McCarty, McDonald, Mills, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Mosby, Mosby, Norman, Norris, Nuckols, Oaks, Overfelt, Owen, Page, Page, Pardue, Parker, Peden, Pedigo, Pitcock, Powell, Price, Ramey, Ramsey, Rawlings, Riddle, Roberts, Rogers, Rook, Ruthledge, Ryles, Scott, Settle, Shaw, Silcox, Smith, Spann, Spears, Staples, Steen, Steenbergen, Steffey, Stephenson, Stepp, Taylor, Thomas, Thomerson, Thompson, Tidrow, Trudeau, Turner, Tyree, Upchurch, Vance, Velasquez, Vibbert, Vincent, Vinson, Walker, Wells, Wheeler, White, Whitlow, Williams, Wingate, Woodcock, Word, York
Added about 130 graves to the Isenberg Cemetery, Monroe Co., KY - Surnames: Agers, Arterburn, Barlow, Beckham, Belcher, Comer, Cross, Crow, Crowe, Denham, Denton, Derrington, Dickerson, Dulworth, Emberton, Ford, Fox, Gisinger, Goode, Hall, Irvin, Isenberg, Key, Langford, Morris, Murray, Myers, Oliver, Proffitt, Roberts, Russell, Shirley, Short, Slaughter, Spinner, Strickler, Thomas, Turner, Wade, Walden, Ward, Williams

Added the Old Maple Methodist Chapel Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 11 graves - Surnames: Bratcher, Childress, Hare, Logsdon, West

Added the History of the Old Methodist Chapel, Hart Co., KY

- both provided by Edith Bastin


Added the Shelton-McCubbin Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 23 graves - Surnames: Durrrett, Minnick, McCubbin, Miller, Shelton, Shipp, Sidebottom, Sublett, Vance

Added several photos and death certificates for persons buried here

- provided by Dee Tapp


Added the Sydnor Cemetery aka The Monroe Burying Ground, Hart Co., KY - 5 graves - Surnames: Hite, Sandidge, Sydnor - provided by Dee Tapp

Added Photo - Children of Thomas Anthony Pentecost & Sarah Walthal Sydnor Children - provided by Dee Tapp

Added descendant report for Anthony Sydnor Family

Moved an unidentified stone to Richardson, Johnnie - Caney Fork Cemetery, Barren Co., KY. - an assist to Lillie McClanahan
Added four death certificates Hays, William John ; Reynolds, Henry M. ; Reynolds, Wallace B.; Taylor, Annie Roberta - provided by Larry Brown
Added photo of Ford and Carrie Whitlow and Sarah Adair Gibson Kessler - buried in the Thomas Gibson aka Kessler Cemetery, Powder Mills Rd., Hart Co., KY - provided by Dee Tapp

Added Death Certificates:




Death Date

Provided by

Brown, George Washington




Larry Brown

Brown, Lennie H.




Larry Brown

Brown, Rachel




Larry Brown

Chapman, James R.




Larry Brown

Chapman, Mollie D.




Larry Brown

Cowherd, James Vardie




Larry Brown

Hays, Lena




Larry Brown

Roten, Nancy




Larry Brown

Owen, Elizabeth A.




Larry Brown

Owen, William Green




Larry Brown

Reynolds, Linda




Larry Brown

Roten, Ike (Isaac)




Larry Brown


Added death certificate for Bell Messer buried in Hart Co. Poor House Cemetery - provided by Edith Bastin
Added Photo of Thomas Young Store, Monroe, Hart Co., KY, built shortly after the Civil War - provided by Dee Tapp
Added 6 death certificate links to the Richardson Cem., south of Hardyville, Hart Co., KY - provided by Carolyn Olney
Added the Burton-Campbell-Mustain Cemetery - Horse Cave - 3 graves - Surnames, Burton, Campbell, Mustain - provided by Gaye Hill
Added 6 death certificate links to the Richardson Cem., south of Hardyville, Hart Co., KY - provided by Carolyn Olney
Added stone photos and info for James Roscoe & Nellie Catherine Hoefler Reynolds buried at Louisville Memorial Gardens West, Jefferson Co., KY. - provided by Edith Bastin.
Added stone photos to Bunnell Cemetery #2, Possom Trot Rd., Hart Co., KY - 21 graves - Surnames: Bunnell, Duncan, Gupton, Quesenberry, Slaughter, Thompson - provided by Edith Bastin
Added news article; Moses Akin history to the Moses Akin Cemetery, Green Co., KY. - provided by Dee Tapp
Added James Clark Cave to the Little Flock Cemetery, Hart Co., KY and added his death certificate to the Death Index. - provided by Judy Lawler
Added the Allen Seminary Baptist Church Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 71 graves - Surnames: Barnett, Bradley, Brents, Brown, Curry, Dice, Driver, Estes, Fields, Gaines, Green, Greene, Hodges, Holt, Massie, Mundy, Nevitt, Paul, Pearson, Perry, Pierce, Rice, Sears, Strickland, Walker, Wilson - provided by Edith Bastin
Added a death certificate for Devore, Minnie Ellen buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Adam Rowntree Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - two graves, John and Nancy Rowntree - provided by Dee Tapp
Revised the Young aka Taylor-Young aka Tosh Cemetery, Monroe, Hart Co., KY menu. - Info by Dee Tapp - Restoration by Larry and Jan Hedgepeth and Vickie and Teddy Dillard
Moved stone photo for Morris M. & Ruth D. Cox from Cave City to Glasgow Memorial Gardens. Added Funeral home card for Morris M. Cox. - provided by Cindy Cox Hall
Revised and added several names to the Smith Cemtery, Hart Co., KY - most info provided by Edith Bastin
Revised and added burials and photos for the Old James Garvin Burial Ground, Hart Co., KY - provided by Judy Lawler, Jackie Smith & Edith Bastin

Added 4 Death Certificates, all burials at Old James Garvin Burial Ground, Hart Co., KY. - provided by Edith Bastin

Angel, Rebecca E.
Gardner, Amanda
Garvin, James L.
Wade, Lucinda Lear
Added gravestone photo of Samuel Morrison, Little Hope Cemetery, Barren Co. - Provided by Jennifer Morrison
Added the clarification for Nannie Malone/Melloan Harper family buried at Harper Cemetery, Julius Mills Road, Hart Co., KY - provided by Larry Brown
Added the Lawler Bend aka Thomas J. Puckett Cemetery, Hart Co. KY - One Grave, Thomas J. Puckett - provided by Judy Lawler
Revised the Melloan Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 15 graves - Surnames: Crump, Johnson, Melloan - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Wilson Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 9 graves- Surnames: Kichtlinger/Kightlinger, Pearman, Wilson - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Woodward Family Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 3 graves - Surname: Halsey, Woodward - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Thompson Cemetery, Bunnell Crossing Rd., Hart Co., KY - 7 graves - Surnames: Cobb, Thompson - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Terry Family Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 17 graves - Surnames: Bowman, Plummer, Terry, - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Grinstead-Nichols aka Smith Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 11 graves - Surnames: Grinstead, Nichols, Owen, Sparks - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the McInteer Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 12 graves - Surnames: Galloway, Houk, McInteer - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Marshall Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 4 graves - Surname: Marshall - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the J. R. G. Burks Cemetery Hart County, Kentucky 5 or 6 graves. Surnames Burks, Watkins - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Light House Full Gospel Church Cemetery, Hart Co., Ky 7 graves - Surnames: Druin, King, Miskell, Norris, Oliver, Gibson, Stewart - provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Crain Cemetery, Hart Co., KY - 9 graves - Surnames: Carroll, Crain, Johnson, Rowe, Seymour- provided by Edith Bastin & Randy L. Taylor
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Added additional info for Moria Frances Alderson Taylor, buried in Pleasant Grove Cem., Hart Co., KY - Provided Larry Brown
Added the Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Pine Ridge Hill, Hart Co., KY 32 graves - Surnames: Devore, Hawkins, Isaacs, Philpott, Stucky - Provided by Edith Bastin
Added the Murray aka White Cemetery, Pine Ridge Hill, Hart Co., KY - 12 graves - Surnames: Murray, Reynolds, Sidebottom, White - Provided by Edith Bastin